Avant Pride Butt Plug — Power Play

Blush Novelties has just added six new plugs and dildos to their Avant line of silicone sex toys. Today I’ll be reviewing one of the Pride butt plugs. The Power Play plug is a solid silicone plug that’s been styled with the colors from the leather pride flag.

Just in time for Pride month (June 2018), Blush Novelties has put together a fun new collection. Peepshow Toys loves body-safe silicone sex toys, so all six of these are now available from their online shop, and the colors and designs of each are inspired by different Pride flags. This review looks specifically at the Power Play plug, a traditionally-shaped butt plug made of silicone. I was also sent the Freedom dildo, a toy that’s striped like a rainbow Pride flag and designed to work as a prostate massager, so check back for that review. But for now let’s look at the Power Play plug.

As I said, this is a traditionally shaped butt plug. It has a rounded tip and grows wider the deeper it goes. It has a length of 4.75 inches and 4.25 inches are insertable. There’s a rectangular-shaped anal-safe base. The widest portion of the plug measures 1.5 inches with a circumference of 5 inches at the thickest point. It’s not a huge butt plug by any means, but a first timer might need some extra time and relaxation to work this plug all the way in.

The silicone in this toy is pretty soft, which makes the plug nice and flexible. Because of this specific design, you won’t have a lot of wiggle room once it’s inside you, but it does always feel nice when an anal toy isn’t so solid that it causes discomfort. I like to use a good water-based lube with toys like these and for this plug I used Sliquid Naturals Sassy lubricant. It’s a thick long-lasting lube that doesn’t drip so much and really works well with anal sex toy play. As the silicone in this toy has a soft satiny finish, be sure to give the entire insertable area of the plug a good coat of lube, and apply another generous helping to your hole. Toys with a soft finish tend to grab your tender parts (like your hole!) if they’re not lubed up properly, so don’t be stingy when lubricating.

With it’s perfectly rounded head, slowly poke the tip of the Power Play plug into your hole. I like to use a gentle push and let the plug back itself away. Push again, and go a little deeper. Let the plug slide out a bit and repeat, going a little deeper with each push. Since the plug widens the deeper you go, take your time and don’t rush. The easiest way to cause discomfort is to push the toy in too far too quickly. Of course, if you have a lot of experience with toys like these, you may be able to pop this thing right in. But don’t be afraid to take it slow and enjoy every sensation. Using the base, you can angle the plug so it goes right where you want it. Shift it around to see what feels best. You may want to keep it straight, enjoying the sensation of the plug spreading your hole. Try angling the plug so the tip heads straight for your prostate gland. Even though this is a soft plug, it still has a decent firmness to it when you bear down on it with your ass muscles. While I wouldn’t go so far to classify this as a prostate massager, I definitely got some good jolts when I pointed the tip at my P-spot and clamped down on the toy. Eventually, you’ll work the plug in as far as it can go. The neck will come to rest around the inside your hole and the curved base will fit comfortably in your crack.

While the base is really comfortable once the plug is all the way in, I kind of wish the neck was either a little bit longer, or a little bit skinnier. With a circumference of 4 inches, the neck isn’t terribly smaller than the widest part of the plug, which means the toy tends to pop out easier. I think if the neck was a little longer, the plug would seat itself more securely if you’re just looking to keep it embedded up your ass. Still, you can employ one of your hands to push the plug back in if it happens to pop out on you. Incidentally, some of the best sensations came from putting extra pressure on the base while the plug was all the way inside. Go ahead and exert a little pressure and see if you don’t feel a nice throb against your sensitive prostate.

Since Blush gave this little guy a comfortable base, you should be able to enjoy long sessions with your Power Play plug. Not only is it fun for solo play (try bearing down on the toy during climax, for an extra intense orgasm), it would also add some spice to partner sex. Having someone slide this toy into your hole and pleasure your ass while giving you head or a sensual handjob at the same time will definitely increase the pleasure levels. Once you’re finished with your session, gently extract the plug and wash it clean with some soap and hot water.

This is a great butt plug from Blush Novelties. It’s nice to see so many toy companies coming out with stuff made of silicone. This material not only makes for a smooth comfortable play session, but it’s odor free, non-porous and a much safer alternative then some of the other materials toys like these used to be made of. And silicone toys are built to last. Tired of tossing out PVC or TPE type toys that have strange smells, have a weird tacky feel to them, or even lose their shape while sitting your toy drawer? Maybe it’s time to add some silicone sex toys to your collection. Sometimes you just want a nice basic butt plug. In this case, the plug comes outfitted in sweet colors! Blush has designed six new anal toys in silicone in cool colors that are inspired by Pride flags. So they not only feel great, but they have a unique look to them as well. You might just want to keep them on display when they’re not pleasuring your hole! While I personally liked the deep black and blues (with a bold red stripe) on this leather pride-inspired plug, the same style of plug was done in brighter colors taken from the gender fluid pride flag. Want a traditional-shaped plug like the Power Play but wish it was a bit smaller? Blush has done a smaller model (4.25 inches) in wide olive, white, and purple stripes (Gender Queer Pride) that might be more to your liking. Have a look at all six styles below.

Be sure to check out all six of the Avant Pride Plugs and Dildos from Peepshow Toys. I was so thrilled to be asked to try a couple of these, and be sure to check back shortly for my review on the Avant Pride Rainbow Prostate Massager. Check out the toys and add them to your collection with these links from Peepshow Toys:

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Product images from Blush Novelties


FTC Notice: this product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.

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