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Aneros prostate massagers are some of the most popular sex toys for P-spot massage out there, but if you aren’t sure how to use one, it can be the difference between a bland experience and a mind-blowing one. Even when you learn the technique, the much-desired “Super Orgasm” — or Super O — can elude you. If you look at using an Aneros prostate massager as a journey to greater pleasure and not an instant gratification experience, you might be less frustrated as you explore with your Aneros. I’ve put together a collection of links to help you get the most out of your Aneros and will be adding new stuff as I find it, so give this post a bookmark for future reference.

Choosing the Right Aneros for You:


  • The Male G Spot Wiki – a comprehensive online guide written and maintained by Aneros users, this wiki contains lots of helpful information to help direct you through your prostate massager experience. Detailed topics like Basics, Getting Started, Your Body, Super O, Advanced Techniques, and Misconceptions. This site is loaded with information that should help everyone from curious beginners to regular Aneros users who are looking to expand their sessions.
  • The Aneros Forum – find answers to your questions, read first-hand accounts of guys using Aneros for prostate massage, learn techniques, and find encouragement when your session isn’t going as well as you hoped. Be sure to browse the Archived posts for lots more helpful information.
  • Aneros Technique “Do Nothing” Approach Hints & Tips – Xtuber AnerosUser not only posted a couple videos (see those here), but took the time to pen a little How-To on his profile page, offering tips to new Aneros users. Definitely worth a look.

First-Hand Accounts:

  • B’s Keys to the Backdoor – one of Aneros’ biggest fans and forum contributors has compiled much of his shared information into one helpful pinned post. A good starting point if you’re curious about the experience or trying to learn the techniques. (NOTE: the original post is no longer loading, but this is a copy someone added to Reddit.)
  • My Best Super O and How I Did It – real Aneros users post about achieving the much sought after “Super Orgasm” and explain how they reached that point.


  • Aneros Helix Syn Tutorial – some guys find visuals more helpful. This Aneros users filmed a video explaining the technique that worked for him and shows viewers just how pleasurable using this prostate massager can be.
  • Multiple Male Prostate Orgasms – Aneros – clocking in at nearly an hour, this guy walks the viewer through his experience with his Aneros and hands-free prostate orgasms.
  • Discover Hands-Free Orgasm with Aneros – billed as a “Quick Start Guide,” this 10-minute video from another experienced user has some helpful information and a nice visual of an Aneros prostate massager’s effects on the male body.
  • Intense Aneros Experience – using the girthier Progasm model, this guy made a video of his Super O experience from beginning to end.
  • Aneros Super Orgasm – another video showing the pleasurable experience of prostate massage with an Aneros.
  • Young Guy Loses Control While Using Aneros – this one’s been around for awhile, but it’s still one of the best examples of how much pleasure is possible if you use your Aneros in just the right way. Notice how he’s using his sphincter muscles to maneuver the prostate massager without laying a hand on it. Amazing!

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