Je Joue Nuo Vibrating Prostate Massager

Today I am looking at a vibrating silicone prostate massager/butt plug from Je Joue. The Nuo Vibrating Prostate Plug is rechargeable with a magnetic USB charging system and can be controlled both by buttons on the base of the toy as well as through a phone app. Peepshow Toys sent this to me for a review, so let’s take a look.

In spite of the French name (Je Joue translation: I Play), this prostate massager comes from a London-based company. I’ve always been curious about Je Joue sex toys, so now’s my chance to check one out. The plug comes packaged in a small, stylish box, with the curved toy cradled in a molded plastic tray with the booklets and charging cord tucked underneath. The box is super-small and tidy and would be perfect for storing your toy when not in use.

The Nuo plug certainly looks interesting when you first lay eyes on it. The shaft of the plug starts out fairly thick, with a rounded chunky tip, almost like an exclamation point. The 4-inch (insertable length) shaft narrows as it straightens, giving the neck a more slender girth. It’s attached to a rocker-like base designed to wedge neatly between the user’s ass cheeks and (hopefully) sit comfortably during use.

The Je Joue Nuo Plug

While the plug is entirely coated in a silky black silicone, the firmness varies depending on where you squeeze. The top of the plug is good and solid. The toy’s vibe is housed here, so it’s understandable that this part of the toy would have little give. The curved base is also totally solid, which will make it easier to anchor itself once it’s fully inserted.

The neck, however, is soft. Really soft. This part of the toy feels almost hollow, like a days-old party balloon that’s lost much of its air. It’s kind of odd. It’s billed as “flexible” (which is it) but it’s a bit overly so, which might make it more difficult for some to ease the entire plug inside a tight hole.

As it is, the bulbous knob (1.25″ width) will be difficult for some new and/or tight-holed users. My own ass tends to tighten up between toy testing, so I used plenty of water-based lube on the whole shaft, adding extra to the tip. Wicked Aqua Jelle is nice and thick and works great with silicone toys, allowing you to put extra on without having it drip all over before you start pushing it in.

After adding a generous coating to my hole, I gently started to push the Nuo up my butt, employing a moderate tapping movement, something that helps with toy penetration, especially toys with thicker/rounder tips. Once you get past the wide tip, the rest should ease right in. As expected, the curved rocker-shaped base fits comfortably in the split of the ass.

With any vibrating toy, I like to use it manually (without power) first, so I can get used to shape, size and texture before I start to rev things up. The Nuo is just long enough (for me) to put some decent pressure right on my prostate, and the thicker-than-usual tip of this toy somewhat broadens the area where the pressure is felt. The vibe under the silicone gives the top end of this plug a great solid density. Each time I’d bear down on it, I’d feel some really intense throbbing right around my P-spot. I still wish the portion of the plug where the neck connects with the base was solid as well, but it really didn’t detract from the experience. With the flimsy neck, however, it does make it a little harder to maneuver the plug by hand, if you’re trying to aim the tip at a very specific spot. It seems like the swollen head makes up for this.

I’m happy to report that the vibe(s) in this thing work great. Je Joue has packed a fairly small toy with a decent powerhouse. The onboard controls—which are mere raised blips on the base of the Nuo—are fairly straightforward once you play around with them before your first insertion: press and hold the + button to turn it on.

The motor starts pretty low and most of the vibes on this lower setting are focused in the rocker base of the toy (pictured left). I like it when a vibrating sex toy doesn’t start out at a 10 out of 10, which can be jarring when using anal toys. The + button also increases the power with each successive click. The – button will bring the intensity down when desired, and long-holding this control will shut the vibe off entirely.

Want to experiment with Nuo’s varied patterns? The button nestled between the other two controls will switch up the assortment of vibe patterns. This is where the app really comes in handy. Not only can you see the controls (on your phone screen), but everything is easier to switch up using the app interface.

