b-Vibe Vibrating Snug Plug XL

This review is the first of three for Peepshow Toys in a series I’ve been thinking of as “Big, Bigger, and Biggest.” After testing some anal toys on the smaller end of the scale (like the Mini Teddy, the Aneros Vice 2, and b-Vibe Anal Training Plug Set), I’m now venturing into some bigger anal toys that Peepshow Toys has recently added to their collection. The “Bigger” and “Biggest” entries are forthcoming; today I’ll be looking at the “Big” one: the b-Vibe Vibrating Snug Plug XL.

If you’ve read any of my past reviews for b-Vibe products, you might remember I’ve already reviewed (and added to my Favorites) one of b-Vibe’s Snug Plugs. The original Snug Plug line features weighted silicone plugs in a torpedo shape and filled with a set¹ of steel balls that not only provide the weight, but bring about some interesting sensations when the balls click together when the plug is being worn. I tried the Medium Plug in this incarnation, so I decided to “Go Large” when I was offered one of the Vibrating Snug Plugs to review. Peepshow Toys stocks both available sizes: Medium and Extra Large. While I only tested the bigger one, I’ll be offering details about both plugs, so that those who are looking for smaller anal toys can consider this option.

Visually, the Vibrating Snug Plug XL looks almost identical to the weighted Snug Plug 4. The dimensions are slightly different: the non-vibrating version has an insertable length of 5.2 inches (13.3 cm) and a maximum diameter of 1.7 inches (4.4 cm). The neck is 1.3 inches long (3.2 cm) and has a diameter of 0.4 inch (1 cm). Comparatively, the Vibrating Snug Plug XL has an insertable length of 5.3 inches (13.6 cm), a maximum diameter of 1.7 inches (4.3 cm), a neck length that’s approximately 2 inches (5.08 cm) and diameter of 0.4 inch (1 cm). Both plugs are fairly heavy; the non-vibrating one weighs in at 257 grams, and the vibrating version isn’t far behind with a weight of 247 grams. Unlike the non-powered plug’s set of steel balls, the vibrating plug features a single large embedded bullet. See the following diagrams for full dimensions and internal features.

Vibrating Snug Plug XL (left) vs. Snug Plug 4 (right)

It should be noted that both the Medium and XL Vibrating Snug Plugs — like all the b-Vibe toys — are crafted from body-friendly silicone, so these are built to last and have no unseemly odors (which typically come from weird chemicals). The silicone makes the plugs easy to clean and splash-proof. Since both sizes have vibrators, the base of each plug has a magnetic charging port. When your plug needs a recharge, it’s easy to hook the cable into any USB port and click the charger directly to the magnetic base. The light pulses while it’s charging and when it turns steady, the toy is fully charged.

Operating the internal bullet is fairly easy, but because the sole control button is embedded in the base of the toy, I recommend playing around with the plug before you insert it, so you can familiarize yourself with the various speeds and patterns and how you switch them up. The operation is pretty straightforward: click the control button once and the vibe comes to life. Like most vibrating toys, the Snug Plug starts off on the lowest steady vibration setting. There are four different levels of power, each one more intense than the last. Like the other b-Vibe powered sex toys that I’ve tried, this plug is packed with a pretty strong vibrator. Even the lower settings are going to buzz nicely. Let’s talk about the shape of the Snug Plugs for a minute.

Each of the Snug Plugs — whether powered or not — sports a torpedo-like shape. The tip is somewhat rounded, then widens quickly, creating a tip that is kind of blunt. The plug quickly reaches its maximum width and stays wide. In the case of the XL Vibrating Snug Plug, this wide shaft continues for about 2 inches before the plug drops into another angled end which mimics the tip. This slope drops into the skinny, flexible neck, which gives the plug about two inches of slack to send the business end of the toy a little deeper up the ass, before the curved anal-safe base comes to rest on either side of your hole. The slim neck allows for your hole to close almost all the way, making the plug very comfortable in this region while you’re wearing it. If you enjoy getting a plug all the way in and keeping it in, this Snug Plug works quite well in that regard, even if you opt not to have the vibrator running.

