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If you’re a guy who enjoys stimulating the frenulum – that sweet spot just under the head of your cock – you’ve probably tried different methods of using vibrations to work on that spot: wand massagers, vibrating dildos, mini vibrating toys, cock rings with bullets, and of course those wonderful vibrating eggs. If you’ve used the eggs before, you know they give an intense stimulation, but it’s difficult to keep one in place so it’s stimulating just the right spot.

Personally, I’ve used elastic hairbands, rubber bands, stretchy cock rings, nylon strings, and even leather cords to try and hold one of those suckers in place. While it feels great when it’s humming against just the right spot, nothing really works well to hold it, or if it does, it’s usually tight and uncomfortable. Since edging via frenulum stimulation is often a long, slow process, the last thing you want is to have your bullet pop out of its restraint or slip down out of the zone…and it always seems to happen just when things are feeling really good.

Steve from SteveohToys apparently knew the frustration of these makeshift egg holders and dreamed up a way to make using vibrating eggs against the frenulum simple and satisfying. The end result? A stretchy rubber “Enhancement Ring” that easily fits around the top of your cock and has not one, but two curves to accommodate a pair of those wonderful vibrating eggs. With one of these rings in place, a guy can easily position the eggs in just the right spot and buzz his way to one hell of a satisfying orgasm.

SteveohToys’ Enhancement Ring holding the pair of vibrating eggs

Above is a set of images illustrating how the Enhancement Rings work with your dick. As you can see, with two eggs, you can target your stimulations on either side of the frenulum, which is a fancy word for that little ridge of skin that runs vertically down the top of your penis, just under the head. If you’ve used your finger to stimulate this spot, you’ve undoubtedly realized either side of this little fleshy cord is very sensitive to erotic touch. While pointy-tip vibrators and cock rings with mini bullets do feel nice when used in this area, they don’t usually pack the punch that the larger vibrating eggs can give you. Steve obviously realized that while one vibrating egg feels good, a set of them whirring away together would just drive guys wild. And they do!

The shape of the Enhancement Ring reminds me a bit of a rabbit’s head. You’ve got a larger round area at the base, and two smaller pockets that protrude on either side of the top, just like ears. You place your penis into the larger hole, placing the top edge of the ring near the bottom edge of your glans. Then position the two smaller holes so they face the underside of your cock. You then can easily pop each of the vibrating eggs into these holes, so the eggs are nestled vertically on either side of your frenulum. Each egg is individually attached to a handheld controller. Once you’re ready to go, just start the vibrations with the controller and let the pleasure begin.

Frenulum stimulation will work a little differently for each guy. While one guy might like blasting the eggs on high speed to bring himself off hard and fast, the next guy might prefer to start slowly, alternating between the eggs. The vibrating egg unit is honestly the best one I’ve tried. In fact, most of the ones I’ve used in the past feel cheaply made, with one egg hardwired into a flimsy plastic controller with only an on/off switch or maybe (if you’re lucky) a slider to adjust the vibrations from low to high. The vibrating unit that comes with SteveohToys’ kit not only has a pair of eggs, but they attach to the controller with an easily-removable plug. If one should happen to die on you, you can actually purchase replacement eggs separately, so you don’t have to replace the entire unit. Since the eggs are really what get you off, let’s talk a little about this toy.

SteveohToys kit includes 4 Enhancement Rings, 2 eggs & controller, plus batteries!

Not only do you get two eggs, but both are controlled individually with separate buttons. You can easily start one button on low and tease that side of your penis, and then switch to the other. Or gradually add more vibrations as your session goes on. If you’re a regular edger, you know sometimes it’s essential to mix things up, especially if you want to last for awhile before you climax. With this dual-egg vibrator, you can run both at once, or easily switch back and forth between sides, increase the intensity, and even use pulsating patterns. While the three steady vibration settings are good (low, medium, and high), I found the patterns to feel great too.

