Njoy Pure Wand

Sleek, smooth and heavy, this solid double-ended stainless steel piece from Njoy will give men amazing anal stimulation and intense prostate massage.

When you were a kid, do you remember that sensation when one of your evil friends would make a fist and press the knuckle of his index finger into the back of your neck, twisting until it felt like you’d been hooked up to a 9-volt battery, knees buckling and writhing in helplessness as you lost control of your body?

I had a flashback to that in the midst of using the Pure Wand, a 1.5 pound, 8 inch (7 insertable) stainless steel sex toy from Njoy. The Pure Wand is a smooth, sleek curved arm, capped on each end with a fairly large ball. Just like real life, one of the balls is somewhat larger than the other, but this is a good thing.

Because it’s made of stainless steel, you can grease this toy with any lube you want, and you’re probably going to want lots of it. Also because it’s steel, it’ll be a snap to clean up. It’s nonporous, and – unlike softer/textured toys – has no nooks, crannies or wrinkles. Also because it’s steel, you can easily heat it up, or cool it down, and the material will retain this new temperature for awhile, a unique advantage to sex toys made of metal (and to a degree, glass). Also because it’s steel, it’s heavy, which gives the Pure Wand a nice solid feel as it fills your ass.

Once you’ve warmed (or cooled) your toy, lubed it up, gently work the end of your choice against your hole. It should push your ass open fairly easily, and the curved shaft of the toy will follow it as it makes it way inside you. Allow your anal canal to grow accustomed to the Wand before you attempt any tricky spins or thrusts. Because of the weight of the toy, you’ll want to take it slowly, lest you poke or prod your delicate insides too roughly.

While the Pure Wand feels great inside you (the heat, the weight, the sleekness), the real treat (for men) comes when you press the balled end against your prostate. Unlike any other anal toy I’ve used – even toys designed for prostate massage – the Pure Wand hit the bullseye almost immediately. Remember my description of the knuckle against the back of the neck? Once the small ball found my P-spot, I felt an immediate jolt radiating from my prostate. It was so intense, my first reaction was that I’d pushed too hard, too fast. But once I realized what had happened, I began to twist and angle the Wand so I could gently grind out those sensations. Due to the size/weight of this toy, I worked carefully, but soon I was able to position the wand so I could not only pinpoint this prostate pleasure, but use my anal muscles to grip the wand aspect of the toy.

I haven’t yet experienced the elusive (at least for me) hands-free P-spot-generated orgasm with this toy, but I believe it is possible with a little patience. Having the Pure Wand inside me during masturbation certainly makes for a more intense experience, especially when it comes time to push myself over the edge.

I did experiment with the larger ball end, but actually found the smaller one more to my liking. The nice thing about having two different sized balls is men can try each one, and use the one that’s more suited to their own anatomy and experience level. And getting off with the small end, I like to know I can “upgrade” to the larger, if I outgrow the other one.

Enjoy your own Njoy Pure Wand from one of the online stores I affiliate with:

This sex toy is one of my Favorites.

UPDATESee the Njoy Pure Wand in action in this video!

NEW FOR 2018 – I’ve contributed Pure Wand prostate massage tips to Phallophile Review’s Njoy Pure Wand G-Spot and Prostate Pleasure Guide


Product photo from Njoy


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