Aneros Helix Syn Trident Prostate Massager

The Aneros Helix Syn Trident prostate massager. Whew. Let’s break down that name one word at a time. Aneros. A company that’s been around for more than 15 years and whose products are almost all designed for prostate massage. Helix. Probably the most popular model of prostate massager Aneros has. The Helix is suggested for those who have little or no experience with prostate massage. It’s got a nice curve to angle the device right toward the prostate and a slightly enlarged head to make stimulating this P-spot even easier. Syn. A few years back, Aneros decided to coat many of their popular hard plastic massagers in a silky smooth outer layer of body-friendly silicone. The Syn line was born. If you’re looking for a softer surface and a satiny smooth experience, you’ll likely enjoy this luxurious feature. Trident. The Trident line is Aneros’ newest offering, a re-design of some of their well-received models, offering dual external stimulation as well as more range of movement as you use the anal massager hands-free. So far, the Helix model is the only one offering both the Trident design and the silicone-coating of the Syn line. Peepshow Toys has added this toy to their collection and I’ve been using it for the last month so I can offer a review. Here goes.

I reviewed the original version of this prostate massager for Peepshow Toys last year. The Aneros Helix Trident [read my review] is pretty much the same toy, minus the silicone outer layer. I honestly wasn’t sure if there needed to be another version of the same toy, but I was curious to try out the new one to see if the experience was any different. And it was.

Silicone Helix Syn Trident  (black) vs. Hard Plastic Helix Trident (white)

The Helix Trident is actually a re-imagining of the original Helix in that it twists the outer portion of the toy into a, well, trident shape, offering an extra external stimulation tab. The original had a sole tab for perineum massage (and external prostate massage) and the Trident adds a second tab to rub that Kundalini spot near the tailbone. I enjoyed the Trident design over the original because these tabs were way more comfortable, especially during long prostate massage sessions. I’m happy to report that the silicone coating in the Syn version makes these tabs even more comfortable. You can certainly still feel the nubs working your pressure points, but the material is softer and more gentle than the hard plastic of the uncoated Helix Trident.

The silicone layer also makes penetration more relaxed as well. While I didn’t have much issue with sliding the white hard plastic version inside my hole, the silicone is so satiny that it went all the way in with no effort. I honestly thought the silicone might make the toy “grabbier” during penetration. Sometimes silicone toys, depending on the texture, will snag on the skin as you work the toy in to the ass, but the silicone Aneros uses in this massager had absolutely no tug. Of course, I lubricated the entire shaft of the toy with my favorite water-based lube — Sliquid Sassy — so this always helps. If I had to pick a drawback to the silicone version over the plastic, I’d say you might have fewer lube choices with the Syn. Often times silicone toys will react negatively to silicone-based lubricants, which work really well with the Aneros plastic models. Silicone lube typically makes for longer sessions (the stuff just never needs reapplying), but the Sliquid water-based lube actually worked really well with the Syn version and never needed a reapplication, so I can’t find any fault with it in this regard.

Aneros Helix Syn Trident: The Specs (see measurements below)

Like most of the Aneros prostate massagers, the Helix isn’t a large toy, and it’s definitely a good one for beginners. Check out the diagram above to get an idea of the size. It’s not to scale, but there’s a quarter side-by-side, for comparison. Here are some measurements: A: Tip width = 1.08″ B: Mid-range width = 0.95″ C. Stem to perineum distance = 1.75″ D. Insertable length = 4 inches.  During penetration, aim the curve of the tip toward your prostate for proper stimulation and the perineum tab (the red one) should rest against your taint. Once fully inserted, the K-tab (the white one) will rest just behind your hole and will provide external massage to that pressure point. Not sure exactly where your prostate is? I like to recommend this informative two-minute video to help out those who are trying prostate massage for the first time: How to Find & Massage Your Prostate (using a Gatorade bottle).

One of the features of the Trident upgrade (in addition to the extra pressure point nub) is the neck re-design, which allows the massager to move more freely — and in slightly different directions — if you’re able to achieve some hands-free action with the Aneros. While any Aneros can be used for general anal stimulation and prostate massage, the real treat comes when you can maneuver the toy through anal muscle contractions alone. I think the reason many are disappointed with their new Aneros — based on some reviews I have seen — is because they expected to have these amazing hands-free prostate massage experiences without having taken the time to learn the process and perfect the techniques.

To help those wanting more information on how exactly to get the most out of an Aneros prostate massager, I put together a list of videos and tutorials. These are resources and first-hand accounts that can help instruct and guide you on your Aneros journey. Even if you aren’t able to master some of the techniques right away, the vivid descriptions of what is possible will encourage you and help you work toward goals of your own.  Here’s a link to the tutorials; it’s one of the most popular spots on my site and hope it helps those trying to learn these techniques:


The included videos are valuable tools as well, so you can see the Aneros prostate massagers in action and see how the body reacts when things start to happen. One of my favorite Aneros video demonstrations is on the Tutorial list and I’ve just discovered an even longer video clip on Xtube from the same user. I’ll link to that just below. While he’s using the Helix Syn massager (the external components are different on this model), the techniques and body response are pretty much the same.

Orgasm #2 — He documents 8 (!) in the twelve-and-a-half minute video

Aneros Helix Syn Orgasm Session from Xtube member TallAnerosUser runs nearly 13 minutes long and features 8 different P-spot orgasms. “This is me cumming my brains out,” says TAU. No kidding! Even more amazing, he claims to have cut the video session short because “my flatmates came in and I didn’t want them to hear me moan.” This video is not only nice to look at, but is a good example of what’s possible if you take the time to learn and perfect the Aneros techniques.

The techniques basically involve using your anal muscles to maneuver the toy inside you. Once you get the hang of it, the Aneros will not only move in and out (slightly), but the Trident’s “Multi-Axial Motion Architecture” design will allow it to move in other directions as well, which means even more potential prostate stimulation. The good news — at least for me — is that the silicone coating not only makes insertion easier, but allows the Helix to move easier on its own. This version is my first silicone-coated Aneros and I’m sorry I didn’t try one sooner. I honestly felt that the slick hard plastic would move more freely than silicone, but it really wasn’t the case. I still haven’t been able to achieve the multiple prostate orgasms (as seen in the above video), but I think it will be more likely if I keep trying with the Helix Syn Trident model. It really does move a lot more, and that’s a good thing! I’m actually hoping Aneros releases a Syn version of my favorite Trident: the Maximus [read my review]. With the Maximus being a little bit larger and thicker, that just might be the silicone Aneros that gets me there. But in the meanwhile, I’m really loving this one.

If you’ve ever thought about giving an Aneros a try, I’d definitely recommend this one. Find the Aneros Helix Syn Trident at Peepshow Toys using the following link:

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Product photos from Peepshow Toys/Aneros


FTC Notice: this product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.

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