Ass Ballz from Boneyard Toys — Silicone Anal Balls

I’m back with another review for Peepshow Toys, and today I’m looking at another fun silicone toy from Boneyard Toys: a set of solid anal balls called Ass Ballz.

I’ve been using anal beads (and later, balls) for as long as I’ve been using sex toys. The early anal beads I tried would be considered pretty pathetic by today’s standards: hard plastic beads with rough/sharp mold lines strung up on a super-porous knit string. They were cheap, and really looked and felt like it. Still, I remember how good they felt, especially during the moment of climax, those solid beads stroking my then-barely-explored prostate as I gave the strand a slow but sure tug as I was cumming.

Thankfully, many sex toys have evolved over the years, and Boneyard Toys has really outdone themselves with this set of anal balls for the more experienced user. Their Ass Ballz come in three sizes: Medium, Large, and Extra Large. Beginners and those who prefer smaller beads can find suitable silicone options elsewhere, but these four ball strands are geared more to those who are looking for something larger.

Want an idea of the Ass Ballz actual size? Enjoy these Boneyard Toys models showing off the goods!

Peepshow Toys sent me the Medium set and even those pack quite a punch. The rope—from ball one to the pull cord—measures 16” in length. As stated, these are made from 100% medical grade silicone, so the material is totally body friendly, unlike some of those earlier anal beads/balls that were made from weird materials that smelled funny. Do something good for your hole and pick out anal toys that are made from silicone and other body-safe materials. They don’t smell weird, won’t leech strange chemicals into your body, and usually these silicone toys last a lot longer. If you’ve ever spent money on jelly/PVC/TPR butt toys and found them losing their shape, melting, tearing, staining, or damaging other toys they’re stored with, consider upgrading your collection to stuff made of silicone. It’s really better in so many ways.

The silicone used in these anal balls is soft to the touch on the surface, but has a wonderfully solid feel to it. It’s silicone to the core, not some other unknown material that’s been coated in a thin layer of silicone to save production costs. Every other anal ball strand I have is pretty squeezable, but this Bone Yard set is good and solid. I love toys I can bear down on once they’re up inside me, and the more solid a toy is, the more it grinds against my prostate.

Of course, less give means that some will have a bit more trouble inserting these, especially if you’re not used to larger anal toys. The Medium set has four balls that measure 1.6” in diameter. Just for comparison, the Large size Vixen Gemstones anal balls that I reviewed recently “only” measure 1.25” across. So the Boneyard Ballz start large and only get bigger. Want something even larger for your hole? Try the Large (2” diameter) or the Extra Large (2.4” diameter) for even more hole popping times.

Regardless of the ball size, the design of all three is basically the same. Each rope has four like-sized balls spaced on on a narrow silicone cord. Interesting fact: the gap between each of the balls is the same measurement as the ball diameter. So the Medium set has 1.6” between each ball, the Large 2” between each balls, and the Extra Large set has a 2.6” space between the balls. I love that they spaced them out a little more than usual. While tightly-packed anal balls can be fun, I enjoy pulling on mine, and the extra bit of cord allows you to tug them a little more. But the rope is totally flexible, so once you get all four inside, they’ll still bang around against each other. These balls are smooth to the touch and totally free of any mold lines. Great for hole popping!

Once again, I used the thick water-based lube Peepshow Toys sent me in an earlier order: Wicked Simply Aqua Jelle. This is a body-friendly lubricant and (unlike a lot of water-based lubes) it goes on thick and clings nicely to toys like these anal balls. It seems to last a lot longer than a lot of water-based lubes, too. I don’t like having a lube dry up when I’m using anal toys, because it can make things feel uncomfortable, especially when you’re ready to pull these out. But the Wicked lube worked really well. I also tried this set with an oil-based lube Peepshow Toys sells: The Butters. This stuff goes on thick (kind of like actual butter) and lasts and lasts. I recommend either one, but the Wicked lube was a little less messy.

Even with the larger size, these lubed balls were swallowed hungrily by my hole. One of my favorite “sex toy sensations” is the way anal beads and balls slowly push my hole open and become swallowed up. The 1.6” space between the first and second ball gave me some slack to slide the first ball around once it was beyond my hole, and things only got better from there.

