Stroke 29 Masturbation Cream

Stroke 29 Masturbation Cream has been a favorite jack off lube of mine for quite awhile. If you’re looking for a lubricant specifically designed for masturbation, you’re going to want to give this stuff a try.

I first heard about Stroke 29 several years ago, when a masturbation-loving friend of mine kept extolling the qualities of the lube. He explained that it went on thick and gradually turned into a liquid lube at around the twenty-ninth stroke. Once that happens, he says, it feels fucking fantastic. He wasn’t kidding.

Stroke 29 is made by the Gun Oil company, also known for their popular silicone and water-based lubricants. While those work equally well for sex, toys, or masturbation, Stroke 29 is an oil-based cream designed specifically for jacking off. What makes it different than liquid lubes?

First of all, it’s thick. It’s packaged in a large tube, similar to toothpaste. When you’re ready for some Stroke 29, simply flip the cap and squeeze the tube. This lube comes out very thick, so you’re going to have to apply some pressure to get it out. There are two benefits to this: firstly, you’re not going to end up with lube all over the place, the way you do with many liquid lubes. And you’re not going to get more than you need for the job at hand. I usually squeeze an inch or less out of the container. It’ll easily stick to your fingertips so you can spread it exactly where you want it.

Since my cock’s frenulum is the “sweet spot” of choice, I usually rub the lube right into this spot, and then use my hand to smear it around the head and the upper half of the shaft. At this point, the Stroke 29 is still pretty thick (i.e. not running down my dick). It’s nice to have a lube that “stays put” where you initially apply it, so you aren’t having to make a second application before you even start to jack off.

Once you’re ready to roll, stroke as you normally would. As you rub up and down, you’ll notice how the lube begins to spread around and turn to liquid. The texture of Stroke 29 is very oily and silky, but not overly messy. I usually keep an extra tissue handy in case I need to pause and use my hand for something else (like switching the porn); since Stroke 29 is made with oil it will stain more easily than water-based lubes, so watch what you touch while using it.

After the Stroke 29 liquefies, it tends to keep its silky consistency. It works perfectly with your body heat (and the friction from masturbation) so it’ll have a nice warmth to it as you continue to stroke. This stuff is perfect for long, leisurely masturbation sessions and even if I go for awhile, I usually only make one re-application, just to add a little more thickness to the existing lube. Lube that you aren’t constantly having to reapply is always a good thing. One tube of Stroke 29 should last you awhile, even if you’re using it every day.

Once you ejaculate, clean up isn’t bad at all. It can usually be wiped fairly clean with tissues or wet wipes, but if you want to be extra clean, some soap and water works like a charm. I’ve certainly never been left with a huge sticky mess, even when just wiping up with tissues. Since this lube is oil-based, it should really only be used for masturbation. Steer clear of things like condoms and sex toys; use one of Gun Oil’s other lubes with those materials. But for jacking off, Stroke 29 might just become one of your favorite lubes. It certainly holds that spot for me!

Ready to lube up with Stroke 29? Find it in two sizes (it’s now even available in a wide mouth jar!) from any of these online stores I affiliate with:

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