Masturbation: “Tickle the Frenulum”

There’s a spot just under the head of your penis called the frenulum, and it’s a bundle of pleasure nerves. Ever try to stimulate this spot to orgasm?

I bookmarked this page from OrgasmicGuy ages ago: a brief “how-to” guide for guys interested in achieving orgasm through frenulum massage. If you read my earlier review on We-Vibe’s Salsa (no longer available 🙁 ), you’ll remember I used this powerful rechargeable bullet vibrator to bring myself to an intense climax by concentrating the vibrations from the Salsa on the sweet spot just under the head of my cock.

The good news is — for those who don’t have a vibrator handy — you don’t need a toy to bring yourself off this way. Not only is OrgasmicGuy’s technique pretty informative, there are over 50 comments on the post from other guys who have tried this (and can attest to its success rate), and are offering their own pointers and encouragement.

Honestly, if you haven’t tried this technique yet, you simply must. For this tutorial — and lots of other good masturbation tips — visit:

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