Probe Silky Light Lube – Like Precum?

Probe Silky Light is a lighter lubricant that has just about the same texture as precum, so if you like to use yours to jack off, grab a bottle of Probe.

Probe Silky Light is a water-based lube that’s been around for awhile. While it isn’t a lube that I use all the time, it’s been one of my favorites for years for a couple of reasons. The main reason I love this stuff is it seems to have the exact same consistency as precum.

I know a lot of guys don’t produce any pre-ejaculatory fluid, and other guys leak a ton of the stuff. Myself, I only seem to produce precum when I find myself in an extended period of arousal, usually during a long session of foreplay with another guy, or while enjoying some “dirty talk” online with a guy (which is usually a precursor to a long session of foreplay). At any rate, it’s hard to produce the stuff on demand, especially if I’m alone. The slippery nature of precum makes it a perfect lubricant, especially if you just want to rub your sweet spot to keep things fired up in anticipation of some hot sex (or at least a good orgasm), so it’s nice to have a doable substitute. The Silky Light formula of Probe lubricant can be drizzled on your cock and suddenly you feel as if you’ve just produced a bumper crop of silky, slippery precum. It even pulls away from your cock in glistening, sticky tendrils.

Like precum, it isn’t long lasting, so you’ll need to finish your business or plan to reapply the stuff. So it’s never my first choice if I’m planning to masturbate for a long time, but I love using it if I know I’m going to pop quickly and just need a little slippery stuff to make it feel even better. My favorite place to use it is in bed, which brings me to the second reason I love this lube. If you sometimes enjoy rubbing one out in bed, even if you capture (or clean up) the load in a tissue, you usually have to leap out of bed and wash the lube off your hands, when you’d really rather just flop back and fall asleep, content in the fact that you just had a good orgasm.

With Probe Silky Light, you can just flop back and fall asleep, because the lube will evaporate pretty quickly, and doesn’t leave much – if any – sticky residue (the cum you’ll have to take care of on your own). Of course the evaporation factor makes Probe Silky Light a less than practical choice for toy use or long sessions of sex or masturbation, unless you don’t mind reapplying it as needed.

If you’re like me and want to use your Probe Silky Light once in awhile, you’ll be happy to know it’s sold in a small bottle with a snap-top lid. If you already love the stuff, or want to use lots of it, you can find it in bigger sizes too, with a pump dispenser. Probe is also sold in a Thick formula, which is more on par with most other water-based lubes. But if you’re a fan of precum-as-lube, why not give Probe Silky Light a shot? I bet you might like it as much as I do.

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