Neo Elite Dual Density Silicone Dildos

Today I’m reviewing a pair of realistic dual density silicone dildos made by Blush Novelties exclusively for Peepshow Toys. Blush has taken two of their popular Neo Elite dongs and manufactured them in a custom color available only from Peepshow Toys.

The original Neo line is realistic in shape and size, but only available in bright neon colors. This is perfect for the buyer who wants a lifelike dildo and is happy with a vivid color, but if you want the same dildo in a more realistic skin tone, you might a pass on this one.

Now two of their Neo Elite dongs have been issued—only at Peepshow Toys—in a light colored flesh tone (branded as “Vanilla”). While both of the dildos have a similar shape and size, there are a few differences I’ll be pointing out in this review. The most obvious: One has balls. One has no balls.

Out of the packaging, the pair of dongs seems slightly similar. The body-safe silicone used to make these toys looks and feels (and smells…no odor!) pretty great. The material captures the realistic details that went into the mold and transfers nicely into the finished product. Both of the dildos feature beautiful curves, lines and ridges and if you examine them more closely, you’ll notice lots of realistic veins, bulges and skin textures.

There are actually two layers of silicone used in these toys, so when you squeeze them (either with your hands, or your holes) you’ll instantly feel a more solid inner core surrounded by the softer outer layer. It’s details like this that make a toy that looks fairly real, feel like the real thing as well.

There wasn’t really a huge difference in the two dicks that I sampled. Both have the same exact color and have the same soft-over-firm feel when squeezed. Each tout a 7.5-inch length and a nice upward curve to the shaft. The most noticeable difference is that one dong has balls and the other does not. I usually don’t have a preference for balls either way on realistic dongs, but the model that does include the balls has such a nice set that it really does add to the overall realism of the piece.

That said, before I tested either one, I reasoned that I would probably enjoy the balls-free dildo a little better. The shaft is a little more narrow (especially near the top) and the head is a bit smaller, and seems more streamlined with the shaft. While nicely textured itself, the detailing on the No Balls models seemed more subtle. The shape and gradual shaft thickening (but not too thick: 1.5 inches) is what appealed to me. The dick does widen a little near the base, which is a wide smooth circle that can be used either as a holding piece or a suction cup if you want some hands-free action. While I did not try it this way, Blush also indicates that the suction cups on these toys can be used with a harness for strap-on play.

Neo Elite 7.5″ — No Balls Version

Peepshow Toys images of their exclusive “Vanilla” Neo Elite 7.5″ Dildo (no balls)

I tried the No Balls version first and was surprised at how intense it felt. While anal newbies or those who prefer small toys would probably find a 7.5-inch dildo a challenge, visually it doesn’t seem that imposing. The head and shaft don’t look too daunting, so I was surprised that—during penetration—that it felt so…filling.

You can definitely feel the more solid inner layer, especially when clenching the toy. This is one of my favorite things to do when using any anal toy, to see how well it stimulates my prostate. I’d give the No Balls Neo Elite medium marks on this score, only because the softer outer layer means (for me, at least) I don’t get as much pressure on my P-spot as I would with a toy that’s much more solid.

Still, I got plenty of good “prostate rubbing” from slowly thrusting this thing in and out. Since there aren’t any balls on this one, it seems that you can get it in a bit deeper (Peepshow’s site lists an insertable length on both models as 5.5 inches). Also, try using the round base as a crank, and spin the dildo to see what angle feels better. Since both have curved shafts, turning the toy even slightly can alter how it feels inside you.

This Neo Elite also available in blue (shown) or pink
Blush Novelties image showing dildo’s specs

Neo Elite 7.5″ — With Balls Version

Peepshow Toys images of their exclusive “Vanilla” Neo Elite 7.5″ Dildo (with balls)

Once I finished with the No Balls version, I moved on to the one with balls. Seriously, the nuts on the base of this toy are so damn cute! To me, there’s nothing hotter than a hard dick with a swollen head and a perfectly-shaped pair of testicles pulled tightly up against the base of an erect shaft. On these points, the Balls version of the Neo Elite dildo is visually perfect!

Not only are the balls nice, but the head is more defined in this model. It’s a bit more swollen than the No Balls dong, and has a nice flared ridge along the base of it. The shaft is curved and seems to be even thicker than the other one I tried, with lots of realistic detailing, including a sweet raised ridge that runs vertically down the underside of the shaft, from the frenulum under the head and bisecting the aforementioned nuts at the base.

The balls will make for a perfect anal-safe base, but Blush also includes the round handle/suction cup that the other one has. While the suction cup works fine, I really like the size and firmness of these to use as handles. Not only does it give you something fairly substantial to hold onto during use, but it makes it easier to rotate the toy once any part of it (or all of it) is up your butt.

I was pleasantly surprised at how the extra detailing and extra girth felt during use. While I really enjoyed the more streamlined No Balls dong, the Balls version felt even better to me. The shaft is a bit shorter (gotta make room for those nuts) but I loved the second one even more. Even the slightest rotation using the round base sent shock-waves through my hole, and thrusting felt pretty damn good, especially when the tight little nuts pressed against my stretched hole.

This Neo Elite also available in orange (shown) or pink
Blush Novelties image showing dildo’s specs

While I loved both of these dildos, the Balls version is my favorite. The texture is a little nicer, the thickness a little greater overall, and just the way the whole package looks makes the experience a little more satisfying.

I kind of wish Blush had decided to use two more drastically different dick sizes/shapes when selecting the exclusive versions for Peepshow Toys. Since both are so similar, it’s hard to say “You need both of these!” For most, it will likely be a question of “Do I want balls on my dildo or not?” Honestly, if I only had one to choose from (just from the photos), I probably would have selected the No Balls version, but I’m glad I got to try both, since the Balls one is honestly my favorite of the two.

I just think it would have been nicer to have one of them be a thicker or shorter cock, or maybe a large/thick dick. And while I am sure the “custom color” was selected based on what was more readily available and efficient for making these Peepshow-only versions, it would be really cool to see some different (darker) skin tones. Perhaps Peepshow Toys can add even more custom versions of Blush Novelties’ beautiful dildos, so there will eventually be a range of sizes, shapes and colors.

But for now, these first two offerings are a good start. I would definitely recommend either one (or both of them!). I couldn’t help but think that more adventurous users experienced in double penetration might love to lube up both of these cocks at once and use them side by side. But using them one right after another is fun too! If you do order both, let me know which one ends up being your favorite!

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Product Images: Peepshow Toys
Product Specs Images: Blush Novelties


FTC Notice: This product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.

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