Some might be disappointed that there are only four balls on these Boneyard sets, but the increased size kind of makes up for it (and I’ve seen other sets of larger anal balls with only two or three balls on the rope, so four worked out just fine for me!). Once I had all four pushed up inside me, it was a deliciously full feeling, with lots of rubbing on my prostate. Want to give your P-spot even more stimulation? Slowly (or not so slowly) tug on the cord. They’ve added a nice loop handle on the end of the set, so not only can you easily pull your balls, but it doubles as a safety feature. (It keeps the rope from getting sucked all the way into your hole.)

My favorite part of using these Ass Ballz is the orgasm. As I’d hoped, the solidness of the balls really gives the user something to bear down on, especially during climax. For another fun sensation, try pulling the balls out as your start to orgasm. This is typically difficult for me, as my ass muscles tend to clamp down hard when I cum, and they grabbed these solid balls in a bear hug when I was unloading. And unload I did! The balls were kind of stuck in place, but everything else, uh, blew loose. I can’t say for sure if everyone who uses these anal balls will squirt like crazy, but I can say each time I used them, I made a big mess.  😮

Once I was done, I had to wait a little bit for things to calm down (i.e. for my ass muscles to relax a bit) before I tried to extract these balls. I usually don’t get too much into post-orgasm toy play, but for some reason, extracting anal balls after cumming gives such weird and interesting sensations that I actually look forward to that “post game show” activity. Even though my cock is spent at this point, the prostate game is still going strong. It’s not a bad thing. 😀

Even though I am totally happy with the “smaller” Medium set, I really hope to work my way up to one of the larger sets some day. At this point I can only imagine what the two bigger ropes of Ass Ballz will feel like, but I like thinking about it.

I mentioned lube already, but here’s another thing you might want to consider: an enema. When using anal toys (especially larger ones, and/or toys that are designed to “go deep” like these do), it might be beneficial to clean out your hole before getting busy. I also find that an enema of warm water really helps my hole relax before I start working a toy up there. Boneyard Toys also has a really cool douche system that turns a plastic water bottle into an instant enema. Simply fill your bottle with water, screw on one of the two included bottle adapters, then attach the 4-inch Boneyard Sqwert silicone nozzle, and comfortably proceed to flush out your hole before using your favorite toys. Perfect for travel, too, so you can prep your hole on the road or even at a buddy’s house.

Speaking of which, I forgot to mention one of my favorite things to do with anal balls like these: allow a sex buddy to grease up a set of balls and use them on my hole while sucking me off. It really adds an extra element to an already-good blowjob and usually results in even more explosive fireworks in the end. Unfortunately (due to 2020 and all that’s come along with it), I haven’t been able to test drive the Boneyard Ass Ballz during partner play, but I am definitely looking forward to it!

I definitely recommend these Ass Balls to anyone ready for larger anal balls. Take a look at each set’s specs with a trio of pics that show each size rope of anal balls:

Total length: 16 inches
Ball width: 1.6 inches
Cord length between each ball: 1.6 inches
Ass Ballz weight: 188 grams/.4 lbs

Total length: 18 inches
Ball width: 2 inches
Cord length between each ball: 2 inches
Ass Ballz weight: 325 grams/.75 lbs

Total length: 21 inches
Ball width: 2.4 inches
Cord length between each ball: 2.4 inches
Ass Ballz weight: 560 grams/1.2 lbs

Want to try Boneyard Ass Ballz for yourself? Find all three sizes at Peepshow Toys in black silicone. Use this link:

Peepshow is carrying many of the other Boneyard Toys products. Be sure to use the coupon code allmalesextoys during checkout to save 10% off your order. Peepshow Toys entire collection is body-friendly, so why not stock up on lubes, cock rings, jackers, and other toys for your butt. They’ve really put together a fantastic collection of high quality safe sex toys and I’ve always been so happy to review for them. Check out all my other reviews of products from the Peepshow Toys store: I’ve listed everything by type in the right sidebar.


Product photos from Boneyard Toys


FTC Notice: this product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.


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