Anal Training and Education Plug Set from b-Vibe

It seems like I’ve reviewed a lot of big and thick anal toys lately, but now it’s time to look at something that’s great for first timers. I’ve tried a lot of the b-Vibe anal toys in the past and there are good things to say about all of them. But even some of the smaller toys they sell can be daunting to those who’ve never put anything in their butt before, so now the company has put out a great boxed set for anal newbies. It’s called the b-Vibe Anal Training and Education Set, and it not only includes three high-quality silicone butt plugs, but an enema bulb, a lube shooter, and a nice illustrated guide book to anal play. Peepshow Toys is now stocking this kit and asked if I’d give it a look. Here are my thoughts.

The b-Vibe set comes nicely packaged in a fairly big box. The paperback booklet is resting on top of the other items, which are individually sealed in their own packaging. I’ll be looking at each component of the kit individually, so let’s start with the book.


The b-Vibe Complete Guide to Anal Play is a 50-page book that will be a helpful primer for those who are interested in anal toys, but have never tried one. There’s a nice “Getting Started” section that gives basic information and answers your general questions about anal play. Then it explores the anatomy itself and includes anatomical diagrams to help any user find his or her way around the area. If you’ve got a prostate, you’ll appreciate the diagrams showing you just where to find it on yourself. Since prostate stimulation can bring great pleasure, you’ll want to study up on this section, because the included toys are each designed with prostate play in mind. The book goes on to talk about anal hygiene and explains how to use the included enema that’s in the kit. There’s a section on proper lubrication and instructions on using the lube launcher that comes in the box. I’ll be looking at each of these items more closely down below. Once you’ve learned how to clean and lubricate your hole, the book goes on to give tips for toy play, some information on anal sex (for those who are interested) and even has some good info on how to care for your butt after you’re finished playing. I think it’s great that b-Vibe included such an easy-to-understand guide with the kit. I think many users who are curious about anal activities might have certain hesitations about butthole play, but the guide book certainly covers just about any topic a newcomer might have questions about. The accompanying illustrations are helpful as well.


The easiest way to get your ass clean for any kind of anal play is to wash out the area with warm water, and you can easily do that with the enema that b-Vibe has tucked into the kit. It’s been awhile since I’ve used a traditional bulb enema (I tend to use the larger silicone bag/hose/nozzle system I’ve attached to my shower), but this type of anal douche is really the easiest for first-timers to use. The bulb is made of a thick, sleek squishy material (not sure if it’s silicone or not, but it doesn’t have any funny odors) and is generously proportioned. The nozzle has just over two-and-a-half inches to insert in your butt and is made of hard plastic. It might be more comfortable if the material was flexible, but the tip really isn’t that thick so if you exercise care during insertion you should be fine.

To use, fill the bulb with warm (not hot) water from the tap. I found it was easier to remove the plastic tip while filling and gently squeeze the bulb, releasing as you hold the opening under the stream of water. This creates a vacuum and will allow the enema to fill more quickly. Once the bulb is full, carefully insert the short end of the nozzle into the bulb. Be sure to lubricate the entire length of the tip before attempting to insert it in your hole. The tip is fairly skinny (about the girth of a drinking straw), but the plastic won’t bend, so ease it inside gently. An unintentional jab from this thing will ruin your first anal experience quickly! Having trouble finding your hole with the tip? Since you’re doing a reach-around, it might be a challenge for newbies. Press the tip of your index finger (same hand that’s guiding the bulb) against the end of the nozzle tip and use your fingertip to find your anal opening. Once you feel it, gently push the enema forward and slowly ease the insertable portion of the nozzle up inside your hole. You don’t have to go all the way, but the deeper you can go, the better. Once you have the nozzle inside you, gently squeeze the water-filled bulb and force as much of the contents up inside you as can. Resist the urge to squeeze and release repeatedly. This enema doesn’t have a one-way valve on it, so if you release the bulb while it’s inserted, the (now-soiled) water will get pulled back into the enema bulb very easily, which will make this gadget way more difficult to clean when you’re done. It’s better to push as much water up inside your ass as you can force out with one protracted squeeze, then — with the bulb still depressed in your grip  —ease the nozzle out. If you’ve filled the bulb fairly full, you should have plenty of water inside you at this point. Hold the water until you feel the urge to evacuate, then simply sit on the toilet and push it out. You might have to repeat the process a few times, until the water comes out fairly clean. Once you’re finished with the cleaning, you’re ready to lubricate.


I’ve never actually owned a lube shooter, so I was pretty excited to finally try one. Since the number one rule of anal play is “Lube! Lube! Lube!,” the inclusion of a lubricant launcher is a nice extra. It’s basically a two-piece plastic syringe that allows you to easily put lubricant into your anus for toy play or anal sex. b-Vibe suggests inserting the shooter directly into the lube container, but I actually poured a small amount into a little plastic container and sucked it up into the launcher. With the small amount left in my cup, I generously lubricated the outer shell of the syringe and saved the rest to lubricate the toy I was using.

