Oxballs Ergo Silicone Butt Plug — Blueballs Edition

Today I’m looking at two of the five Ergo Silicone Butt Plugs from Oxballs. Peepshow Toys is stocking five different sizes of this beautiful plug in Blueballs soft silicone, and—through a collaboration with Oxballs—it’s the only place you can order this exclusive color. Let’s take a look at this plug!

I’ve tried quite a few of the Oxballs cock rings and ball stretchers¹, but I’m pretty sure this is the first anal toy I’ve used from this company. No matter which size Ergo you select, the plug is going to come in a thick-bodied kidney shape, angled to put pressure on the prostate. Each size has a fairly girthy neck that drops into a wide and curved anal-safe base. These plugs are made of soft, squishy body-safe premium silicone. I love the deep blue Blueballs color in the cock rings and stretchers I’ve tried, and it looks even better when used in these plugs! Bold blue color with subtle whorls of darker blue and lots of metallic sparkle from tip to base. I selected the Small size plug, as well as the Large.


Small Oxballs Ergo Plug in Blueballs Silicone (All Male Sex Toys photo)

The Small Ergo has a 4″ length and is about 3″ insertable. The circumference of this plug runs between 3″ and 5.25″ with a maximum diameter of about 1.6 inches. The shape is somewhat egg-like, but curved in the middle, which gives it a bean-like appearance. The tip is kind of fat and nicely rounded. I used The Butters lube, which is a very thick oil-based lubricant which can be applied to the surface of silicone anal toys like actual butter. This lube works great for larger toys and hole stretchers. Not only can you easily coat the toy, but the lube stays thick and solid during penetration, so it stays on the toy and coats your hole, instead of dripping all over your hand. Give the plug a very generous layer and be sure to add extra lube to your hole and the inside of your ass for easier insertion.

Even though this is the Small version, it still has a compelling size, especially if you’re just starting out with anal plugs. Examining the plug before use, I couldn’t help but compare it to a hefty swollen cock head I’ve taken in my hole many times in the past. This guy is a “just the tip” kind of top, who likes to ease the head of his dick into a hungry hole and slowly tease his way to climax, which feels great for him and great for my teased hole. I knew I was going to be using this Ergo the same way, so—after greasing it up—I began to tease my hole with it, slowly working my slot open with gradual, gentle pushes. The base easily doubles as a handle, so you can grip the toy and twist it however you like. Your butt’s hole is loaded with pleasurable nerve endings, so try grinding the greased Ergo lightly against your hole, employing a gentle in and out motion, going a little bit deeper with every careful push. I love having my hole opened this way, and the Small Ergo is a fun toy for that.

Since it’s not terribly large (and had extra lube on it), the plug popped in fairly easily. Since I had pre-lubed my ass, I was able to pop the plug in and out of my hole, kind of the way a teasing dick head might do. I was loving this thing! Still, I wanted to completely seat the plug so the base was pressed tightly against my spread cheeks. I made sure to position the kidney so the curved portion of the tip would be angled toward my prostate. With a 4″ usable length, it didn’t go quite as far as some toys do, but I was able to get some decent prostate pressure by pressing firmly on the base and kneading the bulk of the plug directly into my P-spot. What a nice feeling! Still, I think my favorite way to use this smaller Ergo is as a “just the tip” teaser, using it to open my hole and then slowly fuck my stretched hole, using a nice steady in-and-out technique. I made sure to return it to its fully inserted position for the climax, which was definitely pleasurable. For most users, if you’re looking for a smaller-sized plug to put in and leave it, this Ergo should work nicely for that.


Large Oxballs Ergo Plug in Blueballs Silicone (Peepshow Toys photo)

As you might expect, the Large version of this plug is quite a bit larger. It’s pretty amazing how much more stretch you can get with a plug that doesn’t seem terribly much larger. But this one is a hole stretcher for sure, at least for me.

The Ergo Large has a 5.5.” length and a 4.75″ usable length. The real size comes from the girth. It has an impressive 2.7″ maximum diameter and the plug’s circumference runs from 4.25″ to an intense 7.25″.  With this thickness, I thought I may have gone a little too large in my desire to test two differently-sized plugs. I used an even thicker coat of The Butters on the plug itself and made sure to generously lubricate my hole (I wasn’t using the Large version in the same session as the Small, so I was starting from scratch, as it were).

