Vibrating Ball Cradle from Zero Tolerance

Today I’m looking at an interesting item sent to me by Peepshow Toys. The Zero Tolerance Vibrating Ball Cradle is a double-loop silicone cock ring with a solid curved vibrator designed to cup your nuts and tickle them during sex and masturbation. Let’s give it a closer look.

Personally, I tend to love vibrations on my balls and have been using vibrating cock rings and other types of vibrators to stimulate my testicles for years, so it’s nice to see something come out that was designed specifically for ball pleasure. Usually, I have to wear a clit-tickling cock ring upside-down to get some direct vibration on my nuts (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing), but it’s fun to try something made for nut stimulation.

Upon my first look at the toy, I could see it has a couple of nice things going for it. The ring and vibe are both silicone (the vibe, of course, is buried inside a silicone coating) and it looks and feels very decent. I immediately noticed the twin metal leads for a magnetic charging system; I love this kind of set-up. It makes charging the battery so easy. The Vibrating Ball Cradle has a small handheld plastic remote, and even this sidekick has the magnetic charging system. I charged both the vibe and the remote and got ready to try it on.

Zero Tolerance Vibrating Ball Cradle (L) and Hand-Held Remote (R)

The first drawback I noted was that the dual rings—one to wrap around the shaft, and the other around the balls—were pretty thin. While the silicone in these narrow rings is fairly stretchy, they both could stand to be a little thicker and maybe a little wider. The Vibrating Ball Cradle is pretty pricey for a cock ring (even a vibrating one) and I’d hate to see anyone snap one or both of these rings early on, simply because the silicone was on the thin side.

To be fair, I didn’t have any trouble putting on either of the rings, but stretching them both felt like a tricky situation; I was just worried the thing was going to tear or snap. You kind of expect that to happen with cheaper cock rings, especially if they’re made of lesser materials, but one of the reasons you buy silicone is because you want it to last. Also, a thicker ring would also make the cock ring work better as a, well, cock ring. I get that this sex toy seems created primarily for ball stimulation, but one of the benefits to wearing a cock ring is that it firmly grips your cock and helps obtain and maintain a more solid erection. Of course, a tighter ring might make me worry even more about breaking the straps on this one, so if you want a cock ring to stiffen your dick, I’d suggest putting on your favorite “basic” cock ring first and just using the Vibrating Ball Cradle’s rings to hold the nut vibrator in place.

Each of the unstretched rings measures about 1.15″ in diameter, but you can obtain a pretty good stretch when putting them on or pulling them off. My own nuts are fairly huge and even though I was concerned about snapping my new ring, everything held together fine when forcing my nuts through the bottom-most ring. The harder curved C-shaped vibrator measures about 3.33″ from top edge to bottom edge. With the curve of this thing, it’s hard to know how to define the measurements. Obviously, every user is going to have a different anatomy, so bigger balls might not fit quite so well inside the curve (mine did not), and—on the flip side—those with smaller and/or higher and tighter balls could possibly have trouble making contact with the vibe.

The curve part—though solid—is fairly flexible, so you could maneuver the C with your fingers, or push it up into your nuts by pressing your thighs together. If things hit you just right, the bulbous tip of the curve (where the vibrator is buried) will not only tease the underside of your nut sac, but tickle the fuck out of your taint just behind the balls.

The vibrator itself is pretty powerful for its size, and gives off a decent buzzy vibration, which is personally just what I like in a stimulator. The design of the Vibrating Ball Cradle meant the vibe was pretty much offering pinpointed stimulation, as opposed to a wider direct contact that you could get from a horizontally-positioned vibrating bullet. I had to really push on this thing to get it to touch my taint, but when it made contact, it felt really delicious. Try wearing underwear or a jockstrap to hold the cradle in place better. I derived even more taint pleasure by using the vibe in “handheld” mode, holding the dual rings in my finger and dragging the little fish-shaped tip along that sensitive space behind my balls.

Once the buzzy knob grazed my nearby hole, I realized that I needed to try this “ball cradle” as a hole teaser. Hey, if it feels good, why not do it? I love vibrations on my hole; all of those pleasure nerves packed into that opening…versus this buzzy little vibrator? Wow! Of course, most users aren’t going to be able to reach this spot while wearing the ring, so if you want to see what it feels like to tickle your butthole, give it a shot while holding it in your hand.

After I determined how good it felt tickling the outer aspects of my hole, I decided to take advantage of the fact that the toy is made of silicone, and coat the vibe in some water-based lube and press it into my hole. Oh my. The vibrator on this thing is damn good, I’ll give Zero Tolerance that.  The butthole is packed with nerve endings, so go ahead and tease them if this type of stimulation gets you off.

Zero Tolerance Photo of the Ball Cradle Displayed on a Dildo

During a subsequent use, I even used the vibe to tease my favorite erogenous zone: my frenulum. This little sweet spot was thoroughly delighted by the buzzy massage. It almost reminded me of the satisfying vibes from an old favorite mini vibe I used to use exclusively for frenulum stimulation.

The vibrator has a few buzzy steady settings and some really cool patterns. I’m always amazed when a new vibrator offers up a new pattern I’ve never seen before. As good as the toy felt on all my erogenous zones, I was kind of disappointed that it didn’t tickle my balls better. Sure, it felt nice, but I like my ball vibes to really radiate through the whole nut sac. To be fair, the Vibrating Ball Cradle might have worked better for me if my nuts were a little more average sized, but even when using “handheld mode” I could only get the ball stimulation I was looking for by dragging the tip all around my nuts. This isn’t really something I want to do if I am jacking off or using the ball vibe while getting head. Of course, I have one suck buddy who loves to use toys on me while blowing me, so I can’t wait to have him tease my taint, hole, and inside my hole with this gadget while his mouth is teasing my cock.

What else can I say about the Zero Tolerance Vibrating Ball Cradle? It’s totally waterproof. It’s easy to clean. The remote makes it very easy to turn on/off the vibrator, or switch up the settings without having to fumble with the controls on the ring itself (though you can do that fairly simply as well). The range of the remote is around 30 feet, so you could definitely have some fun with a partner, if one wears the ring and the other controls the remote. Since the vibrator is anchored under the cock, this one isn’t a good choice to deliver partner stimulation. There are better choices if that is what you are looking for. But as a solo toy, it can be fun for added stimulation or to tease your nuts and beyond while you masturbate and/or enjoy some partner play.

Ready to try the Vibrating Ball Cradle for yourself? You can pick one up at Peepshow Toys using this link:

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FTC Notice: this product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.


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