Aneros Maximus Trident Prostate Massager

Welcome to the other half of my two-part Aneros Trident review. This week I’m looking at the new Aneros Maximus Trident prostate massager. After all the fun I had with the Helix Trident, I took a little break before moving on to the Maximus. Peepshow Toys was kind enough to send me both of these new toys to test, and I’m so glad I got to try this second one. I really liked the Helix Trident, but Maximus Trident was even better!

As the name might suggest, the Maximus model is a bit larger. Aneros suggests this model for users with a little more experience, and it’s also a great choice for guys who want more thickness compared to the other Trident models. As a result, the Maximus won’t move around as much as the Helix, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great experience with your new toy. Size-wise, both the bulbous head of the Maximus and the mid-center bulge have a diameter of one inch. Like the Helix, the rounded head is angled slightly to provide pressure on your prostate gland during use. Both the Helix and Maximus have an insertable length of four inches, so there isn’t really a difference in how deep this toy is going to go. But the fuller, rounder head made all the difference to me in terms of how it massaged my prostate. Let me show you a side-by-side shot of both of the Trident models I tried. You can see they are a similar size, but have differences in shape and thickness.

The material of the Trident prostate massagers is a smooth hard plastic. Lube both your hole and the toy with a nice water-based lubricant. I use Sliquid Naturals Sassy, which doesn’t drip all over when you’re applying it, makes for a nice smooth insertion, and stays slippery longer. Even though the Maximus sports a thicker girth, it wasn’t any harder to insert than the Helix. I immediately noticed the knob pressing into my prostate and thought, “Oh man, this is going to be good!” The twin balls on the base – designed to rest against and stimulate external pressure points – seemed more suited to my personal anatomy, too. I was not only getting internal massage from the toy’s tip, but the prostate tab (the one that rests against the taint) was working the spot from another angle. If you’ve ever gotten a manual prostate massage by someone rubbing your P-spot with a well-placed finger while simultaneously having the gland massaged by a thumb on your taint, you know exactly how intense this can feel. The Maximus hadn’t even really started moving, and already I was feeling deep pleasure.

Once I was ready to go, I started to slowly contract my sphincter muscle. While the Maximus didn’t have the same range of movement as the slightly-smaller Helix, what I did experience was a stronger pressure as the bulb pushed deeper into my prostate. At the same time, the two rounded tabs put more pressure on either side of my hole as the toy was pulled a little deeper inside me. Remember how I said it felt like receiving a digital prostate massage? Now imagine that the person massaging you started to move very slowly and apply a little more force.

The effects of all this intense massage not only included some vivid enjoyment, but a milking effect. Within a couple of minutes, I was dripping tons of precum. Now, up until this point, I wasn’t using anything but my sphincter muscle to manipulate the Aneros. No moving it in and out with my hand, no pressing it manually deeper into my prostate…the anal muscles were doing all the work for me, and it felt fantastic. Once you learn the technique, you can easily lie back and flex and just wait for the toy to do the rest. All of the new Trident models are designed with “Multi-Axial Motion Architecture,” which allows for more range of movement once the toy is inserted. This is a nice improvement over the original Aneros models, which don’t move around quite as much.

Added thickness in the tip and mid-section will give guys even more to love

I still didn’t manage the tricky hands-free prostate orgasm, but I’m confident that the Maximus Trident will be the Aneros model that finally pushes me into the Super O zone. And as amazing as I know a prostate orgasm can be, the intense pleasure I get from this little toy still makes it worth the purchase. The prostate pleasure sensations were constant and were there right from the moment of insertion. The profuse precum leakage never stopped and was a constant reminder that wonderful things were happening inside my hole. And when I finally decided to polish myself off, I hardly needed to bear down on the Aneros poking against my prostate. The feeling was terrific, deep and intense, and the orgasm that followed was even better. Could the Aneros Maximus Trident be my new favorite prostate toy? Hmmm…could be.

One thing I’ve noticed from using the Aneros prostate massagers is that they are great tools for learning the hands-free technique. I find myself working my ass muscles even when I don’t have an Aneros in my hole. I even used the technique with one of my favorite vibrating prostate massagers and the minute the thing was seated, my hole started moving the thing in and out, for an entirely new experience. So Aneros not only gives you prostate pleasure, it’ll also change the way you play with your hole.

I still think the Helix is a solid prostate massager, but the Maximus really gave me an even better experience. I’d probably recommend first timers start with a Helix, and guys looking for a thicker, fuller massage go for the Maximus. But honestly, I had no trouble inserting either model with proper lubrication, so if you think you’re up for the larger one, why not go for it? There are another two Trident models to pick from too: the MGX – which offers a slightly more slender shaft, and a ribbed neck for extra stimulation on that oh-so-sensual hole – and the Eupho – the slender model with a narrower head and neck. If you desire less thickness, and want an Aneros that moves a little more, this might be the choice for you. Whatever one you go with, I think if you’re looking for a toy that you can use for regular prostate massage that inserts easily and is smooth to the touch, but firm enough to apply the pressure you want, an Aneros is a must-have for your sex toy collection. Just don’t get frustrated if that hands-free prostate orgasm eludes you. Keep on rubbing it and learn what it takes to get you there. I know that’s what I’m going to do.

Thanks again to Peepshow Toys for letting me try the Maximus Trident (and the Helix Trident). They currently stock all four of the new Trident Prostate massagers and you can order your own with the following links:

Remember, you can save 10% on your Peepshow Toys order by entering coupon code allmalesextoys during checkout. Be sure to read my previous review of the Helix Trident prostate massager. You can purchase that one as well:

Want to check out the other two Tridents for comparison?


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FTC Notice: this product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.

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