Tap-It Vibrating Tapping Prostate Massager

Today I’m looking at a powered prostate massager with something extra: the Tap-It P-spot Massager from Zero Tolerance not only vibrates, it includes a special massager in the tip that is designed to work your prostate directly. Peepshow Toys sent this gadget to me for an honest review, so here are my thoughts.

At first glance, the Tap-It has a familiar design. Like many prostate massagers, this one is L-shaped, with the longer end devised to slide into your hole with the shorter piece coming to rest in the crack of your ass. This way, the tip will (hopefully) rest on your prostate gland, while the exterior portion will stimulate the external areas on and around your hole and taint. It’s a nice solid piece, with some subtle curves for easier insertion.

Tap-It Prostate Massager with Remote

The toy is coated almost entirely in silicone, though there is a small patch of smooth glossy plastic on the bend. The box the Tap-It is packaged in works perfectly for storage, with a snug plastic tray inside to hold the massager. There’s a separate receptacle for the small remote. A charging cord is tucked under the tray. You’ll need to charge the massager before use. (The remote requires an included button cell battery.)

Once you charge up the Tap-It using a compatible USB port, you’re ready to take it for its first ride. You can turn the Tap-It on and off and switch its settings using the two flush controls on the base, but the remote really makes things easier, at least once you’ve inserted the toy. The vibe is buried somewhere inside and it’s intense enough to deliver delicious buzzy sensations not only to the taint and balls, but also powerful enough to set the insertable prong a-quiver.  And while the vibrator in this toy is top notch, you probably picked this thing up because of the tapping massager in the tip. And that’s truly the Tap-It’s secret weapon.

The tapping gadget is operated with a second control on the base and/or remote. The mechanism is about the size and shape of a peanut M&M candy, nestled in its own recessed pocket on the portion of the bulbous tip that will rest on or near your P-spot. Even when it’s not operational, the egg-shaped little knob still protrudes noticeably, so you might even get some added grind when you’re using the Tap-It manually, or just using the toy in vibe-only mode. I definitely felt it both during insertion and withdrawal, and noticed the bump immediately once the plug was fully inserted. But when you turn the little egg on, it’ll really change things up in a hurry. I’ve actually seen similar sex toys while browsing the “off brand” sex toys on Amazon, and have been curious as to how well they actually work. The price is usually way lower than brand name sex toys that come from trusted manufacturers and reputable toy retailers, and the glowing reviews always seem a little too good to be true. I mean, are they merely raves written by the seller or other insiders to promote sales? At any rate, when I saw the Tap-It being sold by a company whose products I’ve used (and liked!) before, I knew I couldn’t wait to try it. And I’m so happy I got the chance!

The effects of the little silicone nugget tapping against my prostate were absolutely incredible. Instantly I felt the kneading against this sensitive spot, which produced a jolt of powerful feeling that I usually only obtain by using a well-placed finger or a much larger solid toy, like one of Njoy’s steel sex toys. Since Zero Tolerance designed this massager’s movable button to replicate the motion of a fingertip working itself against the P-spot, I’d have to say they did a great job! It certainly rubs the right place.

At first, the kneading/tapping was so intense, I had to shut the thing off. With the vibrator still going, this sent an additional rush of pleasure through my entire anal cavity, as if the shifting of gears sent me to a different place. All it took was another press of the tap button to bring a jolt of pleasure back to the prostate. I don’t want to describe it as uncomfortable, but feeling that little knob press into just the right spot made me twist and gasp every time I switched it back on. It’s definitely a unique sensation.

Use Tap-It in Manual Mode (left) or turn on the Tapper (right)

The steady tapping got to be a little too intense for me, even after a short duration, so I was enjoying the stop-and-start patterns a lot more. Like the pulse patterns on a traditional vibrator (like the one that buzzes through this toy), the tapper on pulse jiggles and stops. I counted a number of separate patterns, and I like the more erratic tapping better, though they were all decent. Even the steady tapping  (with three different speeds: fast, faster, faaaasssssterrrr) felt different and amazing, though I am so grateful this toy came with a handheld remote. As much as I loved the direct pressure on my spot, I could only take it in short bursts. The remote allowed me to turn it off instantly, and enjoy the aforementioned “inner glow” that passed over me as the vibe-only buzzing teased all the pleasure nerves down there.

My animation of the Tap-It tapping

If you like intense prostate massage but prefer a toy to do most of the work, you should definitely give this thing a try. The Tap-It is perfect if you’re looking to lube something up, slide it inside, and just ride the wave of intensity that it can bring. Of course, using it manually (while stroking/edging) and enjoying it in vibe-only mode was really good, too. I just love having the ability to hit that “rocket booster” button and feeling the intense jolt press me in just the right spot!

The insertable length of the Tap-It measures about 4 inches (the package lists it as 3.88″). The shaft is solid and unbending, and with the hard angled base, the tip won’t reach any further, should your own prostate lay deeper than that. I’d recommended experimenting with fingers or simpler (and less expensive) sex toys if you are a prostate stimulation novice, just to make sure this solid toy is going to work with your own anatomy. Generally, the prostate can be reached (and stimulated) with your index finger, so you should be good to go with the Tap-It. It’s not an overly girthy toy—just under an inch and a half where the tapping button protrudes from the bulbous shaft—but be sure to lubricate it with an even coating of water-based lube for maximum comfort during use.

The Tap-It is waterproof, so you can certainly push it up your hole and enjoy your new massager as you shower or bathe. Any waterproof sex toys are easier to clean once you’re finished, so don’t be afraid to scrub this thing with soap and warm water once you’ve finished your session.

The included remote works from 45 feet away, so not only can you use it yourself to control the massager when it’s inside you, but you can easily pass the controls to a playmate, for some wild hands-free partner fun! I’m not sure how many motors are embedded in this toy, but the entire toy (tip to base) buzzes with power, even on the lowest settings, so the Tap-It will not only stimulate you internally, but your taint and balls will be nicely buzzed if you choose to use the vibrator.

There are 10 different vibe settings. I counted four steady settings, one of which is mixed in with the six different patterns, which offer a great variety of fast pulses and on-and-off rhythms. The remote makes it easy to switch between your favorites, and pressing and holding the vibe button can shut it down in a hurry if things get too intense and you need to calm everything down.

The tapping button is controlled by a second push button on the remote and like the vibrator, it has ten different settings. I preferred the more erratic tapping settings, but if you enjoy steady non-stop stimulation directly on your prostate, you can do that as well. Since you can use the toy manually (no added stimulation), with or without vibrations,  and with or without targeted tapping, this is really a versatile little massager to add to your collection. I can’t believe I waited so long to try one of these tapping toys, but I know I’ll be using mine all the time when I am ready for an intense session.

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Product photos from Zero Tolerance
(Tapping animation is my own)


FTC Notice: this product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.

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