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At long last, this is the Pulse masturbator I’ve been waiting for! Today I’m looking at the Pulse Solo Lux, an oscillating penis massager from Hot Octopuss. I think I’ve reviewed (or at least used) every version of the Pulse toys that have been released since the first one I tried back in 2013. The original was an easy favorite, and they just kept getting better. I recently reviewed the first “couples” Pulse (Pulse III Duo) for Peepshow Toys, and I’m doing this one for them as well.  Like the other Pulse models, the Solo Lux still features the egg-like shape with semi-flexible wings that are designed to wrap around a penis. In the center of the toy sits a round “PulsePlate,” a quivering button that delivers rapid (or less rapid, if you prefer) pulsations to the frenulum, a “feel good” spot under the head of the penis. There are four control buttons on the sides of the Pulse, allowing the user to turn the masturbator on and work it through five different vibration modes, as well as increasing the intensity to the desired amount. I think my biggest issue with any Pulse I’ve used in the past has been the hassle of adjusting the controls while the toy is rumbling away with my cock inside it. “Wouldn’t it be nice if this thing had a remote?” I’d ask myself that question every time a Pulse drove me precariously close to orgasm before I was quite ready to let it go. Well, guess what. The Pulse Solo Lux comes with a remote!

The massager itself sports all the improvements that the other recent Pulse models have. Like a magnetic recharging system that easily allows you to hook it up for a recharge that should give you a good hour of playtime before it needs to be recharged again. It’s waterproof, which not only makes clean-up easier, but allows you to take your masturbator into the bath or shower. It also has a more powerful motor, which offers an even more intense experience than some of the earlier versions. The silicone flaps also seem thicker, softer, and more flexible, without really adding more bulk to the toy. It’s still a comfortable toy to hold in your hand, it just seems more refined to me.

Before I get to the remote, lets take a look at the toy itself.  The curved outer shell is made of smooth, hard ABS plastic. There’s definitely nothing cheap-looking or -feeling about this toy. Sure, there might be some less costly imitations out there these days, but none I’ve tried have the same upscale feel that this Hot Octopuss masturbator does. The inner aspect of the Pulse Solo Lux is silicone; the raised PulsePlate is covered in it, and there are also three raised ridges beneath it to offer extra stimulation for those who want to use the Pulse as a traditional stroker.

The curved wings are totally smooth and really deliver the vibrations nicely, so it’s not just your sweet spot that’s stimulated. Not only can you slide the Pulse up and down, stroker style, but the open-ended and curved design makes it easy to angle it in a way that feel more pleasing to you. If things start to get a little heated on my frenulum, it’s quite simple to tilt the masturbator slightly to ease up on the targeted/direct stimulation.

The two buttons on the left turn the Pulse on and allow the user to cycle through the five settings. The first is a steady vibration, and the other four are pulse patterns. A steady slow pulsing is followed by a more rapid steady pulsing and a the next is even faster. The last option is a rat-a-tat-taaaaaaat that nicely mixes three rapid bursts and one longer vibe, just in case you want to switch things up.

When you’re ready for more intensity, use the two buttons on the right side of the masturbator to increase the power (or bring it back down). There are nine different levels to choose from. Like every Pulse I have tried, the power levels are all pretty intense, so this is definitely built for those who love a lot of vigor in their vibrating masturbation sessions. Need to turn the Pulse off completely? Press and hold the control buttons to shut it down completely. Interestingly, only two of the four buttons worked to power the Pulse off. The uppermost button on the left side, and the lowermost button on the right. When I pressed and held the other two buttons in an attempt to power the toy totally off, I activated the secret weapon built into the Pulse Solo Lux: the turbo feature.

That’s right, I think my favorite thing about this deluxe stroker is the ability to blast it into Turbo drive at the touch of a button (well, two buttons, apparently). Pulse massagers have always been intense strokers, but this version is just off the hook. The Turbo feature is hands-down my favorite thing about this masturbator.  However, when I’m squirming around and not thinking clearly, it’s easy to get confused and hit the wrong button, so it’s great to finally have a remote control.

The remote easily pops out of the wrist holder for handheld use

Not only can you control the toy with the remote, but you don’t even have to hold it in your hand, thanks to a cleverly-designed silicone wristwatch-style holster. Simply wrap the strap around your preferred wrist, insert the small square remote (it’s easy to pop it in and out, so you can definitely use it without the wrist strap, if desired), and enjoy an easy-to-use/straightforward control panel. Unlike the buttons on the toy, the remote buttons are easier to understand. A circle button turns the remote on (you’ll need to power-up the Pulse using the uppermost left-side button on the toy, first) and allows you to cycle through the 5 available settings. A + and – button controls the intensity when it’s running, and a click of the fourth button — which is embossed with the Hot Octopuss crown logo — controls the Turbo function, and it’s even more wild to use when utilizing the remote!

A quick click of the crown sends the already-intense Pulse into overdrive. Need to dial it down in a hurry? Click the crown again and the motor rapidly descends into a purr that’s more moderate. Wow, I could alternate between the Turbo and the Not-So-Turbo for awhile (and I did!), enjoying the contrast between hard pulsing and softer teasing. This cycle is perfect for edging. It should be noted that this version of the Pulse has the strongest motor ever, with speeds reaching 4450 rpm; 500 more rpms that the other Solo Pulse masturbator.

Like every Pulse, you can use this one hands-free, and the remote makes this even easier. Place your cock inside the wings, position the PulsePlate right where you want it, and lean back and work your Pulse Solo Lux through its paces. You don’t even have to be erect to enjoy this massager, so it’s perfect for those who take awhile to get hard or want a toy they can use without an erection at all. However you use it, you’ll love the ability to enjoy a hands-free orgasm. With the remote, you don’t even have to touch the stroker itself while you’re using it. Just power it up, kick back, and enjoy your pulsation session until you’re ready to blow (or the battery runs out…you should have about an hour to get off). If you’re using the remote control strapped to your wrist, your hands are free to do other things. Enjoy a wicked stroker toy with a partner or sex buddy? Hand over the remote to your playmate and let them control the fun!

As I mentioned earlier, you can even use the Pulse as a traditional stroker. Apply your favorite water-based lube to the inner portion of the silicone surface and cup the Pulse in your hand, moving it as slowly or as swiftly as you desire. Mixed with the strong vibrations, the experience is pretty wild. Most of the time, I don’t even need lubrication with these toys; I end up leaking so much precum that the surface is typically slippery with my own fluid and feels quite sensational.

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My list of Favorites now includes the Pulse Solo Lux!


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