Which isn’t to say that I am a big fan of the app. I have tried a couple other app-controlled vibrating sex toys before and Je Joue’s app is pretty simplistic. I mean, I guess many users don’t want an overly complicated control panel, but it would also be nice to see some more options. I did like how the Nuo very easily connected to the app via Bluetooth. I’ve had difficulties with connecting other Bluetooth devices (not just sex toys), so when the thing connected instantly, that was a big plus.

Once connected, the user will have the option to play around with one of the seven random vibe patterns, or create a custom “session” which will layer assorted patterns and intensities for pre-set amounts of time. You can fine tune your play sessions by tweaking power levels and run times, allowing the toy to put itself through a predetermined workout that you set up ahead of time and save on the app.

I misunderstood the packaging/promotional materials and thought the app could be used by others (with the toy user’s permission) to control the Nuo remotely. Not so. While some app-driven sex toys allow this feature, the Je Joue app does not. Given the number of comments I saw about this in other reviews I perused, I thought I should mention it here in case anyone was interested in using their Nuo for long-distance/remote toy play. You do however have the option to share your own custom sessions (via email) so other Je Joue users can try out your handiwork on their own toy, but it’s not at all the same thing.

Of course a partner and playmate in range of the toy can control it via Bluetooth with the app, allowing the one using the plug to turn over the controls in real time scenarios where some hands-free excitement would be desired.

While Je Joue’s app has a stylish appearance to it, I wish there was more to it. Even the in-app tutorial is pretty lacking. It gives a basic overview of how to use your phone’s touchscreen to switch up the controls, but that’s pretty much it. I found the company’s Youtube video about the Nuo to be much more helpful, and that actually shows the app in use.

Three screens from the Je Joue app interface

While the app controls are easier to use than the base-mounted buttons, I kind of wish everything ran a little smoother. For instance, intensity levels are raised or lowered using vertically displayed numbers (0-5), but there’s a learning curve to actually making this work. If you want to stop the vibes if things get too intense, the Pause function is a two-part process, and it’s easy to get overstimulated while you’re trying to fumble with touchscreen controls. A dedicated Pause button on any screen would be a nice feature.

Though the pre-planned sessions are fun once you get them set up, it can be kind of a chore to add everything and get the varied vibe patterns, intensity levels and running times for each element set up just the way you want. Luckily, you can go in and tweak your saved sessions using the Edit function, if you need to alter anything that wasn’t set up the way you wanted the first time around.

Overall, the Je Joue Nuo is a decent prostate plug. The internal vibrator gives both low rumbly vibes directly to the prostate area as well as some external stimulation to your hole and perineum. Once you master how to crank things up, you can deliver some pretty intense pleasure to both these regions, and the patterns Je Joue has come up with are not your everyday stims. Sure, you can use steady vibes, but I really loved the back-and-forth between tip and base on some of the more intricate offerings, especially once I worked the plug up into the higher intensity levels.

I thought it was really weird that the toy kept buzzing in my ass, even after I shut the app down, so you might want to practice turning this thing off and on if you’re likely to want to have the motor shut right down once you’ve climaxed and/or are trying to withdraw the toy. Happily, the Nuo is easier to remove than it is to insert.

If the non-remote app isn’t a dealbreaker for you, and you’ve been looking for a smaller sized anal plug that vibrates and gives you quite a variety of patterns and intensities, the Nuo might be a good fit for you. It’s got a nice solid, bulbous tip, yet a comfortable base for long sessions. It cleans up easily too, and stores perfectly in its own little box. The magnetic (USB) charger works well too, and fastens to the base for effortless charging every time you need to recharge the internal battery supply.

You can order the Je Joue Nuo from Peepshow Toys using this link:

Be sure to check out all the other reviews I’ve done for Peepshow Toys; the links are all listed in the left sidebar. I’ll soon be reviewing another prostate plug that does have remote app capabilities, so stay tuned for that one if you really want one that someone can control from near or far.

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Product images from Je Joue/Peepshow Toys


FTC Notice: this product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.

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