How to Massage the Frenulum with Toys

If it feels good when you rub your dick’s frenulum, take a look at these toys that will stimulate that sweet spot until you cum.

Add a question mark to How to Massage the Frenulum (i.e. “how do I massage the frenulum?”) and you’ll get one of my blog’s most popular queries. I already responded to this search with a post called Masturbation Technique: Tickling the Frenulum, which gives an in-depth tutorial on how a guy can get himself off by rubbing the sweet spot under the head of his cock.

This time around, I’m posting a Sex Toy Guide for guys specifically looking for toys they can use to stimulate the frenulum. Originally posted back in 2014, I’m giving this guide an overhaul for 2020, with all new/updated sex toy picks for teasing that tender area. I’ve selected products from Peepshow Toys, not only because they have all body-safe products, but because they have some good deals and offer free shipping if you spend a certain amount. Ready to play? Get naked, grab your cock, and head straight for the sweet spot:

  • The Pulse from Hot Octopuss — without a doubt, this is my current favorite frenulum stimulation toy. It wraps perfectly around my dick and even feels great on my flaccid penis (doesn’t stay that way for long!)…the secret is in the oscillating “PulsePlate,” a raised pad that’s positioned to buzz your sweet spot directly. Every orgasm I’ve had with the Pulse has felt so good and the nice thing about this toy is that you can wrap it around your dick even if you’re not erect. Soft or hard, the Pulse never fails to make me feel great. Now it’s your turn! What’s new in 2020? The newest version of the Pulse! Get it from Peepshow Toys.

  • Sensuelle Point Bullet Vibrator:  Back in 2014, I was recommending the rechargeable bullet vibrator We-Vibe Salsa, because its pointy tip and incredible vibes made it a delicious toy for targeted frenulum stimulation. Sadly, not long after I’d touted it, We-Vibe discontinued it. You might want to take a look at the We-Vibe Tango, which is a similar pocket vibe, this one with a flattened/angled tip. Is a pointy tip what you want? Take a look at the Sensuelle Point Bullet Vibe (pictured above). This one is powerful with loads of settings, and it’s coated in silicone. Get it from Peepshow Toys.

  • Blush Revitalize Massage Kit: Rocket-style massagers with interchangeable tips have been popular for frenulum massage for a long time. This time around I’m featuring a nifty newer Blush toy that’s similar to an all-plastic model, but with three included silicone toppers. Use it with or without the tips, for just the stimulation you need. This affordable choice is a great sex toy for beginners who want to try frenulum massage without spending a fortune. Get it from Peepshow Toys.

  • Man Wand Massager: Originally, I had a vibrating cock ring in this spot, and though guys have been strapping cock rings and bullets to the heads of their cocks forever, I decided to knock out the ring entry in favor of one of my most-loved sex toys: the Man Wand massager. While this compact wand-style vibrator isn’t just designed for sweet spot stimulation, the fluttering silicone flaps of its attached cock cradle feel sooooo wonderful for some targeted frenulum stimulation, plus rubbing the massage head directly against your sweet spot can get pretty intense. Prefer something that can wrap around the top of your cock? Check out the final entry in this guide below. Want the Man Wand? Get it from Peepshow Toys.

  • Jett Penis Vibrator  — While vibrating cock rings have been enjoyed forever when it comes to frenulum stimulation, I’ve decided to end this list with something even better. Instead of a cock ring coupled with a vibrating bullet, this next toy takes the idea even further. Vibrating bullets have come a long way since I first posted this guide in 2014. Now you can pick up a kit that includes two vibrating bullets and a silicone ring that can be wrapped around the top of your dick so the pair of quivering eggs can rest against your frenulum. Strap up, turn on, and buzzzzz your way to frenulum pleasure! Get it at Peepshow Toys.

Interested in the dildo shown in the featured photo at the top of this post? That’s porn star Nick Capra’s cock, immortalized in silicone. Get it at Peepshow Toys (in 3 sizes).



Product images from: Blush Novelties (Revitalize Massage Kit)
All others from Peepshow Toys 

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