Supra Prostate Massager

The Performance Plus Supra from Blush Novelties is a new vibrating prostate massager I’m reviewing for Peepshow Toys. It’s a silicone plug with a bulbous head, an anal-safe base, and a rechargeable vibrator buried in its core.

The Supra has a total length of 4.25 inches and the insertable plug portion measures 3.25 inches. There’s a 4-inch circumference in the Supra’s widest spot, which happens to be the rounded knob at the tip, which is designed to massage a guy’s prostate when the plug is inserted just right. The base is plenty wide enough and it has a nice curve to it, which makes it really comfortable for long sessions. The round handle on the base serves two purposes: it makes removal a lot easier, and allows the users to angle the plug during use. This comes in handy once it’s all the way in and you want to gentle work the bulge into your P-spot. The removable vibrating bullet turns a basic plug into a quivering prostate massager.

A brief overview of the Performance Plus prostate toys: they’re made of body-safe silicone in a deep blue/purple (indigo) shade, even more rich than the product photos here show. There’s an included multi-speed bullet vibe that easily charges with a magnetic connection on one end and a plug that fits into any USB-type port. A two hour charge should fully power up the vibrator and – once charged – will give you about an hour of play time. Once it’s ready to go, this little bullet packs quite a wallop. Blush Novelties suggests using the bullet as a stand-alone toy, which is fun if you like heavy-duty vibrations on your most sensitive of spots. They also suggest sliding a finger into the empty bullet cavity so you can engage the plug as a finger toy. Go ahead and try it out before you insert the vibe. Because once the vibe is in place, you’re going to forget all about using this toy for anything but a vibrating prostate massager.

Yeah, that’s right. Once I was ready to fire it up, I put the bullet in the toy’s core, added my favorite water-based lube (Blush Novelties recommends only using water-based lubes with this toy) and eased it in. In spite of the larger bulb on this toy, I didn’t have a difficult time inserting it. The penetration method I like to employ with new anal toys is pushing it in with firm little thrusts, then releasing and allowing the toy to slip back out, going a little bit deeper with every gentle push. If you’ve lubricated the toy properly, you should feel it pop in and seat itself after not-too-many pokes. Even though the Supra has a big, curvy base, I found this prostate massager to fit comfortably in my crack. To me, comfort during use is a big thing, and I always enjoy a toy more when it isn’t irritating certain spots. Once it was in place, I really enjoyed bearing down on the toy. With the bullet inserted (but not turned on), it gives the Supra a nice firm feel when you grip it. The plug stayed in place when I squeezed it, and the curved tip pressed into just the right spot. I hadn’t even clicked on the vibe, and already the Supra was fast becoming my favorite.

When you’re ready to turn the vibe on, press and hold the button in the base. It hums to life and – even on the “low” setting – the vibrations are just delicious. Everything tingles and that bulbous tip really delivers what the bullet shoots into it. There are five steady vibe settings, each one stronger and faster than the one before it. Seriously, I could have gotten off just from sitting back and enjoying this, but I’m glad I didn’t, because the patterns Blush Novelties put in the second half of the settings just about blew my mind.

The first of the patterns is really amazing. The vibe flutters erratically into a hard, steady vibration, over and over. I’ve never experienced a vibration pattern quite like this one and whoever sits around and dreams these things up really knocked it out of the park with this setting. It’s hands-down my favorite. “What a P-spot knocker!” I wrote in my notes, while the thing was zapping away in my hole. The others are good, too. Pattern two features “nice and steady powerful throbs,” and the third is the same thing, only faster. The fourth is a mixed one that’s “very nice, especially on that long vibe that ends the pattern.” My notes for the last one indicate a “soft and long whir, then a hard long one kicks in.”

The vibrating bullet inside the Supra really drove me nuts. I was leaking precum like crazy, which is always a good sign that a toy is pleasing my prostate. I also found that altering your body position can make a difference how the toy feels. You can even adjust the position of the toy once it’s inside you. Remember that round silicone finger hole on the base? It sure comes in handy when you want to angle the toy differently. Even a subtle shift can make the vibes hit your prostate a bit differently. Relaxing your anal muscles completely will switch things up, and when you bear down on the toy again, you’re going to whimper in pleasure.

I guess it’s safe to say I enjoyed the Supra prostate massager. The design really worked well with my anatomy. Between the rounded head, the ability to angle the toy easily, and the powerful vibrator, the Supra quickly jumped onto my Favorites list. I love this little toy!

Wait. There’s even more to love. Since the vibrator’s waterproof, you can pop this plug into your hole and jump in the shower or bath. It’s submersible up to three feet, so enjoy it in the water (just don’t get too crazy and slip!). Clean up is easy, as with most silicone toys. Hot water and soap, and everything comes clean. I found that using a body wipe works great for cleaning the bullet if you get any lube on it. Once it’s completely dry you can store it until the next time you’re ready for some prostate massage fun.

Ready to try Supra for yourself? Find it at Peepshow Toys, using the following link:

Don’t forget to use the coupon code allmalesextoys when you’re checking out. It’ll save you 10% on your purchase from Peepshow Toys! Thanks again to Peepshow Toys for letting me try this nice new prostate massager. If you’d like to check out the other toys I’ve reviewed for Peepshow Toys, find those posts here.


Product images from Blush Novelties


FTC Notice: this product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.

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