Fleshlight Quickshot Review

The Quickshot masturbator from Fleshlight is a toy that was released in late 2015, but I’m just now getting around to trying it. Unlike most of the Fleshlight masturbation toys, the Quickshot features an entirely different design, so I figured it would be a good one to have a look at.

There are some similarities to other Fleshlight toys going on here. There’s an orifice you can penetrate, the tunnel inside is textured, and the material is the same stuff that their popular IceJack is made of. It’s squishy and see-through, which I’ve always thought was a fun bonus for guys who like to see their cock inside of a masturbation toy while they’re using it. The main difference in the Quickshot masturbator is the length, or lack thereof. At 4.4 inches (3.5 inches for the tunnel itself), most men are going to slide into one end, and pop out the other. And this is entirely the point.

If you’ve ever used a regular Fleshlight model, you know that your dick is likely to stay entirely inside the textured channel. When it’s time to ejaculate, the load is going to flood the insides of your toy. While that can be a pleasurable sensation, it’s also a pain in the ass to clean up when you’re done. Even if you don’t cum inside your Fleshlight, you’re still going to want to wash it out after use and those long tight textured tunnels take forever to dry completely.

With the Quickshot, you can poke your penis out of the second hole and ejaculate outside of the toy. Even if you manage to nut with your dick inside it, or your cum seeps back down inside the short tunnel, clean up is a lot easier when you’re finished. When I was done, I simply rinsed out the chute with some hot water (no soap!), wiped off each of the orifices, and positioned the toy on one of the hard plastic caps to dry out. It didn’t take long at all. Speaking of the caps, let’s take a minute to study the Quickshot’s unique design.

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage – case and sleeve, and uncapped from the side

There are four parts to your new Quickshot: a hard clear plastic ring and two screw-on caps made of the same material. Inside the ring sits a clear molded sleeve, the actual “fuckable” part of the toy. The sleeve is removable for cleaning, but unless you make a big mess, you can probably get by with leaving it situated inside the ring. When not in use (and when it’s totally dry), you can screw on each of the end caps to protect the softer sleeve. This will keep dirt and lint off the toy while it’s not in use. This thing is small and it’s a great size to place in a bedside drawer, suitcase, or in a toy bag that goes with you when you visit a buddy. When you’re ready to go again, simply unscrew each of the caps, add some lube to the inner tunnel and orifice(s), and slide your cock in.

When purchasing my Quickshot, I selected the Vantage model, which features the transparent hard case and sleeve. There is another model – the Boost – which has a different internal texture, but comes outfitted with a solid black case. The textures of each model are somewhat different: the Vantage model features bumps and ridges and angled nubs (see the diagram below), while the Boost version has a more ridged texture, almost like a tire tread. The sleeves are both made of the soft and squishy “SuperSkin” material that’s found in the larger Fleshlight Ice masturbators. This is a softer and squishier material than the flesh-colored sleeves from most of the other toys in their line. Both models feature round non-anatomical orifices. If you’re looking for a masturbator that doesn’t have an opening like a pussy, a mouth, or a butthole, you’ll be pleased by this. Because of the smaller size, the Quickshot toys cost less than most of the other Fleshlight products, so if you’re looking to save some money or find a more affordably priced Fleshlight, the Quickshot would be a less expensive way to try out a Fleshlight sex toy.

Internal texture of the Quickshot Vantage

So how did it work? Having never tried any of the “Ice” products from Fleshlight, I wasn’t sure what to expect with the softer material the Quickshot sleeves are made of. I can say even though it has a shorter length, I didn’t have any problems with it. Penetration was very easy. I popped in one end, slid through the short channel and popped out the other. What a nice sensation! I think had the sleeve been made out of the more traditional flesh-tone material, it might have made the texture and orifices feel more defined, but I think it also would have made penetration a little more challenging. The texture in the Vantage stroker was nice, but not overly tactile. Because of its short length, you can spin and twist the masturbator and feel the outer part of the sleeve tease the underside of your cock head. When you need a little more sensation near the top of your cock, just pull up on the Quickshot and slide that part of your dick back inside. For a shorter stroker, the Quickshot was pretty versatile. And although I haven’t tried it yet, Fleshlight recommends using this toy with a partner. I can see where it would work great with oral sex. With the top portion of your cock sticking out for oral stimulation, you could easily work the Quickshot up and down for extra stimulation, especially if the guy using it needs a little more sensation while getting head. With the double openings, two men can have some fun together with this thing, sliding it back and forth on both cocks for a new twist on mutual masturbation. Bonus points for guys who can nut at the same time while their dicks are both inside this thing. While the tunnel is too tight to make a true double penetration possible in a “side by side” sense, I’m sure it would feel great to go head-to-head with a buddy while using this toy.

Whatever fun you manage to have with Fleshlight’s Quickshot, cleanup will be easy. Just remember to use water only, with the occasional disinfecting with isopropyl alcohol. Soaps should be avoided because they could cause the material in the Fleshlight sleeve to deteriorate more quickly. If the squishy sleeve starts to feel sticky, you can refresh it with a little cornstarch. If you’re unsure what to use on your new toy, Fleshlight stocks two products to help with cleaning and freshening: Fleshwash and Fleshlight Renewing Powder. You can find those under Lube and Care in their web store. Speaking of lube, it’s recommended to only use water-based lubes with Fleshlight products to help keep your toy from reacting with other types of lube.

Would I recommend the Fleshlight Quickshot? Absolutely. While it’s not a replacement for Fleshlight’s longer, deeper masturbators, if you’re looking for a discreet product that’s great for storage/travel, easy to clean and dry, and can be used alone or with a friend for a fun time, you should definitely give the Quickshot a, uh, shot. I’ve heard rumors that a Brent Corrigan Quickshot is coming in the future, so here’s hoping that one will feature the stiffer material, a stronger texture, and perhaps a lifelike orifice(s) – a mouth on one end and Brent’s butthole on other other might be nice. Stay tuned! In the meanwhile, find the other two Quickshots here:


Product images from Fleshjack

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