Apex Vibrating Prostate Massager from Blush Novelties

It’s another fun vibrating butt toy from Blush Novelties! This time around I’ll be trying out the Performance Plus Apex, a rechargeable vibrating anal plug. While this little curved silicone plug can be used by anyone, I’ll be focusing on how it works as a prostate stimulator. Let’s take a look at this thing.

Peepshow Toys provided me with an Apex to review, and you can order one from their online store. I also reviewed the vibrating Performance Plus Supra for them a year ago. Like the Supra, the Apex is a somewhat diminutive butt plug made entirely of black body-friendly silicone. It’s odorless, has a satiny smooth feel to it, and is very firm to the touch. The silicone in the top portion of the toy is rock solid and gives the Apex a great rigid feel while it’s inside you. If you enjoy anal toys without too much give, the Apex certainly falls into this category. Of course, it can be bent slightly with some effort, so it’s not like using a toy made of hard plastic or steel. For me, more solid toys often work better as prostate stimulators because they press into the P-spot more insistently, so I was eager to see how well Apex could grind against my nugget.

Another thing that immediately caught my eye was the detailing on the plug. Not only does the shaft have a nice curve to it, but the tip is shaped just like the flared glans on a rock-hard penis. There’s a sweet V-shape of the frenulum, a beautifully defined ridge as the head wraps around, and even an interesting raised texture that runs down the underside of the shaft in a wishbone-like pattern that mimics the appearance of raised veins. If you like texture, the Apex certainly has it. At the bottom of the curved shaft, there’s a pair of silicone tabs that not only keep the toy from slipping too far up your ass, but are designed to apply additional stimulation to external “pleasure points” like the perineum (aka “the taint”), and that sensitive spot just beyond the butthole near your tailbone. Take a look at this diagram that details all of the various measurements:

Not too long or thick, there’s a nice curve to send the flared head right where you want it

The lower portion of the toy is hollowed out to accommodate the included vibrating bullet. This vibe is paired with a lot of sex toys from Blush Novelties and it’s one of the best I’ve ever tried. Not only can it turn a nice stationary toy into an intense vibrating one, but the bullets even work great on their own for a slow and/or rapid-fire teasing of your favorite erogenous zones and pleasure spots. I love using one for frenulum stimulation and this little vibe can really make me cum hard.

The Apex comes equipped with the same great bullet!

The bullet is designed to easily recharge with a magnetic charger that attaches and plugs into any USB port. Once the white LED light glows solid, the bullet is ready to power up. It’s that simple. You should get about an hour of play out of a single charge, so no short sessions with this vibrating toy. After it finishes charging, ease the rounded tip of the bullet into the cavity at the base of the Apex and slowly wedge it deep inside until the shaft feels totally solid. A small portion of the bullet will protrude from the opening. You can enjoy the Apex with or without vibrations, but I’d recommend inserting the bullet properly either way, because this will give the lower half of the shaft a uniformly solid feel as well. In fact, I tried the Apex for the first time with no vibrations at all. I wanted to see how easily it slipped inside me and how my body reacted to the firmness of the toy and all the texture.

Be sure to use plenty of lube with this toy. Even though it’s fairly small as anal toys go, the flared head, the extra texture, and the arch of the shaft will definitely penetrate more easily if it’s well lubricated. I prefer Sliquid Sassy when using silicone toys. It has a thicker consistency than many water-based lubes and tends not to run all over while I’m trying to slather it on. Take extra care to lubricate the head of this toy well. The head is pretty swollen compared with the girth of the shaft and the edges are very defined, so your hole might appreciate any extra help while popping it inside.

