Performance Silicone Anal Beads from Blush Novelties

I love anal beads. One of the first sex toys I can remember buying was a set of anal beads, and this was back in the day when beads were hard plastic, strung up on a knotted nylon cord with a plastic ring at the end of the string to keep them from disappearing up your ass. Things have changed for the better since that time. I’ve found some decent anal beads in recent months: the silicone Gemstones, which are semi-squishy silicone balls on a silicone-coated cord. They are great, but pretty pricey. One of my favorite companies — b-Vibe — put out an amazing set of vibrating anal beads, which I love, but that feels more like a unique bendy buttplug than a strand of flexible anal beads.

When offering me the Apex vibrating prostate massager to review, I had a conversation with Peepshow Toys about how Blush Novelties was really coming out with an impressive collection of new stuff, and asked had they seen Blush’s new Performance Advanced Silicone Anal Beads? They had, and were stocking them in their online store. So that’s how I came to receive a set to try out and review. Let’s take a look.

The Performance Advanced Silicone Anal Beads are made entirely of body-friendly silicone, and are available in two colors: blue and black. They are smooth, satiny, and odor free. The entire strand measures 16 inches (15 insertable), so I’d personally consider them “anal balls” rather than beads, but they aren’t too huge as anal toys go. The balls vary in size from just under one inch, to a max diameter of 1.5 inches. Each bead has a silky finish but is very hard to the touch. Squeezing the beads, you’ll notice how firm they are. Even when pushing firmly on them, there’s very little give. I actually think this is a good thing, because it means the beads have a solid feel inside you.

A nice long gapped string of good-sized silicone beads.

While I can appreciate the beads in different sizes, I’m curious why Blush chose to alternate smaller beads with larger ones, instead of placing them small to large in order of diameter. The nice thing about starting small and growing gradually larger is it allows users who are newer to anal play to increase the bead size incrementally. While a size difference of a little over a half inch doesn’t sound like much, to a newbie it can be a bit of a jump. Peepshow Toys also stocks another set of Blush Silicone Anal Beads that sports 10 beads in 5 different sizes. If you’re a beginner or want something a little smaller, this one might be a good trainer for the Advanced set of beads. At any rate, the smaller strand has beads that increase incrementally in size. But let’s get back to the Advanced set….

Between each bead is a narrow length of silicone cord, leaving about an inch gap between the bead that follows. I love that they did this! It allows the strand to bend and move more freely, and allows the beads to knock against each other or bang against the back-end of your hole when piled up inside you. You’ll note that each bead has a nice taper as it meets the cord. Blush had comfort in mind when designing these beads. No abrupt transitions as you push them in, or pull them out. The string ends with a 2-inch section of cord followed by a large round loop that will give the user something to hold onto and tug on, while keeping the beads from slipping up into the anal cavity out of reach.

Be sure to use lots of lube with these beads. While the surface is smooth, there can be a bit of grab – especially around the tender flesh of your hole – when pushing them in and pulling them out. I like Sliquid Sassy water-based lube when using silicone anal toys. You can lube the entire string at once, but I prefer to lube each bead individually as I go. I coat the first (smallest) one, and make sure I’ve lubricated my hole as well. The roundness of the bead makes for easy insertion and you’ll feel a delicious “pop” as it pushes you open and the hole closes around the back of the bead. The inch gap of cord really is noticeable here; it allows you to tug on the bead and bang it against the inside of your hole. I like to pop the beads in and out, repeatedly, so I’ll typically grease up the second (or third) one and work that inside, leaving the first bead as an anchor of sorts. Even though the third bead on the strand is one of the larger ones, I didn’t have any trouble pushing it in while it was properly lubed up. And I was re-thinking my initial disappointment about having some of the larger balls near the beginning of the toy, because they really feel noticeably better popping the hole open and knocking against the inside of anal opening. The cord is pretty slender and has a bit of elasticity to it, but it’s not so stretchy that you can’t get a good tug on it.

Solid beads in varying sizes with a smooth satin surface

You don’t have to push all six of the beads inside to enjoy this toy, but it sure does feel great once you have them all worked in. The flexibility of the string means the beads will easily “pile up” inside your ass, and the firmness of the beads will give your prostate (if you have one) some delightful pressure right where you want it. Be sure to bear down on the beads and feel how intently they press into your P-spot. Honestly, I’ve never gotten a great prostate massage from this type of anal beads before, but these Blush beads are so solid that they work terrifically at kneading just the right spot. Plus it feels great when you gently pull on the cord and allow the beads to knock around inside your ass. Again, the flexible cord offers just enough slack to make this feel really wonderful.

It’s like a Newton’s Cradle for your ass! (Well, sort of.)

In case you hadn’t heard this before, one of the most amazing features of (good) anal beads/balls is removing them at just the right time. Specifically, pulling them out at the moment of climax. If you’ve played with anal toys before, you probably have noticed how intense an orgasm can be when something stimulates your prostate while you’re climaxing. Anal beads take this feeling a step further. With a long strand of semi-large beads, you not only get something massaging your P-spot, but the sensation of the balls’ rounded curves bumping over this area as you pull them out. My own anal muscles clamp down quite hard during orgasm, so I can’t get the entire 6-ball strand yanked out in one deft pull, but a nice slow tug just as my orgasm starts to lift off makes for one of the best climaxes I’ve gotten from a sex toy. Not only was my orgasm more intense and prolonged, but it increased the output of my ejaculation as well. Considerably. And honestly, I couldn’t even tell that the beads were different sizes as they were popping back out during my wild protracted orgasm.

Another thing I have to mention: because these beads are made of silicone, you’ll be able to clean them up easily after use. Some hot water and soap, and they’re good to go once they’ve dried completely. You can’t say the same thing for strands of beads that are strung up on porous cords. So… if you’re looking for a good set of anal beads made of body-friendly silicone that are comfortable enough for easy insertion, but large enough (and firm enough!) for prostate stimulation and more intense orgasms, be sure to give these Advanced Silicone Anal Beads from Blush Novelties a try. Especially if you’ve had your eye on more expensive ($100+) silicone beads but weren’t sure you’d like them enough to justify the price. Blush Novelties has priced this set to be very affordable. Seriously, where can you get a decent silicone 16-inch anal toy for under $25? Peepshow Toys, that’s where. Thanks, Peepshow, for letting me try these out. You’ve just given me another sex toy to add to my Favorites list. Get your Advanced Silicone Anal Beads from Peepshow Toys today in blue or black:

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Product images from Blush Novelties
(Newton’s cradle gif from Pixabay)


FTC Disclaimer: This product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.

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