The four pattern settings are: #1 – two short pulses and a longer buzz (this pattern repeats as long as you maintain this setting), #2 – continuous rapid pulses, #3 – alternating between two different fast pulses, and #4 – a revving up from slow rumbles to hard buzzing; I like to call this setting “the roller coaster.” The push button control makes it pretty easy to change the speeds and patterns, and you can easily shut either bullet off if you find yourself getting too close to climax and need a quick break from the stimulation. Honestly, this is the most versatile vibrating egg unit I’ve used, but what makes the pleasure possible is the Enhancement Ring SteveohToys has created to use these eggs to their full potential.

The four enhancement rings available in the set

As I mentioned before, the inner aspect of the ring is in the shape of a rabbit’s head. The ring is fairly thick and stretchy enough to make it easy to pull it on and off of your dick, but it’s firm enough to stay in place – and hold the vibrating eggs just where you want them. Since guys’ dicks come in an assortment of shapes and sizes, Steve has done a really clever thing. Rather than try to create a one-size-fits-all ring, or force his customers to try and determine which size ring they might need, he’s created a package that includes the Enhancement Ring in four different sizes, so men of all penis sizes can find one that fits them the best. It’s as easy as removing the rings from the package and finding the one that fits the best at the top of your cock. You can even play around with the different sizes; a tighter fit means the eggs press harder into your dick. Or use one that’s a little looser for an experience that feels a little different. With frenulum stimulation, sometimes even a slight alteration can make a noticeable difference.

Once you have your ring of choice in place, you can slide in the two vibrating eggs and go to town. No fumbling with bands or ties, trying to find a way to keep the egg(s) from moving or popping out. The rubbery material feels soft on your cock, but grips both your dick and the smooth eggs so everything stays right where you want it. Need to make a slight adjustment during use? It’s as easy as easing one of the bullets up or down, or angling them slightly. Even with minor adjustments, nothing came popping out or slipping down, even when both eggs were jangling away on high speed.

These Enhancement Rings are available from SteveohToys and you can purchase them two ways. If you already have your own vibrating eggs and just want a great way to hold them in place so you can use them for frenulum stimulation, you can purchase just the rings, which arrive four to a pack, in four different sizes. If you don’t have any vibrating eggs, or you want to upgrade to the dual egg vibrator I mentioned, Steve sells a kit that contains everything you need for frenulum stimulation fun: you get the four Enhancement Rings in four different sizes, two wired (but detachable) vibrating eggs, a 7-variation controller that the eggs plug into, plus the batteries you need to power the toy. That means you can use this toy right out of the package. He even throws in an extra set of batteries! As of this writing, you even get free shipping if you live in the U.S. Personally, I liked the double egg vibrator so much, I think I’d be disappointed if I tried it with just basic eggs. The extra speeds and patterns really offer a great improvement to egg vibrator frenulum massage.

What I like about this product, in addition to it giving one hell of a nice frenulum massage session, is that it was created by a real guy who knows how good this feels, and who found a way to address the issues that other real guys have in using existing toys for a specific purpose. The ring not only holds the toy in place, but allows for the use of two eggs, doubling the stimulation and (hopefully!) the pleasure. How many times have you ended up with a sex toy that’s sold for male use and as you’re using it you’re thinking, “Does the person who designed this know anything about a guy’s body, or do they ever have sex or masturbate?” Steve has taken a do-it-yourself approach to sex toy making and wants to share his experience with the rest of us. By ordering an Enhancement Ring kit from SteveohToys, you’re not only helping to enhance your sexual pleasure, but you’re supporting a small business endeavor at the same time. A couple other notes about this kit: remember, you can order new bullets for your vibrator without having to replace the entire unit. Plus, if you happen to break one of the enhancement rings? He’ll replace those for free. And if for some reason none of the four ring sizes he includes in his kit are working for you, contact Steve and he can work with you to have one made that’s even smaller or larger than the ones in his regular line. Seriously, you can’t beat this kind of service.

Ready to order your own Enhancement Ring kit from SteveohToys? Find out more about this product and buy your own:

Special thanks to Steve at SteveohToys for sending me the Enhancement Ring/Vibrating Bullet kit to test drive for this review. After using it this week, I’ve already added it to my list of Favorite Toys!


See SteveOhToys’ Bullets/Rings in action:


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FTC Disclaimer: This product was provided free of charge by the manufacturer in exchange for an unbiased review.

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