SquarePegToys® Blunt™ Plug Review

A few weeks ago I tested and reviewed the Egg Plug from SquarePegToys® for Peepshow Toys. Not long after I finished that up, I was offered another one of the silicone butt plugs from this collection: the Blunt™ Plug. Let’s see how this one compares to the Egg Plug.

At a glance, the two plugs seem fairly similar. They are both manufactured in America from hand-sculpted molds and made with 100% platinum grade silicone that’s US sourced. Peepshow Toys currently stocks the Bronze versions for both toys, which is a SuperSoft material that helps with insertion and makes for a comfortable long-term wear. I love the color, a deep coppery shade that’s just shimmery enough to give it a metallic appearance. Each plug sports a smooth rounded tip and a wide, anal-safe base. When I was first contacted to do a review for one of the SquarePegToys® plugs, I gravitated toward the Egg Plug initially because a “group photo” I had seen of the various Blunt™ Plugs made it seem as if the base of these was narrow and rounded, not wide and curved like the base on each of the Egg Plugs. Happily, this was not the case. Since the photo I had seen showed the Blunt™ Plugs positioned at a sideways angle, the anchor-like shape of each base was not that apparent. I was glad to see both sets of plugs feature a decent (wide) base for safety.

#S4 — With a neck almost as thick as the plug itself

When selecting a Blunt™ Plug to review, I opted for the S4, a mid-sized toy that most closely resembled the Egg Plug that I had tried out (I tested a Medium). I figured this way I could more easily compare the two. The main difference between the Egg Plugs and the Blunt™ Plugs is the size and shape of the necks. While the Egg Plugs had been designed with a relatively narrow neck, the Blunt™ Plugs have a much thicker root. This is perfect for those who desire to keep their holes stretched open while wearing the plug.  Just to compare the two side by side, the Medium Egg Plug is 5 inches long and has a max width of 1.83 inches. The Blunt™ Plug I tried has a 4.5 inch length and the plug’s maximum circumference is 5.9″ with the neck’s circumference measuring 4.5″. An informal measuring of my Egg Plug gives a maximum circumference as 5.6″ with the more compact neck measuring about 3.6 inches.

Medium Egg Plug (left) vs. Blunt™ Plug S4

The Blunt™ Plug is offered for those who would like their hole to gape more, and the design is successful in this regard. I was definitely more aware of the plug being inside me at all times, whereas the Egg Plug — while definitely providing a “filling” sensation — offered a more comfortable sensation overall. Which isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy the Blunt™ Plug’s unique feel. If you’ve ever used a dildo with a uniform girth, you know how this tends to hold your hole open. The Blunt™ Plug offers a similar feel. For this reason, I’d definitely recommend a Blunt™ Plug as a “trainer” of sorts for those who wish to incorporate thicker toys into their play. This is even a good choice for those who wish to try anal sex — or any kind of anal play, really — but aren’t sure what the sensation of being stretched open might feel like.

Things stay thick even as you go deep

One of the things I really liked about the earlier toy I tried — the Egg Plug — was how comfortable it was during a longer session. I could even move around and walk about with the plug inside. With the thicker neck, I didn’t think the Blunt™ Plug was going to perform as well as the other one for those times when I wanted to keep the plug in, but I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, the stretch the Blunt™ Plug gives is definitely noticeable the entire time it’s up inside you, but the SuperSoft silicone used in all of these plugs gives even this thicker toy a leg up, so go ahead and put it in and leave it in. While I’d want something firmer for intense prostate stimulation, the squishiness of these SquarePegToys® easily makes them some of my favorite softer sex toys. The softness makes them (at least for me) easier to push into my hole, and pull them out when I’m finished. I will say, due to the thicker neck on this one, it was even easier than the Egg Plug to remove. (The Egg Plug delivers a nice satisfying “pop” though, as the larger portion of the plug stretches you open again from the inside as you’re pulling it out of your hole.)

A flat base for standing it upright, and nice curves for comfort

Even though the design of the base is somewhat different from the Egg Plug, the Blunt™ Plug still works well as a butt plug you’d want to sit on. The base is nice and flat and though I kinda wish it had the upwardly-curving base that the Egg Plug has (so comfortable!) the downward-curving base on the Blunt™ is pretty comfortable as well. You definitely notice the base in your crack more than the Egg Plug, but with the thicker root of this toy stretching your hole, the base isn’t going to be that distracting. Like the Egg Plug, Peepshow Toys is stocking six different sizes of this thing, so there’s a good size for every user. There are 3 smaller versions than the one I tried, and 2 thicker ones. [Update from July 2020: the plugs are available in even more sizes! Check Peepshow Toys for details.]

SquarePegToys® Blunt Plugs — from Smallest (S1) to Largest (S6)

I used my favorite water-based lube — Sliquid Sassy — on this toy and it worked great. I’ve recently been integrating a lube shooter syringe into my anal play, which makes it so much easier to deliver a nice helping of lubricant before I try to push any larger toy into my hole, and it also makes pulling anything out way easier and more comfortable. Manufactured from silicone, these plugs are body-friendly and there are no nasty chemicals inside them (which, in turn, give your toys nasty odors). Clean up is easy, too. Just be sure to let them dry completely before storing, and store them upright without being mashed in with a bunch of other stuff. Due to the softness of the material, some distortion could occur if you store them haphazardly. I’ve been putting each cleaned/dried plug back in its plastic zip bag and making sure each one stands on its flat base to help preserve its shape so I can enjoy it for years to come.

Are you ready to select your own Blunt™ Plug from SquarePegToys®? Fine the perfect one for you in six different sizes at Peepshow Toys:

*UPDATE: JULY 2020 — The Blunt™ Plugs are now available in another color (graphite—see the photo below) and a total of 11 different sizes!

Blunt Plugs now in Graphite silicone!

Maybe you also want an egg-shaped plug with a narrower neck for those times when you don’t want as much stretch or gape. Read my review of the SquarePegToys® Egg Plugs, also available at Peepshow Toys. Please note: the SquarePegToys® are not eligible for any discounts. ALSO: Be sure to read the other reviews I have done for Peepshow Toys for more fun body-safe anal toys, masturbators and more!


Product photos from allmalesextoys.com
Photo of 6 plugs and graphite plugs from Peepshow Toys/SquarePegToys®


FTC Notice: this product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.


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