Backdoor Banger Thrusting Butt Plug from Evolved

I’m looking at another interesting sex toy for Peepshow Toys: the Backdoor Banger from Evolved. It’s a rechargeable butt plug with thrusting action. At first glance, it’s pretty small (as butt plugs go), so let’s take a closer look and see how it works.

The Backdoor Banger isn’t the first toy I’ve tried from this company. In fact, I reviewed their plastic battery-powered prostate massager—the Get a Grip—for this site back in 2015. Due to the way that toy pressed against my prostate, it was an early favorite, and the only reason I don’t use it much any more is because the cap on the base that holds the batteries in place kept popping lose, thereby shutting down the toy’s powerful motor.

The Backdoor Banger

Fast forward six years and I’m ready to try this newer toy from Evolved. They’ve certainly, uh, evolved a bit themselves, as the Backdoor Banger is a silicone-coated toy, and the mechanical inner workings are powered by rechargeable means. And though the plug has a nice solid feel to it, the silicone gives it a softer texture, and a somewhat bendable neck offers more flexibility than the Get a Grip massager had.

Charging the plug is easy. One end of the included cable pops into any USB-type slot and the other is a metal pin that snugly fits into a hole in the base of the toy. There’s a compatible remote control that operates the powered feature of the Backdoor Banger, and that requires a small A23 battery (one is included).

Lets look at the plug itself. Like any powered sex toy, you don’t actually have to turn it on to get some good pleasure out of it. The Backdoor Banger runs about 5⅓ inches from base to tip, so it’s fairly small compared to many anal toys. The insertable length is about 4 inches. The more slender neck slowly widens into the anal-safe base.

The plug has three ripples in the top part, giving it the shape of a (melting) snowman. The tip’s about an inch wide and an inch deep, before spreading out into the second bulge, which has a thickness of 1.33 inches. This second bulge narrows slightly then spreads out into the third and widest portion which measures 1.59″.

Once your hole spreads enough to accommodate this bulge, it’ll drop down into the more-slender neck, which is a little less than an inch thick. As I mentioned before, this portion of the toy is more bendable. The rippled upper aspect is a more solid silicone and has a much firmer feel to it. Be sure to slather your new toy with plenty of water-based lube, especially if you’re a newcomer to anal toys, or you haven’t used any in awhile. I found the third ripple to be a little bit of a hole stretcher, so don’t hesitate to add more lube and take some extra time if you’re trying to push it all the way in. Even without the thrusting feature turned on, working in the thicker midsection could cause some discomfort if you try to hurry things along.

As a manual plug, the Backdoor Banger was perfectly pleasant. It wasn’t overly huge, but felt comfortable once fully seated. The more solid upper part put some nice pressure on my P-spot just by sitting on the plug (and the small round base isn’t too bad for this), but I really wanted to get the thing turned on so I could see how it felt once it started to thrust.

The range of motion as the Backdoor Banger thrusts

Before I inserted the plug up my butt, I played around with it a little bit and could tell there was something rocking around inside the core. It felt like at least one metal ball that could travel up and down the inside of the plug’s neck. It reminded me of some of the high-tech pulsators from Fun Factory, not all of which are anal-safe and/or suitable for all beginners due to size concerns. Plus those cost about twice as much as this Evolved plug.

You can control the thrusting/thumping feature with either the button on the plug’s base, or with the small remote (pictured). You’ll have to have the plug turned on to use the remote. It’s simple to use; with only one button on there, you can turn the plug on once it’s inside your hole and then press the remote button to kickstart the thumping. It starts with a steady pulsing and each click makes it a little more intense. Like many powered sex toys, the “steady” settings are followed by a couple patterns. I found the patterns more fun once I got used to the steady pounding. The shape of this plug worked pretty well for me as a prostate massager (even without the thumping), but the thrusting brought it to a new level. It’s not a long toy, like a dildo would be, so I’d recommend this one more for targeted stimulation of the prostate or for those who don’t want or need something extra deep. Need to quit the thrusting when things get too intense? Simply press and hold the button on the remote and it’ll shut down. (I like the little double-tap from inside the plug each time it’s silenced.)

The banging motion definitely added some extra stimulation to an already-fine prostate massage, and the stop-and-start of the first pattern really felt great. This setting delivers seven rapid pounds, then grows quiet for a protracted moment before launching back into the pounding. For me, this pause made me aware of a delicious tickle near my prostate, which I could enjoy every time the hammering stopped. The selections wrap up with an erratically-paced setting that feels great too, but I kept coming back to the stop/start one, because it felt so good.

The toy is coated entirely in body-safe silicone, and it’s totally waterproof. So go ahead and try it out in the bath or shower, and don’t worry about getting it wet when you’re cleaning it up after using it. And kudos to the flat base. After scrubbing it clean, it dried a lot faster since I could stand it up without it tipping over. During use, don’t hesitate to press on the base to see if you can get some even deeper prostate sensations!

I definitely recommend the Backdoor Banger to anyone looking for a unique plug that offers powered stimulation without using standard vibrations. This plug is pretty perfect for those who want a smaller version of more expensive pulsators. I kind of hope Evolved will use this technology in some other designs suitable for anal pleasure. I’d love to see something with a totally smooth (i.e. non rippled) shaft that has a slight curve for targeted prostate pressure. Still, as a stand alone product, the Backdoor Banger is pretty great at what it does.

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IMPORTANT NOTE — [from the warning on the side of the package] WARNING: Contains strong magnets. Strong magnets and magnetic fields can cause serious injury or death by interfering with medical devices like pacemakers, or can damage electronic devices and magnetic media.


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