Tenga Egg Masturbators

I actually gave these little masturbation toys several test drives over the winter, when it was too cold to go outside and do anything. Now that we’re into the hot summer months, I’ve been using them again. They’re the perfect sex toys for those hot summer nights when you’re naked and need to rub one out and want something fun you can grab in a hurry and use with a minimal amount of hassle.

Tenga is a Japanese company that makes a full line of masturbation toys for men, from the higher end Flip-Hole masturbators, to the popular “cup” jackers, and even a collection of textured silicone sleeves. The Tenga Eggs are small egg-shaped masturbators that are super-stretchy and feature their own unique interior texture. I opted to order three individual Eggs – the Spider, the Stepper, and the Clicker – but if you like these toys (or want a few more textures), you can find them in six packs, too.

Each Tenga Egg comes packaged in a white hard plastic shell, kind of like those little plastic eggs that are filled with candy at Easter. Each Egg is sealed in plastic that is printed with the internal texture for that egg. Once unwrapped, you pop the shell open and find a very soft, hollow squishy “egg” inside; it would not be a stretch to say the Tenga Eggs feel a little like a hard boiled egg white (sans the yellow yolk). Inside this squishy shell, you’ll find a small plastic tube containing a lube sample. This is a great little extra if you’re going to be using your Tenga Egg while traveling or while visiting a friend/fuck buddy. The lube tube slides right out and reveals the interior of your Egg. Go ahead and stick your finger in there, and feel how nicely textured it is.

I tried the Clicker Egg first, which is textured with little raised dots. Generally, I love textured masturbators, so I was pretty stoked to try this out. I filled the chamber with some of my own water-based lube (I figured I’d save the small sealed pack for when I’m traveling) and prepared to try it out. As I said, the material of the Egg is super soft…and very stretchy. I’d seen a bunch of jack off videos where guys are using Tenga Eggs, so I kind of knew it was going to stretch quite a bit. But I’ve also seen more then a few guys poke the head of their dick through the top of their Eggs, so I also knew these aren’t the sturdiest or longest-lasting jackers. Anyhow…

It took a long minute to get the head of my dick into the opening of the Egg. The soft material tends to curl (and not in the direction I wanted it to) and – without an opening in the top end – a bit of a vacuum was created, making insertion a little difficult. Finally, I just decided to risk tearing the Egg and stretched it open and pulled it over the top half of my cock like a sock. Perfect!

I let it sit there for a moment, and then slowly started to stretch it up and down. The sensation was quite pleasing, and though I tend to favor “ribbed” textures when it comes to stroke toys, the bumps of the Clicker toy felt great. Especially when I started to spin the Egg around on my erection.

In my opinion, this was the best way to use the Tenga Egg. Once you get it stretched over your cock, you can slowly (or rapidly) twist the Egg, causing some pretty extreme pleasure. Need to shake things up? Slowly slide the Egg up and down your shaft. I loved the visuals here, watching the white material stretch almost to the point of bursting with my cock head straining against it. One of the best features of the Tenga Egg: it’s so light, you can just stop stroking at any point and let it rest on your cock. It’s a little heavier than a condom, but not by much. You can just leave it resting on your dick until you’re ready to start stroking again. Try doing that with one of the weightier masturbators, which usually have to be completely removed when you’re taking a little break.

Another thing I loved about the Tenga Egg was how you can shoot your cum inside it and see the fluids gush out against the stretched material of the Egg. The visual aspect only added to the great sensations I was getting from the toy. Once you cum, the Egg pops right off and leaves a nice little cup to hold what was just ejaculated. Rinse it out with some warm water and soap, and carefully turn it inside out to clean it. I left mine turned inside out to allow it to dry well. Once both sides of the toy were completely dried, I simply popped it back in the hard egg case and stored it with the rest of my sex toys.

I tried the other two Eggs shortly after the first and enjoyed them just as well. It’s strange to think that Eggs that are almost identical – save for the variation in internal texture – can offer a different masturbation experience. The lines of the Spider Egg really gave my dick a nice rubdown, and the Stepper texture offered even bigger raised bumps than the Clicker Egg had, which gave an even more intense stroke.

If you’re careful with your Tenga Eggs, they should each last through repeated uses, but if you’ve got an exceptionally big and/or thick cock (lucky you!), or you bang the hell out of these little toys, you might end up poking through the material. Either way, the Tenga Eggs are pretty affordably priced, so if hard and fast masturbation is your thing, poke away! Personally, I enjoy the slow, sensual strokes I was able to achieve with my Eggs, and these things made for some long, pleasurable stroke sessions.

Ready to try your own Tenga Eggs? Find them at SheVibe:

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