LA Pump – Penis Enlargement Cylinder and Deluxe Pump

I was recently contacted by Peepshow Toys and asked if I had any interest in reviewing one of the penis pump kits they stock. Since I’ve never used a pump on my own before, I thought this would be a good opportunity to try one. Once I sent them my measurements, a kit from Peepshow Toys was on its way.

The kit that was sent to me was from LA Pump, which is known for its high quality products for penis pumping enthusiasts. While many of their users are long-time pumpers, the devices are also recommended for beginners who are looking for well-made equipment. The LA Pump kits stocked by Peepshow Toys each contain a deluxe pump, plastic hosing, and a hard clear cylinder. I was sent the deluxe enlargement kit which contains a well-constructed hand pump, an air hose, and a round cylinder.

Before ordering a pump, you first want to determine what size enlargement cylinder you’ll need. Peepshow Toys stocks three popular sizes: 1.75″, 2″, and 2.25″ diameters. Instead of trying to wrap a tape measure around your penis, use a piece of string instead, and wrap it loosely around the thickest part of your penis (while erect). Mark the string where it crosses itself, lay it out flat and measure the distance between the marks. A 5.5″ measurement would use a 1.75″ diameter tube; a 6.25″ measurement would need a 2″ tube, and a 7″ measurement would opt for the 2.25″ tube. All three of the cylinders offered by Peepshow Toys are nine inches in length, which is recommended by LA Pump as a good “starter cylinder.” You want to measure carefully since the pump kits (and the included cylinders) are not returnable if you select an incorrect size.

Upon receiving the kit, I could see everything was very sturdy and well constructed right out of the package. The cylinder was made of hard thick clear plastic, and is billed as being “hand crafted, diamond cut, and flame polished.” If you’re trying serious pumping, you want a good quality durable penis cylinder, and everything about the cylinder from LA Pump seemed very high quality. The same goes for the pump itself. I’m sure you’ve seen cheaper penis pumps with rubber bulbs or cheap plastic hand pumps; the LA Pump hand pump is made with full metal construction covered with soft rubber grips, and includes a pressure gauge (PSI) “for accuracy and safety.” There is also a pressure release valve on the device, so you can quickly and easily release the pressure in the cylinder. The hand pump attaches to the cylinder with a length of clear plastic tubing. To use, you simple make sure the hose is attached to the pump, and that the other end is connected to your cylinder. There’s a quick connect/disconnect valve at the top of the cylinder that makes hooking up your unit easy, plus it can also be used to release the vacuum inside of the tube.

Before using your pump, there are a few suggestions you may wish to follow. Be sure to lubricate your penis well before inserting it into the cylinder. This helps keep your penis well lubricated during pumping and aids in comfort during your session. A water-based lube is recommended, but you can also used a thicker oil-based lube (like Pumpers Lube) if you want something longer lasting. An oil-based lube can work better for guys with more hair around the base of their penis.  LA Pump suggests trimming the hair that might get pulled into the cylinder, but if it’s still a problem as you pump, consider using a thicker oil-based lube. Using lube not only helps with protecting the sensitive tissues of your dick, but it’ll make obtaining the needed seal much easier. You can also take a hot bath or shower before your session to make the tissue in your penis more receptive to vacuum pumping.

Once your penis has been inserted into the cylinder, you should adjust its position before you start to use the pump to create a seal and a vacuum. Simply jiggle the cylinder gently and make sure your dick isn’t bent or positioned at an uncomfortable angle. Remember, at any time, if you need to make an adjustment or need to release the pressure inside the cylinder due to discomfort, pain, etc., just use the pressure release valve – a small metal pin on the underside of the pump – to eliminate the vacuum so you can easily reposition your cock or the cylinder. While you will feel a strong pressure and vacuum sensation while using your pump, it shouldn’t cause any pain or intense discomfort, so use the release valve as needed.

