Meat Balls Silicone Chastity Device from Oxballs

Today I’m looking at a rather unique and unusual item: a silicone cock ring and ball stretcher that actually works as a cock cage/chastity device of sorts. The Meat Balls device from Oxballs is designed to grip your balls while keeping your cock trapped in place. Let’s take a look.

This isn’t the first Oxballs cock ring or ball stretcher I’ve reviewed for Peepshow Toys, but it might be the most unique. I’ve long had a passing interest in cock cages or other chastity devices that trap the penis and/or prevent it from growing (fully) hard. The Meat Balls isn’t like any other I’ve seen. There aren’t any locks and there isn’t a cage-like design to this device, but the design definitely allows the wearer’s cock to be trapped in a bent (flaccid) position in one ring while the other ring wraps around the nut sac and tugs on the balls.

Two views of the Meat Balls device…in black

Like the other Oxballs rings and stretchers I’ve tried, this unit is made of thick, soft, stretchy, and downright blubbery body-safe silicone. Out of the package, the device is shaped like a figure-8, with one opening larger than the other. The larger ring is also thicker, and has a sloped edge on the far end, to help nudge the wearer’s nuts down (or up, depending on how you position it) and forward while it’s being used. The second (and smaller) ring is there to hold the top end of the cock in place while in a flaccid state, and keep it that way while the device is being worn.

Here are some measurements: the larger—ball-stretching—ring has an inner diameter of 1.25 inches. The smaller ring has a max width of 1 inch. The wall of the ball ring varies from 1.25 inches to 1.5 inches where the longer edge is curved to press into the top of your nuts. The entire unit runs nearly 4 inches, but the whole thing can either stretch or compress depending on what it’s doing at any given time. Because of this, the gear is really comfortable, even for longer sessions. Of course, you’ll definitely feel the thing as you use it, especially if your dick starts to harden at any time it’s tucked into the proper hole. The walls are nice and thick (about a half inch thick, give or take), so not only does it provide a superior grip once it’s in place, you won’t have to worry about the ring(s) tearing like you would with gear made from manufacturers that might skimp on thickness or use inferior materials that split more easily.

Another two views of Meat Balls… in BlueBalls

Though fairly thick-walled, the silicone is stretchy enough to easily fit it around both the balls and the top end of the dick. I found it was easier to secure the nuts in place first, then stretch the flaccid cock and pull the tip through. The smaller ring comfortably anchored just behind the ridge of the cock head and kept the dick bent into place.

What Meat Balls looks like when worn around your cock and balls

And the Meat Balls certainly worked as described. Once “locked” down, my dick could swell, but not stretch upward or become fully erect. It wasn’t a painful sensation, but I was certainly aware of the tug each time my penis tried to become erect. I can’t really compare it to wearing a cock cage, because I’ve never worn one, but it seemed to have a similar effect, keeping the dick from becoming fully engorged and swelling into a full-blown erection. Of course, without a proper locking mechanism, the cock can’t truly be locked in the way a chastity device would do, but the end result is the same if you’re just looking to control your hard ons.

In fact, one of the best ways I found to use the Meat Balls figure eight rings was to put it on, and then wear it under some undergear (like a jockstrap) and a pair of shorts. Walking around with the rings in place gave some excellent tug action and kept my cock swollen enough to make it bulge-worthy, but prevented my dick from poking up and out in a noticeable erection. In fact, keeping my dick pointed in a downward curve, seemed to make the bulge more pronounced, at least from my own vantage point. I didn’t exactly notice anyone else staring at my package while I was wearing the Meat Balls out in public, but feeling the device pull down on my balls while keeping my dick locked down, definitely made sure I didn’t forget I was wearing it the entire time.

I’d definitely recommend this thing to anyone who loves ball stretchers and/or cock rings, and is always looking to add a unique piece to your collection. I’d also suggest it to those who want to try a chastity device or a “cock lock,” but you’re unsure you want to commit to a full-out locking one or something that might be a little difficult to fasten around your cock and balls. This Oxballs silicone piece is easy to put on and pull off, but (for me) really did a nice job of keeping things held in place. I even had fun using it as a more traditional ball stretcher, utilizing only the larger ring wrapped around my nuts, and placing a finger into the smaller hole to pull down on my nuts during a prolonged jack off session. The smaller loop worked perfect for this, even though it’s not the suggested use for it.

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Image from Oxballs/Peepshow Toys


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