Sir Richard’s Twin Turbo Vibrating Stroker

I’m doing another stroker review right off, because I want to offer up a better (in my opinion) option for those who are seeking a decent vibrating silicone stroker. I didn’t care for the Maia Piper masturbator (read my review), and figured I’d let this new one jump the line, since many of the issues I had with the aforementioned are not problems with this one. And this one is: Control by Sir Richard’s Silicone Twin Turbo Vibrating Stroker. I swear, these names just keep getting longer and more convoluted. For the rest of this review, I’ll be referring to this gadget simply as the Twin Turbo. Let’s take a look. As you may have guessed, this sex toy comes from the Sir Richard’s line. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered anything from this company, but he/they have lots of cock rings, prostate massagers, and sleeves/masturbators. It looks like a fun collection, actually, with lots of different options for beginners and seasoned users alike, and lots of silicone! Being body-friendly and long-lasting, with no funny odors is always a good thing. Peepshow Toys sent the Twin Turbo to me in exchange for an honest review.

Out of the package, the Twin Turbo is quite nice. It’s a good size, but doesn’t feel heavy or bulky. The hourglass shape of the canister makes it extra comfortable to hold and move. The stroker has a hard black plastic case holding a gray silicone sleeve. If you want a masturbator that isn’t made with bright pink or more realistic “flesh tones,” this color combo might be just what you’re looking for. The orifice is kind of a chunky hexagon shape, that disappears into the tunnel with a series of subsequent hexes. This creates a subtle pattern for the cocks that slide into this thing. One of things I didn’t care for about the last masturbator was the entirely smooth surface of the material. While the Twin Turbo isn’t sporting an overly tactile texture like some masturbators (ahem, Fleshlights) have, the attempt to give the interior a texture of any sort is duly noted. Actually, the geometric nature of the hole reminds me a little of one of those individual pocket coils they show in advertisements for fancy mattresses. No hard or sharp parts, of course.

Hard plastic case, stretchy silicone sleeve

Another thing I liked right away about the Twin Turbo is the flat orifice. No raised parts, no bulbous barriers to keep your dick at bay. You’ll be able to press the front of this thing directly against your body and get as much of your dick inside as you can. Great! There is a slight etching around the orifice that I would call “Vaguely Vulva” if I must. The idea is there, but I don’t think it’s too off-putting for those who aren’t really in the market for anatomically realistic masturbators.

The sleeve itself is open on one end and entirely closed off at the bottom. The depth is about 5.5 inches (the entire toy measures just over 6 inches long), so if you have a long penis you won’t be able to go balls deep, but the silicone is plenty stretchy and flexible, so most guys should be able to enjoy this one. The silicone isn’t held in place by anything too firm, so the sides — while kind of collapsed — will stretch and expand to accommodate thicker cocks. The opening runs between an inch and an inch-and-a-half, depending on which angle you measure it from. The material is firmer where you penetrate, so if your cock is exceptionally thick, you’d better like a tight orifice.

Use a good water-based lube with the Twin Turbo. Since the bottom of the tunnel is enclosed, you shouldn’t need much to start, but use enough so the material doesn’t feel too rough against your flesh. Without the vibrator, the texture of the sleeve really isn’t anything amazing, but it does beat an entirely smooth tunnel. I do think the Twin Turbo’s sleeve has a design that’s more accommodating to cocks of different sizes, shapes, thicknesses, and lengths, so it’s got that going for it, but I do think overly hung guys might have a little more trouble penetrating this one, especially if they like to go deep. My own dick runs about 7 inches and with a cock ring on might be a tad longer and more thick, and even I found it to be a bit of a tight squeeze. This problem generally arises when the manufacturer doesn’t allow a way for air to escape the interior. You’re trying to slide your cock deep inside, and it meets up with a barrier of air trying to get out. Luckily, the soft silicone has enough give to make it possible, but — damn — it can be a struggle at times. How about a design where the sleeve is open on both ends and dual vibrators are built into either side of the channel? Easier to penetrate, easier to fuck, and way easier to clean and dry once you’re done. Just sayin’….

I only gave the Twin Turbo a cursory try without the vibes, because the vibrators are really the reason why you’d buy this thing, right? Well, let’s see. Before you can use the vibration mode, you’ll need to charge the toy. The Twin Turbo has an interesting charging port. The toy is rechargeable, so any time it needs a boost just flip the silicone plug out of the port and insert the metal prong end of the USB charging cable. The toy takes about an hour to fully charge and should last about an hour once it’s powered up. Be sure to reseal the charging port, especially if you plan to use the Twin Turbo in water. Yes, it’s waterproof, so go ahead and have some fun in the shower, or at least rest easy when you are cleaning it out after each use that you won’t damage it by getting it near water. And I like the SR tag affixed to the cable. While it doesn’t identify the specific Sir Richard’s toy, the label does help make it easier to figure out which charger goes with which toy if you happen to have a few different toys with USB chargers.