Once your lube shooter is loaded, you follow a procedure similar to that of the enema. Ease the tip of the shooter into your hole and gently slide the plunger down. The lube will be deposited inside your hole, so you won’t have to be constantly applying more lube to the toy, or use your fingers to work lube up inside your butt. What can I say? I loved this thing! I’m sorry I didn’t have one before now. I barely felt the syringe slide into my hole and it really kept everything nice and slippery for the whole session. Now that you’re lubed, you’re ready for your first toy.

The Plugs: Small, Medium, Large



The smallest of the trio is just your basic buttplug. No vibe, no weighted balls, just a solid silicone toy with a nicely rounded tip and a gentle curved base to keep the plug anchored safely at your hole. At just under 4 inches long (3.4″ insertable), this might just be the smallest butt plug I’ve ever played with. But if you hold it next to your index finger, you’ll see why it’s the perfect size for both anal newbies and those who prefer small toys. It’s pretty much the exact same size as a forefinger. You might be curious about having your hole fingered, but you haven’t reached the point where you can actually do it. With a plug that’s an ideal size, you can easily see what all the fuss is about.

Even though you’ve already lubricated your hole with the lube shooter, you still need to apply some lubricant to the surface of the toy. Start at the tip and make sure the entire thing is coated, down the narrow neck just above the wide base. Find a comfortable position for your body and relax the muscles of your hole as much as you can. Gently press the Small plug’s rounded tip to your hole. It’s not a race, so take your time.

When starting out with any anal toy, I like to employ a slow poking motion with the tip. Rub it like a fingertip against your hole and — when you’re ready — slowly push the tip inside. Tickle the inner edge of the hole and ease the plug back out. Repeat the penetration, going slightly deeper each time you tease your hole with the plug. Don’t be afraid to use more lubricant if things feel tight. Take some deep relaxing breaths during penetration and allow your hole to relax a bit if things tense up. The fastest way to mess up an anal session is by taking things too quickly and causing the muscles in your ass to clench up and cause discomfort or pain. If you allow yourself to relax, you’ll gradually be able to ease more of the plug inside. This Small plug has a maximum width of one inch, so you’ll feel your hole stretched open a bit as the wide part of the toy opens you up. Then the hole will close up around the more narrow neck. Allow the base to rest in your crack. The plug is now all the way in.

Without a vibrator, the only stimulation from this Small plug is manual. You can either leave the plug seated in your hole and use your anal muscles to clench it, or — when you feel ready — slide it back out. While butt plugs aren’t typically used for thrusting, the size and shape of this one makes it fun for some in-and-out fun, if you’re looking to approximate the sensation of being fingered. I prefer to just leave the plug in and allow my ass to do the work. Depending on how deep inside your prostate is, you may or may not get some delicious sensations as the tip of the plug prods this sensitive P-spot. If the Small one doesn’t quite reach, there are still two larger plugs in the kit you can work your way up to.


Compared with the Small plug, the next size up might be a little daunting to first timers. It’s a little bit longer (5.3″ total with  4.4″ insertable) and a bit thicker in the middle. The Small plug sports a max width of 1″ and the Medium’s maximum width is 1.4″. Like the Small plug, the Medium is made of soft silicone and has a nice solid feel to it. While you can use it without extra stimulation, b-Vibe has outfitted the middle plug with a rechargeable vibrator. As you might guess from their name, b-Vibe is known for their powerful vibrating toys. While this plug doesn’t come packed with all the bells and whistles of some of their bigger and badder vibrating toys, the buzz you can get from this starter plug is still pretty damn nice!

If you want to use the vibrator, you’ll need to charge it up before use. All of b-Vibe’s motorized toys are easily charged with a magnetic charger. Just click the magnets to the pair of metal leads on the base of the toy and connect the charging cord to a compatible USB port. The toy will start to pulse with a soft blue LED light as it powers up. There is an estimated two-hour charging time and the vibe should run for almost 90 minutes if it’s fully charged before use.

In addition to the large booklet in the kit, there’s also a nice user’s guide for each of the items in the box. Be sure to save this insert, because it explains how to charge the vibrating plug and offers instructions on how to power it up, cycle through the vibrator settings, turn it off, and lock the motor when not in use. There’s even a chart illustrating the waves of the vibrating patterns. This plug doesn’t include a remote like some of the more deluxe b-Vibe toys, and with single button operation (especially since the button is out of sight on the base when the plug is inserted), it could be a little tricky to learn how to operate it. I like to play around with vibrating toys before I put them in, so I can get a handle on how everything works before it’s inside me. Operating the vibe is really quite simple once you learn the ins and outs. Power it On, then use the button to click your way through the toy’s 6 different settings. I counted 4 different intensities on the solid vibes, and there are 5 patterns you can use to shake things up. I like that the lowest level is somewhat mild, so you can start out pretty tame and work your way up to the more intense settings.