The Large Ergo is, well, LARGE. The shape of the plug is identical to the smaller version, but the tip on this bigger plug is way more of a hole stretcher. It took forever just to get my hole to stretch wide enough to accommodate the top part of this plug, so I basically just spent a lot of time spinning my wheels…I mean, spinning the plug. Slowly rotating the greased Large plug offered a pleasing sensation for my hole, but I knew I wanted it inside. Once things started to give, I made sure to take it slow. The quickest way to end a big butt plug session is to push too hard/too fast and hurt yourself. For myself, I’ve discovered that oil-based lubricants tend to open my hole up more effectively than water-based lubes, but you still have to be patient about these things. The Butters turns to a slippery liquid anyway, with all the rubbing and twisting against warm human flesh. Keep adding more as needed. (I needed a lot more.) I even had to employ my fingertips as hole stretchers, trying to tease it open enough to work the thick part of the plug past my stubborn gape. Finally…it happened.

I’m not sure if it was all that extra lube or just patience, but at long last the plug was—quite literally—sucked up inside my hole. It happened so quickly, I just kind of held still and caught my breath. The thick, boat-shaped base was wedged firmly in the crack of my ass, and the pear-sized plug was seated inside me. Damn! With the added length and much more girth, the Large version was definitely more of a prostate pleaser, especially when bearing down on this plug.

The silicone used in this Blueballs is pretty soft and pliable (press your thumb to the thick part of your palm; that’s about how squeezable it is), but it still has a decent firmness to it as well. Obviously, the Large plug is more of a hole stretcher/filler. Even the neck (with a diameter of about 1.5″) will keep your hole pretty well stretched when this badboy is fully inserted. The base not only keeps it safely anchored, but can be used to manipulate the plug during use, either slightly or wildly.

For extra pressure on the prostate, use your fingertips to knead on the center of the base and push that rounded kidney tip even deeper into your spot. If you want to get extra wild, grip both ends of the handle and slowly (or rapidly…I don’t think I could handle that, though) start to rotate the Ergo while it’s inside you. All I can say is this is a strange sensation and feels, well, WILD. Since the silicone is pretty soft, leaving the plug in your hole for an extended session is fun, too. Be sure to apply an extra helping of lube before you pull it out, though. That wide bulge has to spread your slot again on the way out, and it will probably need the extra assistance.

As good as the Large Ergo made me feel once it was in, I probably won’t be reaching for it as much as the Small plug, only because it takes forever to work it inside my hole. When I’m up for the challenge, it’s nice knowing I’ve got it at hand for those times when I want to stretch things out and have a more intense P-spot massage. The Small Ergo is more manageable (for me) and I love the way it feels when it pops my hole. Using the Small plug to thrust in and out makes me feel like I’m on the receiving end of a nice swollen dick head teasing my hole. I think if I had the chance to choose again, I’d upgrade the Small to Medium for a little more depth and a girth that’s significantly wider, but easier to insert than the Large. Still, I can easily recommend either of the Ergos I tried. There are even two other sizes to consider: an Extra Small for beginners or those who prefer a littler plug, and an Extra Large for those who really want a thick, chunky hole-spreading plug. Here’s a size chart listing all 5 Ergos, to help you find the one that’s the best fit for your own hungry hole:

Blueballs Ergo Plugs in (L to R) Large, Medium, Small, Extra Small (Extra Large Not Shown)

Ready to work an Oxballs Ergo into your own hole? Get the exclusive Blueballs color in supersoft silicone only at Peepshow Toys in 5 sizes using this link:

Prefer the Ergo in Smoke? All 5 sizes are available in this swirly, metallic gray color. Three of the smaller sizes are also available in a firmer silicone in a beautiful blue/black swirl, which is great for those who want a more rigid butt plug for added pressure on the prostate:

¹Don’t forget your cock and balls! Oxballs has made a bunch of great cock rings/ball stretchers in silicone to wrap your junk in. Read my reviews and order them using these links:

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Product photos: Peepshow Toys
Featured photo, header image & Small Ergo: allmalesextoys.com


FTC Notice: This product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.



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