REVIEW: Oxlube Silicone Lubricant from Oxballs

I’m back with a review for a new product, and it’s a good one! Peepshow Toys reached out to me and asked if I had any interest in testing out one of the lubricants from Oxballs. Since I love Oxballs toys and gear and I’m always up for greasing up my cock (or my favorite toys), I said yes. Not long after, I was sent a sample box of Oxballs premium silicone lube: Oxlube Silicone.

Oxballs puts out this thick slippery silicone lube in two different sizes: a small (but still generous) 4.4 ounce flip-top bottle and an even bigger one that holds 8.5 ounces! When I opened the box from Oxballs, I was so amazed that they had included both sizes!

Even before opening one of the bottles I could see they really made an effort to present this lube in a stylish way. The bottles are both black with screw-on flip-top caps. The bottles have an internal seal under the cap so nothing will leak out before you crack it open. The labels are really cool as well: black, white and orange with the trademark Oxballs ox and easy to read printing on the side of the bottle.

The first thing I noticed was that this lube is made in the USA and also a 3-ingredient silicone lube with no fillers or preservatives. Curious about those three ingredients? Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone and Dimethiconol. Oxballs describes this lube as “warm, melty and really slick.” It is all of those things. “Use sparingly,” says Oxballs. A little bit of this Oxlube will go a long way, which is generally true of silicone lubes…at least the good ones.

Oxballs says this lube works for jacking off, anal sex/play, vaginal sex and touts its compatibility with toys. It’s also 100% condom compatible. Peepshow Toys’ own product listing says, “Not recommended with most silicone toys” which contradicts Oxballs statement that it’s “sex toy safe with all materials, including Oxballs Liquid Platinum Silicone toys, flexTPR, latex, glass, metal….” My caution is that you should ALWAYS test any lubricant (especially silicone-based lubes) with your favorite toys in a small inconspicuous spot before greasing them up with a heavy layer of unfamiliar lube. Some silicone lubes do react with silicone toys, so it’s always better to be safe and test out a small area of your toy first. Myself, I did not try this lube with any silicone toys, but when I use the two together in the future I will update this post accordingly.

I do like to use silicone lubricant with my two favorite stainless steel toys: the Njoy Pure Wand (MY REVIEW) and the Njoy Pjur Plug. Silicone lube is always long lasting and doesn’t typically need constant reapplications, so a nice thin coating on a sleek stainless steel toy works really well (for me, I know some users don’t enjoy using slippery silicone lube on very smooth–and heavy/hard–metal toys.

Actually, my favorite use for silicone lube is jacking off. A good silicone lubricant is thick, slippery and feels just like a nice warm coating of baby oil on your aroused cock and balls. The Oxlube silicone was perfect for this, and they weren’t kidding when they said you don’t need a lot! Spread a small amount around in a nice even coat and enjoy how wonderful it feels. It’s great for edging sessions and the warm oily texture mixes nicely if and when you start to leak precum. I always enjoy how moisturizing silicone lubricant feels, and this stuff leaves every piece of skin it touches feeling like you’re wearing a silky lotion.

One thing I will mention about any silicone lube: it can be messy and it can and will stain if you’re not careful. Even though Oxballs version is quite thick, it’s still pretty runny if you get a little haphazard when applying it. Squeeze very gently and ease just a small amount out of the bottle to start. You can always add more later.

I like to unroll a “sex toy towel” onto the bed before using toys and/or lubricant that could get messy, and I definitely employed this technique when testing this lube. Things didn’t get too sticky when jacking off, but a test run with Oxlube on the oversized Njoy Pure Wand was a little messier. The towel under me worked perfectly. Now, if I was going to pull this lube out during sex, I’d go one step further and put down my “sex sheets” – a cheaper set of linens I picked up to use when lubricants and cum would likely to be flowing. If you do happen to stain any fabrics while using silicone lube, I’ve found that treating the stain with an oxygen-based laundry agent and using some oxygen-based detergent in your wash cycle often takes care of these types of stains. Silicone lubes don’t absorb into the skin or readily break down like other types of lubes (which is one reason they last so long), so it doesn’t hurt to take some precautions when using the stuff.

So how did I like Oxballs silicone Oxlube? I loved it! As promised, the stuff was warm, slippery and long lasting. The absolute perfect companion for a long, slow edging session where you don’t want to have to constantly reach for the lube to add more. It worked great with my favorite toy, too. Again, I want to lubricate the toy, gently insert it into my hole, and not have to keep stopping and pulling it out to add more lube.

And even though I haven’t tried it for partner sex yet, I know this is going to work great. Bottoms seem to love a good silicone lube for a protracted fuck session (I know I do!) and this stuff is going to work wonderfully for that. I also love that both bottles (even the smaller of the two) are chunky enough to grab and hold while your other hand is busy with, uh, something else. Nothing worse than ordering a bottle of expensive silicone lube and receiving a little tiny plastic bottle with a screw top lid and not being able to hold onto it during sex or stroking. And the caps on these bottles are easy to flip open and snap shut, making spills and drips a lot less likely.

While this silicone lube (like any silicone lube) can be messy, you can clean it up with some soap and hot water when you’re finished stroking, having sex, or using your favorite sex toys. Even after washing up, the lube should leave your skin feeling silky and moisturized. Be very careful with this stuff, though. If you happen to drip any on a smooth surface (sleek floors, tile, etc) this could render things extra slippery. Even the bottle could become unwieldy if some lube residue ends up on it. I like to keep a cloth/tissue handy when I’m using lube as a way to help wipe up any messes before they can cause problems.

Peepshow Toys is stocking both sizes of Oxlube so your main question is do you go for the smaller (yet generous) bottle or splurge on the extra large 8.5 ouncer? Though silicone lubes are typically the most expensive on the market, when I did a quick price comparison between these Oxballs products and some of my other favorite silicone lubes, the Oxlube was available (at least from Peepshow Toys) at a more reasonable cost. If you’re new to silicone lube, or you don’t tend to use a whole bunch, I’d probably recommend the 4.4 ounce bottle to try. However, if you already know how great a high-quality silicone lube is, by all means consider going for the larger bottle. Either way, this stuff should last you awhile. A little of this lube goes a long way, and (unlike most water-based lubricants) you won’t constantly have to keep reapplying it.

Order the Oxlube premium silicone lube from Peepshow Toys using the following link:

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FTC Notice: This product was provided free of charge by Oxballs through an arrangement with Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.

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