Weighted Nipple Clamps

The nice thing about these nipple clamps is you can control how much (or how little) pinch you give your nips. The weight adds a little extra tug.

As I start to experiment with more types of sex toys, some of the ones that continue to grab my attention are the toys intended for nipple stimulation. If you read my reviews of other nipple toys, you know I can’t personally handle anything too intense. Magnetic nipple biters are too painful (for me), but a set of silicone nip suckers work wonderfully. I knew I wanted something that fell between these two in terms of intensity, but I didn’t want to waste money on something that was going to be more extreme than I could use on myself.

What drew me to the Weighted Nipple Clamps from California Exotic is the fact that they are adjustable. Too many of these pinch-type clamps grab your nipples at one intensity, so there’s really no way to play around with them. With the adjustable clamps, they work exactly like alligator clips (think jumper cables for your nips), but each clamp has a screw that easily allows you to adjust how tightly it grasps your flesh. You can set it to clamp down very lightly, or tighten those screw so the clamps really bite down hard. Yes, even guys who like it really intense can vary the pressure (from ouch, to OUCH!).

The clamps are metal, but covered with a soft black PVC coating to keep anything sharp from digging into your tender flesh. Like metal digging into your tender flesh? You could easily pull the PVC coating off and use them with bare metal. At the back of each clamp, the end of a joined chain is fastened. The product description billed this chain as “removable,” but you’ll have to use a tool to do it, and take care not to mess up the hooks if you wish to re-attach it later. When I ordered my set of clamps, I had no real interest in the chains and figured I would just remove them for later use. But since they don’t pop right off, I left them on. Without the weight attached (that aspect of the toy does snap easily on and off), I found that you can pull on the clamps via the chain, either a nice steady pull, or short tugs. Either way was a lot of fun, and – this too – will vary in intensity depending on how tightly you have the clamps set.

The weight isn’t too heavy, but adds a little extra “pull” to the clamps if you desire it. It’s shaped like a crystal, and coated in the same black PVC as the tips of the pinchers. Since the cost of the weighted set was not that much more expensive, I opted to add the weight, in case I want to play around with it down the road. Since I really enjoy having my nipples worked over during (oral) sex, I can’t wait to pull these clamps out the next time I’m getting my cock sucked. One thing to note is that if you want to pull the chain while the clamps are affixed to your nipples, you’ll need to adjust them to grip a little more tightly, or the soft tips won’t stay attached for long.

Overall, these adjustable clamps are a lot of fun for the price. If you’re new to nipple play, or want something you can adjust for intensity, you won’t find a lot of better choices for the price. You can order a set of Weighted Nipple Clamps from:


Product photos from California Exotics

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