Man Wand Starter Vibrating Silicone Stroker

Today I am looking at a vibrating silicone cock stroker from the Man Wand company. This little masturbator is called the Man Wand Starter, a small open-ended toy that’s designed to wrap around a cock’s shaft and provide vibrations. Thanks to Peepshow Toys for sending this one to me to review.

Earlier this year, I tested the original Man Wand [my review], an intense handheld wand vibrator with built-in penis-stimulating wings. It quickly became one of my favorite sex toys and — seven months later — I still use the thing quite often, both to warm myself up or to polish myself off. The Starter is the newest addition to the Man Wand sex toy line and it’s a more compact penis vibrator than the original Man Wand. If you’ve used or seen the Hot Octopuss Pulse or any of the other massagers that share a similar design, the Starter probably looks familiar.

The Starter is even smaller than any masturbator of this type that I’ve seen, but it still packs quite a punch. The toy itself resembles a curled stingray of sorts, with a solid bottom and a pair of soft silicone flaps that curve up to create a channel of sorts for a penis of any size. One nice thing about toys of this type is they can be used in any state of arousal. Since there’s no tight tunnel to penetrate, the user can simply place the penis inside the flaps, even if the penis is completely flaccid. The length of the Starter is only 3 inches, but being open on either end, those with longer cocks can easily slide it up and down and position the toy in a spot that feels good. Personally, I like these sorts of toys for frenulum stimulation, so I enjoy maneuvering the toy so the vibrating portion is resting against the sweet spot just under the head of my cock. The silicone flaps on the Man Wand Starter are very soft and extremely flexible, which makes it easy to adjust them for less (or more) vibrations, and thicker cocks won’t feel too constricted. Though soft, the inner aspect of the massager is molded with a series of five raised ribs that offer some texture during use.

Soft curved silicone sides and nice raised ridges for texture

The Starter’s vibrator is a bullet-style affair, completely embedded in the base of the toy. The vibe is totally rechargeable, so you won’t have to worry about replacing batteries or removing it for any other reason. Since the vibe is sealed inside the toy, the Starter is waterproof, so feel free to use it in the shower. The Starter needs to be charged up before use, so attach the included cord to an appropriate USB port and insert the metal prong into the charging hole above the Starter’s control button at the base of the toy. The toy flashes with a white LED light while charging and when the light turns solid, it’s ready to use. One note on the charging cord: like its predecessor, there’s a Man Wand tag wrapped around the cord, so if it becomes separated from the Starter, you’ll know which toy it matches up with. As someone who has a ton of sex toy charging cables, I love it when companies label their cords. ?

Operating the Man Wand Starter is very easy. Once you pull the charging cable out, all you need to do to start the vibe is to press and hold the raised button on the base. The Starter hums to life on its first vibrating setting — steady vibes in a low speed — and can easily be switched up by subsequent presses of the control button. There are 10 different vibration settings in all: five steady settings, each one stronger than the last, and five assorted patterns. The patterns are pretty typical of toys of this type: the first one sputters to life and grows more steady before starting again, the second is a great steady pulsing (on/off), the third is a faster variation of steady pulses, the fourth is a mixed combo of three short bursts followed by one longer steady vibration, and the last pattern is a three-way steady buzz, climbing from low to medium to high and back again (and again…).

Compared with other toys of this type (some of which cost twice as much), the Man Wand Starter’s vibrator is pretty powerful considering it’s such a small toy. While the original wand massager from Man Wand is much more intense, the Starter is a good choice for someone who prefers something lighter and more sensual all around. Still, held in the right position, you can get some pretty pleasant sensations. Due to its lightness, it’s pretty easy to wrap the Starter around your hard cock and leave it hanging there, teasing your sweet spot while your hands are free to do other things. ? . Not only can you wrap it around the shaft, but the tickling wings can be used in other ways as well: tease the head of the cock, slowly pull the edge of the wings along the ridge of the glans, use your fingers to press the flaps into the frenulum for a different kind of stimulation, and even stroke the massage of your hard shaft. Don’t forget other erogenous zones either. The Starter works well on the balls, the taint, and even feels pretty nice tickling the nipples. With its smaller size, you can hold the toy near the base of the shaft and manually stroke your cock with a lubed hand. The top part of your cock can even be sucked by a partner, who can alternate between oral stimulation and stroking every inch of your shaft with the vibrating toy. Don’t forget: you can add your favorite water-based lubricant to the inside of the massager for a more slippery sensation. The toy is perfectly designed to hold in one hand, to easily guide wherever you’d like it to go. So comfortable, even when it’s vibrating on its highest setting.

Man Wand Starter in position

While — for me — the Starter wasn’t as powerful as the original Man Wand, I still enjoyed its buzzy vibrations and it’s definitely something I’ll pull out when I’m more in the mood for something less intense, or want a longer session with a vibrating toy that doesn’t make me cum so quickly. I’ve found it’s also a great way to make my soft cock hard in a hurry! I think if you’ve been considering a vibrating toy of this style but were put off by the price of most of them, the Man Wand Starter would be a more affordable choice to see if you like one. So while I still prefer the larger Man Wand for its intensity, the smaller Starter makes a nice “sidecar” for those times when I don’t want to blast myself silly. Want to try one for yourself? Peepshow Toys has the Man Wand Starter in their store. Just use the following link to purchase:

Be sure to read my review for the larger Man Wand massager, too. I’ll be so curious to see what other sex toys this company comes out with in the future! Peepshow Toys stocks lots of other body-friendly products, so be sure to browse their store when adding more toys to your own collection. They’ve got lots of dildosplugsprostate massagers, and other anal toys, plus even more masturbators to get you off. Want even more penis play? How about a pump? Or a few new cock rings? Don’t forget the lube! Man Wand recommends a water-based lube for this toy, but Peepshow Stocks other good lubes of all types: siliconeoil, lubes for anal play, and hybrids. Want to save 10% on your order? Enter coupon code allmalesextoys during checkout.


Product photos from Peepshow Toys
Photos of Man Wand Starter in use from All Male Sex Toys


FTC Notice: this product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.

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