Two pluses: the toy’s rechargeable, and the orifice is fairly flat!

As the name suggests, there are two different vibrators buried under the silicone sleeve. There’s only one control on the case, so it takes a minute to figure it out. There are three icons embossed on the button. At first glance, I thought the flame icon would control a heating feature (I love that, when it’s done right), and the up and down arrows would be used to control the speed of the vibrator. It’s not quite that simple. The flame icon doesn’t control a heat setting, because there isn’t one. True, the company touts “Internal Heating Mode,” but they are merely referencing the propensity of silicone to warm to body temperature as a penis slides in and out of the internal cavity. So what does the flame button do? It activates the Turbo mode. I guess Sir Richard’s wants us to envision flames shooting out of a hot rod or something. But anyway, the other two buttons? Simply put, there are two vibrators inside the toy. A “Deep Motor” vibe which is buried near the bottom of the tunnel, and an “Entry Motor” vibe that teases just inside the orifice. The down button activates the Entry Motor, while the up button turns on the Deep Motor. Here’s a diagram I put together of the controls:

The inclination is to use the up arrow to increase the intensity or change the vibration patterns, but in this case it’s not the case. Click either button to turn on the vibe associated with that button and then click the same button to cycle through the settings. Need to turn off a particular motor? Press and hold the appropriate button until the vibe shuts down. The Turbo setting comes into play only when you activate it, and it’s kind of cool. With either (or both) vibrators running, press and hold the flame icon to experience a sudden burst of more powerful vibrations deep inside the masturbator. As soon as you release the flame button, the turbo charge stops and the toy returns to the setting it was on before you activated it. You can even use the stroker without vibrations and easily give yourself a turbo boost just when you want it. Simply press and hold, and suddenly you’re enjoying a blast of vibration. This is a nice feature for those who don’t want a steady vibration and would rather just experience it momentarily and turn it off just as easily.

So how do the vibrations feel? They aren’t bad, actually. It’s nice to have dual motors in a stroker, but you’d think they might be a little more intense if they were going to go to all the trouble. Coupled with the flat orifice, the Entry Motor vibe is — as it suggests — just inside the entry hole, so this one will tease whatever part of your cock you happen to have nearby. As someone who enjoys frenulum stimulation, I ended up with some decent vibes on the head of my cock and on that sweet spot just under it, but it really can’t compare with the vibes from some more intense toys, like The Man Wand, for instance. Still, it was just nice to be able to easily penetrate the stroker and actually feel the vibrations. The Entry Motor has 3 levels of steady vibration and an small assortment of pulse patterns. Nothing earth shaking, but they’re all pretty nice. I liked that the steady vibrations were all noticeably different from each other. So often, they all feel the same. The low setting was nice and low, while the other two were pretty intense.

A second vibrator is buried in the bottom of the toy. The Deep Motor is feels stronger and more rumbly, so even if your cock doesn’t reach the bottom of the sleeve, the motor puts out enough intensity to make it worth while. Again, there are three distinct steady vibes, followed by an assortment of patterns. The patterns of both motors are identical, so — for fun — you can run both together and try to sync the two. It’s harder than you think, so you might just want to enjoy it however it happens to send out its vibes.

The Turbo charge is the Twin Turbo’s namesake, and it actually does give the sleeve an extra boost. Whether you need just a bit more stimulation while either/both of the motors are already running, or you want to give yourself a jolt of vibration while using the toy without the motors, the Turbo button is a great feature. Just press and hold the flame icon and feel the toy burst harder. Need it to quit? Just release the button and it immediately halts the Turbo feature. It’s also fun to get close using one or both of the vibrators and then activate the Turbo vibe as you near orgasm. If it’s too intense to use as you actually climax, just release the button and dial it down. The other vibrators can be turned off by pressing and holding the appropriate arrow on the control panel. Once you get the hang of the controls, it’s pretty easy to change the settings during use.

All in all, I think the Sir Richard’s Twin Turbo is pretty enjoyable if you’re in the market for a stroker with built-in vibrators. The vibes are pretty decent and the Turbo function adds an extra level of fun. Give it a little more texture and design it to be open on both ends and it might just be a home run. But as it stands, it should get you to 2nd or 3rd base. Batter up!

Find the Sir Richard’s Twin Turbo Silicone Masturbator at Peepshow Toys using the following link:

I’ve also tested out another Sir Richard’s stroker: The Cock Teaser (review coming soon!)  Be sure to check out the assortment of body-friendly strokers Peepshow stocks, as well as their lube collectioncock rings, and anal toys. Truly, they have something for everyone! I’ve reviewed a lot of different stuff for Peepshow Toys, so check out those reviews too! Want to save 10% on your next order? Enter the coupon code allmalesextoys while checking out.


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FTC Disclaimer: This product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.

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