Boy Butter Oil-Based Lube

Boy Butter is one of those lubricants that has been on my “To Try” list for years. The oil-based lube, which is cleverly packaged in a little plastic butter-like container (complete with snap-on lid) was first introduced in 2003, and it only took me thirteen years to try it.

I’m already a big fan of oil-based lubes for masturbation, like Stroke 29Swiss Navy Masturbation Cream, and (long-time favorite) Elbow Grease Cream. Any time I considered ordering a Boy Butter to try, it seemed like I had a few other oil-based lubes handy, so I guess I figured I’d wait until I was totally out before I had one sent to me. It’s a good thing I didn’t wait, because I’ll probably never be totally out of masturbation lube, and if I hadn’t tried Boy Butter, I might have waited another thirteen years to learn just how good this stuff is.

I placed an order earlier this year for a variety of sex toy/lube odds and ends and – to ensure I qualified for a free shipping offer – I needed another small item or two to add to my purchase. I noticed the small 4 ounce container of Boy Butter and thought “Now’s my chance!” I’m so glad I had one sent to me. I’ve actually been using the stuff since this past summer, and this little tub of Boy Butter hasn’t left my desk since I received it. It’s that good.

As an oil-based lube, Boy Butter original formula is pretty much better used for masturbation. It’s not compatible with latex condoms, but I guess you can use it for condom-free sex if that’s your thing. I think there are better lubricants out there for that, but Boy Butter does give you a nice thick greasy coated cock and it lasts a long time, so if that’s what you’re looking for, give it a shot. The Boy Butter website claims the lube is usable with any “non-latex” toys, but I would certainly do a spot check with it before slathering up my favorite high-end dildos, plugs and masturbators. You don’t want to find out the hard way that there’s a compatibility issue.

For me, my favorite way to use Boy Butter is just streaking the fingertips of my “masturbation hand” and slowly applying just a touch of the lube to my frenulum, cock head, and the shaft of my dick. The stuff comes out of the tub thick and won’t run at all as you put some on your fingers. It does break down nicely as you start to massage it into the skin of your cock, but I’ve never had any troubles with Boy Butter making a big mess. Be sure to keep some tissues handy to wipe your fingers off if you’re going to be touching anything besides your dick. Boy Butter will generally stay where you put it, but – since it’s made with oils – you don’t mistakenly want to handle anything that could get stained. After you’re finished, Boy Butter cleans up easily with just water and won’t leave a messy residue on your hands or dick.

If you’re curious about the ingredients, Boy Butter consists of a coconut and vegetable oil blend that’s been mixed with some silicone. This gives you a nice sensual silkiness that good oil-based lubes provide and the added silicone means it should last as long as you need it to. It’s really the perfect lubrication for long, slow, sensual handjobs. Once I apply the perfect amount, I rarely have to add more, which is a common problem if you’re using water-based lubricants. With Boy Butter, you can grease up and enjoy a good long session. It’s perfect for edging, if that’s something you love to do. And since it doesn’t run all over, you can easily remove your hand/fingers to take a little breather and return your fingers for some more stroking after a prolonged rest and still not have to apply more of the Boy Butter.

Not only is the butter-like container a clever packaging idea, but the wide-mouthed opening makes it so easy to glide your fingers into the tub and coat your hand. No lifting/squeezing or trying to figure out how much of the lube you need to push out. This means less waste for the long run and lube that will need to be replenished less often. Even with using a small amount a few times a week for several months, I don’t think I’ve used more than one-third of my 4 ounce container. But if you’re a guy who likes lots of lube or wants to try it with multiple partners (this stuff would be great for a jack off party!) or large toys, Boy Butter original formula is also available in 8 and 16 ounce tubs as well. Do you prefer lube you can squeeze out? Try the 9-ounce squeeze bottle, shaped just like the squeeze butter you buy out of the dairy case. There’s a smaller 2-ounce pump bottle that’s great for trying Boy Butter or for travel (it even comes with a cap) or a bigger 5-ounce version. A 6-ounce “lube tube” is nice for those who like a soft squeeze container they can store on its cap.

I haven’t tried the other Boy Butter formulas, but you can also get a water-based version that’s better for condom sex and for use with all sex toys, and a desensitizing (oil-based) formula for guys who enjoy that numbing sensation or need that feature to help with premature ejaculation and/or longer-lasting performance. You can even find a warming and cooling version of Boy Butter, if that’s your thing.

Honestly, Boy Butter oil-based formula has become one of my all-time favorite masturbation lubes. It goes on thick, stays silky and slippery for as long as I need it, and I don’t need a ton of it to make my cock feel great. The wide-mouthed tub is perfect for coating a number of fingertips at once, and the snap-on lid makes storing your lube until its next use easy. If you’re an oil-based lube jacker, you need to give Boy Butter Original Formula a try. Go ahead…butter it up!

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