Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo Couple’s Massager

I think I’ve tried every version of the Pulse Massager from Hot Octopuss and here we have a case of a great sex toy only getting better with each upgrade. Today I’m looking at the Pulse III Duo for Peepshow Toys. The Pulse is a vibrating and oscillating masturbator designed for intense penis stimulation. There are actually two versions of the Pulse III — a Solo and a Duo — the latter having an extra motor (and a remote) to offer stimulation to a partner at the same time the solo vibrations are pleasing the penis inside the toy.

Pulse III Solo (left) and Pulse III Duo (right, in blue, with remote)

Whether you pick up the Solo or Duo Pulse III, you’re going to enjoy a comfortably curved handheld toy that is entirely encased in body-friendly silicone. Like the previous versions of the Pulse, the intense stimulation is delivered through a raised round “PulsePlate” that should come to rest on or near the frenulum, that “sweet spot” just under the head of the cock. The toy itself is vaguely egg-shaped and has firm but somewhat bendable silicone flaps that curve up and inward, creating a loose pocket for the penis. From tip to base, the massager runs about 4.5 inches and is open ended, so no matter how big or small your penis, you can achieve enjoyment from this masturbator. The Pulse’s vibrations are strong enough — even on its lowest setting — to turn the entire toy into a quivering cock pleaser. The bulk of the stimulation comes directly through the PulsePlate, which jumps and rumbles the entire time the toy is powered on, delivering intense stimulation to the sensitive upper part of your cock. If you enjoy frenulum stimulation, you really need to try one of the massagers from Hot Octopuss. They are definitely intense, and so easy to use. You don’t even need an erection to enjoy the Pulse. In fact, the technology behind the motor on this thing was originally derived from a larger device designed to produce semen from men who were unable to obtain or maintain an erection. Want to know more about the inner workings of your new Pulse? Take a look at the following video, where Hot Octopuss co-founder Adam Lewis discusses the technology that goes into building the Pulse massagers and showing both the Pulse III Solo and Pulse III Duo close up:

Before your can use the Pulse III, you’ll need to charge it up. This time around, it’s so easy. Simply plug the charging cord into a compatible USB port and click the other end of the cable to the base of the Pulse. It connects magnetically, so just touch the two parts together and wait for the red light to come on. Make sure the toy is charging on a surface that won’t allow it to roll to either side, as the connection can be broken and it won’t charge correctly. A full charge may take up to 4 hours to obtain and the toy should run for up to an hour on one charge. Once the light turns green, the battery is full and the Pulse III is ready to use.

The controls on this toy are fairly straightforward, but they might take a little experimenting to get the hang of how everything works. I always recommend learning the buttons and what they do before sliding your cock into one of these, because it’s easy to lose control when the powerful motor is humming against your sweet spot. Of course, the open design of the Pulse makes it easy to pull the toy away from your penis if things get too heated and you aren’t quite ready for a release. Anyhow… the solo use features on the Pulse III Solo and Duo work the same way and have the same controls. The single button on the left side of the toy turns the Pulse III on and off and also allows the user to cycle through the 6 different vibration settings (the first one is steady and the other 5 are pulse patterns). To change the intensity of the vibrations, you’ll use the two buttons on the right side of the Pulse III. Not only can you move the intensity up or down, but the Pulse III sports a “Turbo Function” which is accessed by pressing and holding the uppermost of the two right buttons for 3 seconds. This causes the already-powerful motor to rev even higher, for those times when you desire an extra boost of stimulation. In theory this is a nice feature, jumping from a low setting to a pounding one, but it would be nicer if — when releasing the “turbo” button — the toy would return to the original setting. If the intensity becomes too much too fast, the only way to quickly reduce it (that I can find) is to pull the penis away from the toy. So activate the turbo setting with caution, especially if you’re prone to easy over-excitement and premature cumming from a blast of  heightened vibration. On the other hand, this might be just what you want when you’re ready to let everything go and savor a rocket-driven orgasm.

As a solo toy, you can use the Pulse in more than one way. Like I mentioned, you can be erect or flaccid, and you can either allow the PulsePlate to stimulate your frenulum to orgasm, or enjoy a more overall stimulation. The vibes on the Pulse are strong enough (especially on higher settings) to stimulate the root of your cock and even tease your balls. The flexible silicone wings that wrap around the top of your shaft deliver some sweet teasing as well. Play around with different positions and angles, because even slight variations can have different effects. Since the toy’s external parts are 100% silicone, you can easily add your favorite water-based lube and slowly (or more swiftly) move the Pulse III up and down on your shaft as the vibrations tease your cock. The Pulse III is also waterproof, which not only makes clean up more of a snap, but allows you to take your new toy into the shower, bath or other wet place. Just remember to use caution if you’re playing in the tub or around other slippery-when-wet surfaces. It’s easy to lose control with this thing and you don’t want to slip and fall while in the throes of orgasmic pleasure. This probably goes without saying, but never charge the Pulse near water or a wet surface.