The b-Vibe guide makes an interesting point about anal stimulation and that is it doesn’t have to involve penetration to feel nice. You can absolutely use this (or either of the other plugs) to externally stimulate your hole or the sensitive area around it before making the leap to penetration. This Medium plug is perfect for that. Go ahead and lube the toy and power it up. On its lowest setting, start to tease your hole and the area around it with just the tip of the plug. You can adjust the intensity up or down to your liking. Once you’re ready to penetrate, use the same technique as with the smaller plug. Lots of lube, and gently insert a little more of the plug at a time, until you take as much as you’re comfortable with. If you can take the whole thing, allow the base to rest against your ass. You can either use the plug without vibrations or play around with the motor to see how you like it.

If it’s prostate stimulation you’re after, this Medium plug should be long enough to reach. Explore both manual stimulation of the P-spot and try it with vibrations. As you can see from the above diagram, the little bullet vibe inside this toy isn’t directly in the tip, but the vibe should be strong enough to really make your prostate feel the sensations. Experiment with holding the plug in place, or gently thrusting it in and out of your hole, especially with the vibrator teasing you. Always remember to apply lots of lubricant during use, and don’t be afraid to slather on some more if removing the plug seems tricky.


Are you ready to go even bigger? b-Vibe has included a third plug in the set for when you graduate from the vibrating plug. At first glance, this bigger of the trio doesn’t look too much longer than the one that comes before it, but there isn’t a thick base on the Large (the Medium’s base is bigger, to accommodate the workings of the vibrator). The Large has a total length of 5.4″ and inserts a total of 4.8 inches. The widest part of the plug is thicker, too, measuring 1.6″ before narrowing at the neck.

Even though the Medium plug comes outfitted with such a nice vibrator, I think the Large might be my favorite. Instead of a vibrator, b-Vibe has put a pair of weighted balls inside. Not only does this give the plug a great solid feel, but you can actually notice the balls tapping together inside. This gives the user some extra stimulation.

Same rules apply for insertion, especially since this plug is quite a bit bigger. Lube it generously and ease it in and out a little at a time. The embedded weights really do make this third plug more heavy and solid, so take extra care during penetration, because there isn’t any give like you’ll find in the smaller two plugs in the kit. b-Vibes has a popular line of Snug Plugs that each (with the exception of the smallest) have two weighted balls inside, so you’ll enjoy the same sensations that those plugs give, but in a more traditional butt plug shape. I like that they’ve given the weighted toy a more graduated shape, which I think is an easier fit for anal newbies. The neck on this version is a lot thicker, so you might want to upgrade to a Snug Plug if you prefer to have your hole more fully closed up during use.

One nice thing about the dual weights inside is that you can move around with the plug inserted and feel them tapping away. Lots of extra sensations if you’re up for this. It might take awhile to reach that point, but a lot of anal toy users enjoy nothing more than working in their favorite plug and moving about with it inside. Some will even wear the plug under the clothing and venture out into the great outdoors, a smile on their faces as the plug stimulates their hole and sends delicious sensations into the prostate. Obviously, this sort of thing might be a better activity for more advanced users, but it’s definitely something to work up to. Start with wearing the plug around the house and then, when you feel comfortable with the idea, a short excursion with the plug inside you might make for a fun adventure.

Even if you don’t ever reach the point where you want to wear the plug while up and about, the Large plug is still a great deal of fun. You can just as easily enjoy the sensations by working the plug into your hole and then employing a series of taps on the base. I personally like working it all the way in and then enjoying a protracted masturbation session, bearing down on the solid plug every time I feel myself nearing climax. For me, squeezing the plug during orgasm makes everything feel amazing! However you decide to use it, the weighted plug is a great addition to the kit, and gives you something to look forward to as you work you way through the butt plugs from smallest to largest.

The Complete Kit

I’d definitely recommend this anal kit to anyone who has been thinking about giving butt play a go and wasn’t quite sure what toys to start with. It’s a great way to start small and simple and ease into larger toys with more features (multi-function vibrator/weighted balls). The book gives lots of practical advise to anal newbies and the included enema and lube shooter can only help. Even experienced users will appreciate those extras. There’s even a zippered pouch to store the plugs in (don’t forget to the keep the charging cord with the Medium plug!). Even if you have already had fun with anal toys, this boxed set is a great idea for those who prefer toys on the smaller side.

Thanks to Peepshow Toys for sending this kit along for me to try out and review. Ready to try it for yourself? Grab one at Peepshow Toys using the following link:

One thing to note: this kit doesn’t come with lubricant, so be sure to add a bottle to your order. I used (and love) Sliquid Sassy water-based lubricant. It doesn’t have any nasty additives in it and goes on (and stays on) nice and thick, which I think is good for anal toys. But Peepshow Toys has plenty of other water-based lube options for you to try. When you’re ready to expand your anal toy collection, be sure to head back to Peepshow for lots of other fun stuff in their Bootie Toys collection. I’ve reviewed a lot of other toys for Peepshow, so check out the complete list for other ideas when adding to your toybox. Peepshow Toys was nice enough to generate a coupon code for my visitors. Use the code allmalesextoys when checking out to save 10% off your order.

When you’re ready to advance beyond the kit to even bigger anal toys or those with even more features, b-Vibe has plenty of other fun stuff to play with. Here are just a few choices for those who are ready to progress to other anal toys:


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FTC Notice: this product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.

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