Monkey Spanker: Double Trouble

If you like vibrations on the sensitive parts of your cock (glans, frenulum, shaft) the Monkey Spanker delivers it right where you want.

Last month, the people at the UK toy company Monkey Spanker contacted me and asked if I’d like to try one of their newer products. Of course I would! The original Monkey Spanker is a sex toy for men; a plastic paddle of sorts, which houses a soft, flexible sheath that your hard penis can penetrate. The handle of the device holds a small battery-operated bullet which sends vibrations through the handle and into the sheath. The Monkey Spanker people sent me the Double Trouble, which is basically two Monkey Spankers stacked together, sort of the double sandwich cookie of Monkey Spankers.

The Monkey Spanker Double Trouble arrived packed in a nice-looking sleeve pocket, similar to what a fast food pie might be sold in. Inside the package was the Double Trouble, two individual vibrating bullets, and a package of watch batteries to operate the bullets. Other than some clever illustrations for suggested uses of the Double Trouble, my Monkey Spanker didn’t have any printed instructions. Still, the device seemed pretty straightforward. I placed two of the batteries in each of the bullets, which immediately whirred to life. The bullets easily snapped into recessed pockets along the length of the plastic handle, and I noted that a larger hole near the bottom would allow them to be removed when it came time to clean the toy.

The Double Trouble itself is 6.5 inches in length, made of sturdy plastic, and is designed to be easily gripped during use. As a user of vibrating bullets and cock rings for direct frenulum stimulation, I liked the idea of having something to hold while applying some direct stimulation to my sweet spot. Cock rings can be put in place, but need to be moved manually if adjustments are needed, and vibrating bullets offer a more intense direct stimulation, but holding a buzzing bullet can make your fingers numb after awhile.

The sheath portion of the toy is made of a somewhat-stretchy PVC-type material that is sandwiched between the round opening on either side of the handle. In the center of the 2-inch wide sheath is a small hole (about 1cm wide, in its unstretched state), through which you insert your hard cock. Since we’re dealing with the Double Trouble here, you’ll get two handles stacked one on top of the other, with two sheaths, offering a total thickness of just over three-quarters of an inch.. The pair of handles are connected by a metal rivet near the end, so you can easily swivel them apart for single Spanker use, but there is no way to detach them completely, without breaking the toy.

With the bullets powered up and in place, I was ready to give this thing a shot. Even with a single sheath, the opening is pretty tight, so you’ll want to be fully erect before you try to penetrate the toy. With two sheaths, I found that I needed a bunch of lube (Monkey Spanker recommends water-based lube with this toy) and a very stiff erection to push through the pair of sheaths. It’s a tight fit, but the material will allow you to pop through it. The handle comes in handy at this point, since you can pull down on it to help push the Double Trouble down over your cock. It’s a different sort of sensation, kind of like pushing through a tight orifice on a typical masturbation sleeve, but without the textured chute beyond it. In spite of the stretchy material, the holes of the Double Trouble stay really tight on the shaft, and it almost felt like I was wearing a small cock ring. I noticed immediately that it had the same effect as a cock ring: the shaft became harder and thicker. I liked that!

I had to add more lube to get the Double Trouble to move even a little bit on my shaft, but once I greased up, I was able to slide it up and down. Even well lubricated, the opening was still pretty tight for me, so it’s definitely a firm tugging sensation during use. Generally I prefer masturbation toys that offer a more sensual/soft touch, and the Double Trouble definitely wasn’t like that. Still, the sensation was so different and unusual, I couldn’t help but enjoy it. It almost felt as if someone else was masturbating me by making a tight ring with his thumb and forefinger, and firmly moving it up and down on my shaft. As different as this felt to me, I was more looking forward to turning on the bullets, to see how adding vibrations changed the sensation.

The bullets were really easy to switch on during use; simply stick your finger in the recessed area and push the button. These are pretty straightforward: one speed, no variations with regard to pulses or patterns. I noticed right away that the bulk of the vibrations are delivered to the plastic handle, which doesn’t really come in contact with your cock (or so I thought; more on that in a minute). I did feel some soft vibration – more like a gentle humming – coming through to the sheath, but but it wasn’t nearly as strong as you’d get from having a bullet pressed right up against your cock. Still, with a little adjustment – and tilting the handle back and forth makes this really easy – you can guide the gentle hum right where you want it. I even realized that by tipping the handle at an angle, the inner edge of the plastic ring came in contact with my coronal ridge (the rim around my glans), which felt pretty damn good.

I had to add more lube every time I wanted to stroke with the Double Trouble; the opening was just too snug to try and do it dry, but with the vibrators running, it offers a pretty pleasant sensation while moving it up and down. For me, this was definitely a “slow build” type of toy, which I actually find pretty nice. The tingly vibrations made the climb to climax take a lot longer, but it was really a decent toy for a long protracted stroke. The sheaths stayed tight (really tight) on my cock right up until the end, and my erection was actually swollen and red; not painfully so, but just the reaction to such a tight grip, similar to what happens when you’re using a tight cock ring.

My final thoughts? If you’re looking for a toy that offers a different type of sensation and don’t mind a tight grip on your cock, don’t need overly powerful vibrations to get off, and you don’t mind using lots of lubricant to keep things moving, I think you might like Monkey Spanker’s Double Trouble. The double holes really offer a lot of extra tightness (you can swivel the pair apart and just use one, if you want less grip), and once you get into an up-and-down groove, it makes for a nicely intense climax. Or take advantage of the handles to angle the sheaths right where you need stimulation, so you can enjoy the slow build that the gentle vibrations bring on. The package also suggests using the Monkey Spanker with a partner, for a “vibrating blow job” or during penetration. Since the sheaths are so tight, I can only imagine that this would help make your erections firmer (it worked that way for me).

Other nice features? When you’re finished, simply pop out the bullets and easily wash the two paddles with hot soapy water. Couldn’t be an easier clean up! And because of its small, flat shape, the Monkey Spanker would be great for travel.

Thanks again to the Monkey Spanker company for sending me the Double Trouble for review. Want to try your own Monkey Spanker Double Trouble? Order them directly from the company! There are a few other Monkey Spanker models to choose from, too, so check them all out:

Product photo from Monkey Spanker

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