M-Elite Gript Platinum Silicone Stroker

I was so excited to test out one of two platinum silicone masturbator sleeves from Blush Novelties. These days it seems that most insertable (anal) toys are typically made from body-safe silicone, but it’s more of a rarity that manufacturers are designing strokers made out of this material. Blush Novelties released two different premium textured strokers: the Gript and the Hekx. I selected the Gript model to review for Peepshow Toys.

The Gript stroker arrived neatly packaged in a stylish box. Simply slide up the outer sleeve and pull open the sturdy package to reveal the toy. The Gript is nestled in a foam layer with a cut-out for the toy. The only other thing in the package is a small box holding a folded microfiber type pouch which can be used to store the toy when not in use. Actually, the box is so nice, I’m going to keep it stored in that, and save the pouch in case I decide to travel with the toy.

The Gript is made entirely of silicone, which is both solid as well as soft and squishy. At 5 inches in length, the stroker isn’t terribly large, but it has a nice heft to it. One end is slightly larger than the other, which gives the feel of holding a small beverage container in your hand. The outer aspect of the Gript is embossed with a slightly-raised diamond pattern that encircles the toy, giving it the texture that makes it live up to its name. The texture should make it easier to hold onto for most users, and the size and shape of this thing makes for easy holding as well. It’s fairly solid for a stroker with no case, but the silicone is soft enough to squeeze, so you can grip and manually stimulate your cock during use.

Each end of the masturbator features a different orifice, but both of them are non-anatomical, which is a nice thing for those who don’t want an overly sexual stroking toy (i.e. no mouths, pussies, assholes). The wider end has a ¾-inch opening that is totally stretchable to accommodate almost any sized cock. Need an even tighter hole? The narrower end has a smaller opening: a shallow half-inch depression that drops into a super-tight opening (barely a fifth of an inch) that is snug (yet still stretchable).

The textures inside the sleeve are what really make this thing worthwhile. The reason I selected the Gript over the other model was because of the three distinct internal textures. Just inside the wider opening are big raised circular bumps. As you slide even deeper into the chute, you’ll notice things grow even tighter and the texture changes to a ring of raised horizontal ribs.

Even deeper lies a slightly wider tunnel with raised diagonal ridges that twist their way toward the end of the stroker. If your erect cock is longer than the toy’s five inches, you should be able to pop out the other end. This is one of the reasons I enjoy double-ended strokers, so I can feel the head of my dick pop through the other end. The tight opening on the top is perfect, and nicely squeezes my shaft after my swollen head pops through. See the cutaway view of the internal textures below.

Of course, be sure to try and flip the toy over and penetrate it from the other end, experiencing the trio of textures in reverse. One of my favorite things to do with textured strokers is to slowly rotate them, so the ribs and bumps inside can offer a tactile experience while masturbating. Given the toy’s name, the user can grip the soft silicone while moving it in a circular motion or sliding it up and down. Squeezing it is a good way to focus the raised parts inside against your shaft and head’s sweet spots.

Not only do open-ended strokers allow for more versatility, but it almost eliminates the vacuum that is typically created inside of closed strokers or capped toys. For me, anyhow, this allows for easier penetration and makes sliding the toy easier. If you do desire more suction or more of a vacuum effect, you can easily plug the end hole at any time to change the internal sensation. Try blocking it off after penetrating the Gript as deep as you can, then squeeze the outer aspect of the stroker while trying to pull yourself out of its depths. The amount of lubrication you use can alter the way this feels, so go ahead and experiment. I’ve been using Sliquid Sassy during my sessions; it’s a high-quality thick water-based lube that lasts longer than many I’ve tried. Peepshow Toys is also suggesting oil-based lube with this toy, so perhaps try that out if you enjoy stroking with oil.

It’s great to have finally found a decent manually-operated masturbator made entirely of silicone. The different textures inside are quite good and just different enough to enjoy all of them. The toy isn’t overly huge or heavy, but it’s thick enough to get a good grip on yet soft enough to squeeze your cock while using it, to create some different sensations. I love the dual openings and pushing through the smaller hole makes for some delicious tightness and even allows me to unload outside of the toy, which helps make cleanup easier.

Cleaning your Blush Novelties stroker is pretty simple. Use some warm water and squirt some soap inside and rinse the interior until everything is clean. The only drawback to this particular toy that I’ve found so far is it takes a little while for the internal parts to dry completely. I never put any sex toys away while they’re wet, so this one had to sit out for over a day before I was able to store it. I’m kind of interested in picking up a rod-style warming tool, used to heat the insides of a stroker before using. Silicone feels even better when it grows warm and I bet a toy warmer would help the toy dry out a lot faster.

Interested in trying the Gript for yourself? Pick one up at Peepshow Toys using the following link:

Be sure to take a look at their listing for the other Blush Novelties silicone stroker: the M-Elite Platinum Hekx. It’s a slightly longer/wider double-ended stroker with a singular ribbed texture running the length of the inside. Like the Gript, there is an external texture to make it easier to hold onto during stroke sessions.

The Hekx

Also, take some time to browse the rest of the Peepshow Toys collection. There are many different toys for any body part you might want to stimulate. You can always switch up your stroke session by adding a butt plug, prostate massager or some anal balls. And maybe make your cock stiffer with one of the cock rings in their current collection. Don’t forget to add some lube for stroking and inserting! These masturbators are produced by Blush Novelties, and Peepshow Toys is stocking lots of their other fun stuff. You can read a lot of other reviews I’ve done for Peepshow Toys by using the links categorized in the right sidebar.

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Image credits: Peepshow Toys/Blush Novelties


FTC Disclaimer: This product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.

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