To create the vacuum inside of the tube, you must have a good seal. The LA Pump cylinders are designed with a wide outer lip to eliminate the need for an additional “rubber ring/seal” that are sometimes necessary with lesser pumps. Even so, the first time I used my pump, it took a few tries before I was able to get a decent seal. Remember, use the pressure release valve if you need a more comfortable position. On one of my first attempts, I got a nice seal, but the cylinder was too far down on my cock, so the outer rim was pressing down onto my balls. Not comfortable! I released the seal, repositioned the cylinder and had much better results. You can pull down on your balls while obtaining your initial seal; this helps keep your nuts from being sucked up into the cylinder while you’re pumping.

One important thing to remember when pumping is not to get carried away and try for something that’s too big/too fast. Seasoned pumpers will tell you that good results – whether you’re looking for short-term swelling inside the cylinder, increased thickness/length after you pull your cock out, or long-term size gains – come to those who aren’t trying to rush the process. You might get your dick to balloon up during a hurried session, but you also might do some damage to your cock if you’re not careful. LA Pump recommends keeping the needle on the pressure gauge between 4 and 6 (in.Hg). Each pumper will have a different comfort level and you should definitely work your way up to the higher end of this recommendation if the pressure feels too intense. You can easily do some damage if you try to exert more pressure than recommended. Some bruising or some post-pump swelling (sometimes called “the donut effect,” for the puffy ridge of tissue that encircles the shaft just under the glans) can happen if you pump too hard too quickly, or pump for longer than recommended. LA Pump suggests a 15 minute session up to 4 times a week for beginners looking for the best results.

Once the base of your penis has sealed the bottom of the cylinder, simply use the hand pump to remove more air from inside the tube. As you do, your cock will start to swell. You can usually make minor adjustments by jiggling the cylinder during use, if you’re trying to control which way your cock expands inside the tube. Since the cylinder is thick and smooth, there isn’t much direct sexual pleasure from the tube itself, but men experience different sensations while pumping. Personally, I found my own dick leaking precum like crazy each time I pumped, and the fluid against the head of my dick created a very pleasant sensation during my pump sessions every time it pressed against the cylinder’s sidewall. Again, keep close watch on the pump’s pressure gauge to ensure you’re not overdoing it. It’s not about trying to pack the entire cylinder with swollen cock or obtain huge size gains in a short period of time. Though I am quite happy with my “natural” erect size, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised to see my cock swollen inside the cylinder while I was pumping. Without even being the slightest bit erect when I inserted myself, I pulled my dick out of the tube after my pump sessions to find it red, swollen, and completely hard. While you won’t have the same engorged/enlarged state once you release the vacuum, your penis should be noticeably more swollen (even when flaccid) after you’re finished. Since I’ve only been using my pump for about a week, I can’t comment yet on what any long-term effects might be, but I’ll be sure to update my progress in a future post.

When you finish your pumping session, you can release the vacuum and pull your penis out. LA Pump suggests a nice massage of the just-pumped penis after pumping. Since your cock is already lubed and swollen, why not enjoy a slow masturbation session? Each time I used my pump I was leaking so much precum that I had to have a release when I was finished.

Cleaning the cylinder is very easy when you’re finished. Use the quick release valve to detach the plastic hose, then twist the valve carefully in a counterclockwise direction to remove it entirely. Wash your cylinder with hot or warm water and some basic dish soap. I used a long bottle brush on mine to make cleaning it out a lot easier. Let it air dry well before replacing the valve and storing it.

I have to say my experience with the LA Pump kit has been very positive. It’s clear both the pump and the cylinder is well made. I’ve always wanted to try penis pumping, but have usually been put off by the bad reviews on pumping equipment. Either the cylinders aren’t built to withstand the pressures of a vacuum or the pump itself isn’t capable of getting the job done. With the LA Pump kit, I feel like the quality of the components is worth the price, and would definitely recommend it to guys who are looking for a decent pump kit that’s going to work well right out of the package and hold up over time.

Thanks to Peepshow Toys for letting me try the LA Pump kit. You can order your own pump kit from them  using this link:

*be sure to measure your penis beforehand to ensure you select the proper cylinder size when ordering

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Deluxe Pump & Cylinder image from LA Pump


FTC Disclaimer: This product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.

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