The curved silicone “wings” which wrap around the shaft of the penis not only deliver some nice auxiliary vibrations, but even offer some extra support for those times when you want to go “hands free” with your Pulse III. Using it with a hand cradling the base of the toy is comfortable due to the device’s ergonomic curves. There are even a few raised ribs behind the jumping PulsePlate to offer a little additional stimulation when rubbed and these feel nice (at least for me) when the toy is lubed and I’m gently stroking with it while the motor works. The vibrator is — in a word — intense. There have been a lot of similarly-designed masturbation toys since Hot Octopuss released the first Pulse back in 2013, but none of them seem to have the intensity and power that the Pulse toys have. Between the vibrator itself and the ability to crank up the intensity with the controls, this thing will really blow you away. Not only can you increase the stimulation with the Turbo function, but the PulsePlate itself is now sensitive to pressure, so the vibrations will grow stronger if you apply more force with your cock to this spot. Amazing, really. My own personal favorite settings are the pulse patterns. This Pulse III has 5 different ones (see photo insert on the left) and the “on and off” pulsing really gives the frenulum an incredible teasing. I personally prefer the lower vibrations when using the pulsations, but if you like things harder and stronger, you can certainly turn up the intensity; the patterns can also use any of the 9 available vibration levels, so there is plenty of versatility while enjoying your stroke session. As a sex toy for edging, the Pulse massager (in all its variations) has always been a favorite.

Pulse III Duo: two powerful vibrators and a remote control to work the partner vibe

All of these “solo” features are available in both the Pulse III Solo and the Pulse III Duo, but if you’re interested using a Pulse massager as a couples toy, the Duo is definitely the one you want to invest in. Not only will the Duo deliver the aforementioned pleasure to the penis harnessed between the wings, but the base of the toy becomes a second vibrator for your partner. It’s also the only Pulse masturbator that’s available in electric blue (the other ones are all made with black silicone), which is really a nice change. It looks great in blue!

The various ways to enjoy Pulse III (note: only the Duo model has the 2nd partner play vibe & remote)

To access this feature, you simply use the included remote control. The same supple curves that make the Pulse III easy to hold during solo use give your partner a firm, curved surface to press and grind against during foreplay. While the primary motor delivers some pretty decent tingles to the base of the toy, once you partner is in position (see a couple examples in the diagrams posted above), use the remote to activate the second vibrator, which turns the curved base of the Pulse into its own stimulating surface. While not as intense as the primary motor, the secondary one still gives off some decent stimulation. Click the soft button in the center of the round remote to cycle through the four different intensity levels. Pressing and holding the button will turn the second vibrator off, but the primary vibe will still continue to run and shoot some tingles throughout the toy. Unfortunately, the remote included with the Pulse III Duo doesn’t have any affect on the solo vibrator, which is probably the Pulse III’s only downside. The controls on the toy — with their press-and-hold operations — can be sometimes tricky, especially if you’re trying to cycle the toy down to a less intense setting (or totally off) to prevent a premature climax without having to remove your penis from the toy. Like I said earlier, playing around with the controls while your penis is not inside the thing is a good way to help better familiarize yourself with how to switch things up in a hurry, but — damn! — there’s something about being deliciously on the edge of orgasm that makes all practical knowledge of sex toy controls fly right out the window.

There may be some good news for Pulse lovers who have always wanted a solo version with a remote: there’s a solo version with a remote! It’s called the Pulse Solo Lux and I’ll be testing and reviewing that version very soon, so check back for my thoughts on that one. In the meantime, I’m heartily recommending the Pulse III in either incarnation. The Pulse III Solo is the best one I’ve tried yet, with robust cock-throbbing vibrations and delightful patterns that really feel great on my sweet spot. If you’ve always wanted to share your Pulse massager experience with a partner, now you can with the Pulse III Duo. This version has all of the wonderful qualities of the Solo version of Pulse III, with the added thrill of that second vibrator your partner can enjoy. Bottom line? The truth is, the Pulse has always been a luxurious product that’s top of the line when it comes to vibrating masturbators; it’s only gotten better with time.

My own animation of the Pulse III pulsing…

Ready to slide into a Pulse III massager of your own? Peepshow Toys is stocking both versions. Use the following links to order yours:

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Product photos from Peepshow Toys
Product diagrams from Hot Octopuss


FTC Notice: The Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.

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