Actually, “hole popping” with the toy is one of its most fun features. I love a good toy with a defined head that I can use to slowly pop in and out of my hole. The Apex isn’t huge, but the head is firm and flared, so you’re definitely going to feel this one as it pushes inside. The curved shaft is nice, but the firmness might make it more difficult for some users to get all the way inside without some effort. Plenty of lube and patience will help. I like to ease in, then pull out, going a little deeper with each slow thrust. Angle the toy so the head is aiming for your prostate gland. If you’re not quite sure, just envision trying to poke the back of your belly button from inside your body with the head of the toy. You’ll know it when you find it. It’s an intense sensation, made even more so if you work the head of the Apex into your P-spot. Even though the toy’s equipped with a powerful little bullet, you can get some great stimulation from using the Apex manually. The dual external stimulators didn’t offer much in the way of added pleasure when I used the Apex without the vibe; the textured pad does feel kind of good against the taint, but the pokey little prong that juts out of the bottom was more uncomfortable that anything else. I guess I just have a sensitive tail bone area. Happily, this little stick-out part is pretty bendable, so just pull it back with one of your fingers while another digit is fed through the loop in the base. If you’d prefer a prostate stimulator without the added prong part, Peepshow Toys also stocks the Apex’s little brother, the Adonis. While the Adonis has a similar design (textured cock-like plug with a curved shaft and flared head), the usable length is not as great. Adonis only goes 3.5 inches deep, while the Apex will sink another two inches up inside you (5.5 inches usable length). Both have a 4-inch girth, however. I like the looks of the Adonis’s taint-massaging pressure ball. Instead of the textured pad that the Apex has, the Adonis’s looks more like the pad of a thumb. Hopefully I’ll get around to trying the Adonis in the future to see how it compares. Anyhow, back to the Apex!

If you enjoy vibrations in your prostate massager, the bullet inside the Apex’s core really gives this toy a jolt. I tend to prefer prostate massagers with built-in vibes that focus on the head rather than the shaft and base, but the Blush Novelties bullet is pretty damn impressive and turns the entire 6.75-inch toy into a quivering prong. The head tingles, the shaft buzzes and the two external pads deliver the vibrations nicely to the sensitive areas just around your hole. The textured taint pad is more pleasurable; even when it hums strongly, I still didn’t care for that little pokey stick-out piece resting against my tailbone. Just a quick note: Blush touts the Apex not only as “perfect for prostate play” but great for G-spotting as well. I’d like to think someone with a G-spot could use the large portion of the toy for G-spot stimulation while easing the little prong into a lubed anus. I can tell you that I slipped the lubricated pokey piece just inside my own hole on its own while the vibrator was turned on (using the cock-like shaft as a handle) and the quivering felt amazing. It’s not a deep sensation, but it certainly feels great tickling all of those wonderful nerve endings in and around my hole.

The removable vibrating bullet comes with a magnetic charger

Let’s take a closer look at the bullet. It revs to life on “low” with a click of the white button. You have to press and hold the button to activate the vibe, and clicking the button once the vibe is running will allow you to cycle through the various settings. The button is a little tricky to operate while the plug is inserted. I found it was easier to grasp the plug by the loop and the textured pad and hold it firmly while using my other hand to press the control button. There are 5 different steady speeds and 5 patterns. Not a huge difference between the steadies, but all of them were good and strong. I typically like pulse patterns in prostate toys, especially if they have at least one good pattern, and the Apex does. There’s a pattern that just hammers away repeatedly, off and on, that just drove me wild. I kind of forgot about the other four and just enjoyed that one. It really made the knob of the Apex pulse and my prostate was very happy with it.

And my prostate was pretty happy with the Apex over all. The design is fun and feels great, the material is smooth and firm, and the vibrator is really top notch. Even if you’re not going for prostate massage, the Apex would be a good choice for a more diminutive anal plug, especially if you want one with a vibrator that really packs a punch. Did I mention the toy is waterproof? Go ahead and buzz yourself senseless in the bath or shower! The waterproof feature makes cleaning up the toy a lot less hassle, too. Wiggle the bullet out and you can easily clean everything with soap and hot water. Then it’s all ready for your next session. Another hit from Blush Novelties! Thanks to Peepshow Toys for sending this one along so I could try it. Ready to try it yourself? Peepshow Toys is saving one for you! Use the following links to order yours:

Be sure to shop Peepshow Toys for other fun toys (everything they stock is made of silicone or body safe materials). They carry lots of prostate massagers and other anal toysmasturbatorsdildos, and lubricants. You can use the coupon code allmalesextoys when you’re checking out to save 10% off your order. Check out these other reviews I’ve written for Peepshow Toys products. Be sure to read my earlier review for the Supra Prostate Massager, too!


Product images from Blush Novelties


FTC Disclaimer: This product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.

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