Oxballs Honcho Silicone Butt Plug

Today I’m looking at another interesting sex toy from Oxballs: the Honcho Soft Silicone Butt Plug. The Honcho plug is a semi-realistic cock-shaped toy that isn’t overly long, but is quite thick. Peepshow Toys is stocking three different sizes of this toy and they sent me one to test and review. The plugs are available in a color mix exclusive to Peepshow Toys! Here are my thoughts.

Like most of the Oxballs stuff I have tried in the past, this plug comes efficiently packaged in a thick plastic bag with a closure you can pinch shut. These bags make for good storage packaging since you can keep your toy separated from your other stuff but still see through the clear plastic to identify it quickly when you’re wanting to play.

The silicone Oxballs uses is super soft and squishy, yet renders the details of this realistically-designed cock plug pretty perfectly. Peepshow Toys is carrying an exclusive “Blackberry” color, which is a beautiful marbled mix of deep purple and a lighter plum. The whole plug has a slight glittery appearance, and since each toy is hand crafted, yours won’t look exactly like any of the others.

Like I said, the plug has a realistic appearance, at least from the top half up. The tip of the plug looks just like the tip of a cock. The glans are perfectly replicated, with a nice defined ridge, a deep piss slit, and a raised ridge at the frenulum. There’s also some nice texture in the form of skin ridges and veins on the upper aspect of the shaft (under the head) adding to the realism.

Oxballs Honcho – Size 1 – 4.75″ Total Length

About 2.5 inches down, the shaft rapidly narrows and smooths out, creating a more traditional butt plug neck, allowing your hole to somewhat close up once the upper portion of the plug has been inserted and is seated up your butt. The neck widens slightly and then forms a wide oval anal-safe base that will keep the plug from slipping up inside you and also doubles as a flat base that can rest on a flat surface. (When not in the packaging, I like to keep plugs like this resting on their base, to help prevent any unfortunate defects in soft silicone.)

The Honcho is currently available in three sizes, and even the smallest one is a hefty plug, so anal toy beginners might want to work their way up to this one. Since I prefer anal toys on the smaller size, I asked to be sent the smallest one.

The Honcho Size 1 measures 4.75″ from tip to base and has an insertable length of 4 inches. The circumference of this model ranges from 3.5″ to 5.5″ (max diameter of nearly 2 inches), the thickest portion being the meat of the shaft and the widest part of the glans ridge.

Though this is a fairly thick toy, the squishy silicone allows for quite a bit of compression, so it’s not as solid as some toys with firmer material. The softness of the silicone also makes it more difficult (for me at least) to insert the toy. The thickness combined with the sponginess makes penetration a task, so I had to prep my hole with lots of lube and use another (firmer) toy to open myself up before attempting the Honcho. Luckily, I had one of the dildos from my last review (the Neo Elite) handy so I gave myself a good fucking with that to loosen up my tight slot. Once I was ready, I tried the Honcho again.

Even using the firmer toy first, I still had to employ a technique I call “cramming” to get the Honcho to push into me. I pretty much had to squeeze the top of the toy and use the tip(s) of my finger(s) to open my hole while pushing the plug into me. Eventually the tip made its way inside and I was able to slowly twist the plug and work the thick shaft in behind it. Once a fair amount of the “dick” portion was inserted, I simply gave the base a good push and felt the entire plug get swallowed up. It was a weird yet pleasurable sensation.

My Own Images Showing the Honcho Plug’s Details

As the base came to rest in my crack, my hole closed up around the more narrow neck of the toy. Once the plug was inside, I was amazed at how filling it was, and how comfortable it felt once it was in place! The soft silicone meant bearing down on the toy did not give intense sensations to the prostate like a much firmer plug would, but it still felt really amazing. It always feels better to orgasm with a toy inside my hole and the Honcho certainly felt wonderful to squeeze while I was cumming.

The Honcho is so comfortable, I was able to leave it in for awhile, and even move about with the plug inside me, the toy giving a slight “tug” sensation as I walked around with it inserted. The design was perfect for me, allowing the plug to stay in place yet still offer some good stimulation. Removing the plug was almost as difficult as putting it in, due to the thickness. After I cum (with a plug inside me) my anal muscles typically stay clenched for awhile (which isn’t really an unpleasant sensation when the toy is as comfortable as this one is), so it requires a bit of tug-o-war with my ass to remove a thicker toy, especially if it’s on the softer side. I had to utilize my fingers and more lube, but was able to pop it back out without too much trouble.

Like all of the Oxballs stuff that I’ve tried, their silicone makes the toys easy to clean up. Some soap and hot water with some added scrubbing and the toy is nice and clean. I like to leave this plug resting on its flat base until it’s completely dry before returning it to the plastic pouch it came in.

Oxballs Honcho – All 3 Sizes – Thick, Thicker, Thickest!

While I didn’t try the other two sizes of this plug, I want to include photos and specs in case you’re looking for an even larger version of the Honcho I tried. The Honcho Size 2 is a 5″ plug with 4.5″ insertable length, and more substantial girth that runs from 4.25″ to 7.25″ circumference (up to 2.3″ diameter).

The Honcho Size 3 is the largest of this plug trio, with a total length of 5.5″ and an insertable length of 5″. The girth on this one is quite large (Oxballs describes it as “about as wide as a small fist”) with a circumference range between 5″ to 8.8″ (up to 2.8″ diameter).

I don’t see myself upgrading to the two larger sizes anytime soon, but I will definitely pull out (and put in) the smaller Honcho anytime I want a nice thick comfortable plug, either for long sessions or maybe some extra stimulation during masturbation or oral sex. In spite of how challenging (for me) it is to put it in and take it out, it feels so great once it’s in place, it certainly makes it worth the effort.

Want to try the Oxballs Honcho Butt Plug for yourself? Find all three sizes in the exclusive “Blackberry” coloring only at Peepshow Toys using the following link:

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Product images from Peepshow Toys
(Honcho close-ups are my own)


FTC Notice: This product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.

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