SquarePegToys® Egg Plug Review

SquarePegToys® is one of those brands that I’ve admired from afar, but never tried. Last week that changed when I received one of their Egg Plugs from Peepshow Toys.

Before I get to the toy, let me say a little something about SquarePegToys® as a company. This is a US-based company — in business for 22 years — that makes its toys from 100% platinum grade silicone. Not only are the pieces hand-crafted in the US, but everything is made with US-sourced raw materials. Each toy starts with an original sculpture which is turned into a mold from which the finished toy emerges.

While SquarePegToys® is known both for their unique/wild designs and their oversized anal toys, Peepshow Toys has chosen to stock somewhat more traditional pieces in their own shop. The Egg Plugs look a lot like conventional butt plugs, with a flared base and skinnier necks, with the business end of the plugs shaped like (surprise!) eggs. Designed with all experience levels in mind, the plugs range in size from Extra Small (3.5″ long) to Extra Large (6.5″ long), with girths that expand with each size increase. I requested a Medium plug, which sports a total length of 5 inches and a 1.83-inch width.

The SquarePegToys® Medium Egg Plug

Right out of the package, the Medium Egg Plug is an eye-catching piece. The bronze silicone is a stunning bold color, a beautifully solid metallic shade with some very subtle whorls throughout the plug. This is probably the softest silicone piece I have ever held in my hands. While the plug itself has a nice dense feel to it, the silicone is so soft that you can easily squeeze it. It kind of feels like one of those squishy stress balls you can squeeze in your hand, so I couldn’t wait to get it inside me and see what it felt like when I clenched it with my anal muscles. To give you an idea of size and softness, here’s a SquarePegToys® video where the Medium plug is shown off:

The egg portion of the plug has a nice shape, with a perfectly rounded tip. The plug does narrow at the neck, but it’s still pretty dense. The base is thick with curved ends, allowing the plug to anchor between your ass cheeks. The bottom of the plug is totally flat. You wouldn’t think so, but the Egg Plug easily stands on its own, in spite of the soft material and the base’s relatively narrow width. All in all, it looks and feels great, but how does it feel when you put it inside your hole?

I was initially a little concerned about insertion. Because of the super-soft material and the rounded tip, I wasn’t sure how much of a hassle it would be to push it inside me. While Peepshow Toys is suggesting pairing up the Egg Plugs with The Butters oil-based lubricant, I stuck with my regular anal toy standby: water-based Sliquid Sassy lube. Since I received a lube shooter in the b-Vibe Anal Training Kit I recently reviewed, I used that to apply some extra lube inside my hole before I attempted to penetrate. I also put a generous quantity of Sliquid on the plug, all the way down to the bottom of the neck. I was honestly prepared to have insertion be difficult, but the Egg Plug — with a minimal amount of pressing from me — popped right in. Damn, what an amazing sensation!

Egg Plug: a view from the top

With penetration out of the way, the plug was seated and safely anchored between my cheeks. Because of the softness and flexibility of the silicone, the plug was incredibly comfortable, inside and out. I can’t say it gave me any acute jolts of prostate stimulation on its own (compared with a completely solid anal toy, like the stainless steel Njoy Pure Wand), but the feeling of fullness and the absolute comfort of the plug was its own unique sensation.

Clenching the Egg Plug felt great. Again, there wasn’t any intense grinding against my prostate, but the ongoing low-level pressure from this thing made for a more protracted anal session. And because the plugs are so soft and comfortable, these are perfect for those who want a long session. Not only is the plug itself easy on the ass, but the base has been so thoughtfully designed. There’s nothing worse than a hard, uncomfortable base annoying your crack, taint, and/or tailbone while you’re trying to get into a butt plug, but there’s none of that with this one. Comfortable, inside and out. The flattened base makes this plug ideal for those who want to sit on the plug (even on a hard surface), especially if you want to leave it in for awhile. It’s perfect if you’re looking for an extended-wear anal toy. It’s also very comfortable as an “up and around” toy, with no discomfort while walking while it’s in. I haven’t worked up to wearing it under clothing and leaving it in while out of the house, but I’m definitely going to be trying that soon.

In case you were wondering if there was any discomfort when removing the plug, it popped out (with a little puppy-with-a-toy tugging on my part) almost as easily as it went in. You may want to rub a little extra lubricant around the neck of the toy (and your hole) while removing it, if things feel a little tight. The softness of the silicone means the plug is kind of stretchy, so it may feel like it’s not coming out as easier as some of your more solid toys. Clean up couldn’t be easier. Soap and water as soon as you’re finished and let the plug air dry before storing. SquarePegToys® recommends storing these plugs in an upright position, due to the super-soft silicone, as imprints and creases could become permanent and distort the shape. Does your toy have a persistent odor after long-term use and won’t come clean with just soap and water? Read the helpful suggestions from SquarePegToys® on removing the odors that tend to occur with softer silicones like the material used in Egg Plugs.

I can’t wait to try one of the larger plugs in the collection. Now that I know how comfortable the Medium plug is, I am pretty eager to see how the Large or even Extra Large feels inside my ass. Does the size of the Medium feel a little daunting to you? There are actually two smaller ones you can start with. The Small measures a nice 4.5″ (1.67″ width) and the Extra Small is even more manageable, with a 3.5″ length (1.35″ width). Want to go bigger than the Medium? The biggest Egg Plug Peepshow stocks is the Extra Large, measuring 6.5″ in length (2.63″ width), with the Large plug measuring 5.5″ (2.07″). Does the Large plug appeal to you, but think you’d like something thicker? Your wishes are granted with the Large XL, which sports the Large plug’s 5.5″ length with a thicker (2.39″) width. Here’s an image of all the plugs from Peepshow Toys that shows their size relative to one another:

Ready to try your own SquarePlugToys® Egg Plug? Find all 6 sizes in SuperSoft Bronze silicone from Peepshow Toys using the following link:

Please Note: The SquarePegToys® items are excluded from all Peepshow Toys discounts. Be sure to read the other reviews I have done for Peepshow Toys for more fun body-safe anal toys, masturbators and more! Want even more hole stretching from SquarePegToys®? Check out the Blunt Plugs, with even thicker necks! Here are four more photos of the Egg Plug (medium size):


Product photos from allmalesextoys.com
Photo of 6 plugs from Peepshow Toys/SquarePegToys®


FTC Notice: this product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.


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