Vibrating Snug Plug XL from b-Vibe

The bulk of the plug — due to its girth and solidness — creates a nice full sensation and the fact that it has no give, really puts some extra pressure right where you want it (assuming you want it to press into your prostate). The larger, longer plug hits mine better than the non-vibrating Snug Plug 2 that I reviewed previously, but of course you’re dealing with a plug that’s quite a bit thicker and somewhat longer. The extra girth makes it a little more difficult to work inside my hole, and the blunt-style tip means it takes a lot more patience and effort to comfortably insert it, when compared with other b-Vibe plugs (like the Rimming Plug, the Trio Plug, or any of the smaller/slender plugs available in the Anal Training Kit). The bulk of the solid plug also means it’s a hole stretcher, at least in the case of the XL version, but once the toy moves beyond the hole, it certainly feels quite comfortable, given that the solid portion is doing a number a little bit deeper. For both insertion and for long-term wear, be sure to use plenty of lube. That is, tons! The lube shooter that comes inside the b-Vibe Anal Training Kit is perfect for pre-lubing a hole that’s about to take a larger/more solid butt toy, and it’s a great implement to have on hand when you’re ready to pop the toy back out, just to make sure everything is nice and slippery when you’re about to pull pull pull. Again, the girthy part of the toy will probably stretch tighter holes, but the extra lube will really help. Be sure to have a good grasp on the base during removal; the weight of this thing makes it easy to go flying once it pops free and you don’t want to damage anything once it pops loose. ? The anchor-like base comes in handy if you set the toy down on a smooth, flat surface; it keeps it from rolling away and possibly falling.

Let’s go back to when the toy was still inside and talk about that vibrator. Even though it’s just a sole bullet (I’m basing this on the diagram b-Vibe provides), it still puts out a decent amount of stimulation, especially when you compare this one with some of the multi-vibed powerhouses that b-Vibe has put out (like my fave 3-bullet anal beads). The steady vibes — especially on the higher settings — really get a P-spot a’janglin’. The whole torpedo buzzes with sensation and it feels really great. Even the neck and the base quiver nicely. There are six pulse patterns and these feel pretty amazing as well:

  1. a slow steady pulsing
  2. a faster steady pulsing
  3. a circular revving from hard to harder
  4. a longer steady revving from slow to harder and back again (and again)
  5. a hard steady revving that has uneven stronger pulsations
  6. an erratic pattern of fast/slow pulses and steady vibes. Great for those who want a little of everything; just lie back and enjoy it!

As good as the vibes feel with this chunky plug resting in the prostate gland region, the vibrations can turn insertions (and withdrawal for that matter) into an entirely different experience. The rounded tip pressed hard into your spreading hole feels even better when the vibrator is running and having your hole stretched wide and holding the plug in place (it’s a little difficult when there’s lots of lube involved) while the motor pulses away will really make things feel interesting. Damned if I didn’t almost cum before the plug was even inside me.

If this XL version of the Vibrating Snug Plug seems a little too intense for your liking or personal experience level, not to worry. Peepshow Toys is also stocking a smaller version of this toy: The Vibrating Snug Plug Medium. While I didn’t test this smaller version, it has a similar size to the non-vibrating Snug Plug 2 that I did try (and loved!) in 2017. With an insertable length of 4.3 inches (11.1 cm) and a more manageable diameter of 1.2 inches (3 cm), this smaller version might be more to your liking. Of course the smaller Vibrating Snug Plug isn’t quite as heavy as the XL version (112 grams vs. 247 grams), but these are still nice solid plugs, with the same 4 vibration levels and 6 vibration patterns as the XL has. Here’s a side by side comparison of the Medium Vibrating Plug and the (non-vibrating) Snug Plug 2:

Vibrating Snug Plug Medium (left) vs. Snug Plug 2 (right)

I’d definitely recommend the vibrating variation of the Snug Plug to anyone who loves the feeling of fullness from a nice solid plug and wants to add some power to the experience. The flexible neck allows for added comfort and this makes extended wear way more easy to handle. I’m not sure the Vibrating Snug Plug XL will replace the Petite Rimming Plug or the Cinco Anal Beads as my favorite b-Vibe vibrating toy, but I’m certainly glad I went with the XL version of this toy for those times when I want my hole stretched, my hole filled, and my hole and prostate pleasured with vibration. The link below has Vibrating Snug Plugs in either size, so you can go with the one that feels best for you. Following that, I’ll also include links to the non-vibrating versions of each plug and my review for the smaller of the two. Ready to pick one up? Find them at Peepshow Toys:

If you like the shape of this butt plug and like the idea of something extra solid and weighty in your hole, but aren’t that interested in one that vibrates, read my review of the original Snug Plug, which is also available from Peepshow Toys in several different sizes. Check out some of the other fun b-Vibe stuff I’ve reviewed for Peepshow Toys:

No matter which size you choose, be sure to use plenty of your favorite water-based lube for easier insertion, removal, and long-tern wear. Peepshow Toys stocks quite a few body-friendly water-based lubes. Check out some of their other fun products, like cock ringsmasturbators, and other anal toys. Like bigger anal toys? Be sure to check back for forthcoming reviews on a couple other big toys I’m reviewing for Peepshow Toys. Don’t forget to use this special coupon code to save 10% off your order. Just enter allmalesextoys when checking out.


Product images from b-Vibe


FTC Notice: This product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.



¹except for the smallest one. The Snug Plug 1 only has one steel ball inside.


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