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Peepshow Toys has sent me a second toy from the Orion line: the Anos Thrusting Butt Plug Vibrator. The plug not only vibrates, but it’s designed to deliver a thrusting movement during use. I’ve seen dildos that do this kind of thing, but I can’t recall a traditionally-shaped butt plug that had thrusting motion. Let’s see what this thing can do.

It comes nicely packaged, and out of the box it pretty much looks like your standard butt plug. The toy has a pointy tip on one end that widens into a more girthy plug, narrows into a short ribbed neck and ends with a fairly wide/curvy base. The plug is coated in dark blue body-safe silicone and has the following measurements:

  • Plug length: Approximately 7 inches
  • Usable length: 6.22 inches – 6.6 inches (from unstretched to fully stretched)
  • Tip diameter: .75 inch
  • Max plug diameter: 1.6 inches
  • Neck diameter: .75 inch
  • Anal-safe base width: 3.8 inches

On the bottom of the plug are two control buttons (one for vibes, one for thrusting), as well as a magnetic connection for the wireless charging. A USB-type cable is included to charge the plug, but the remote control is battery operated.

Once your Anos is charged fully (wait for the pulsing light to turn solid), you’re ready to put the plug through its paces. You’ll need to press and hold the power button on the base before you can use the remote control to turn on the vibes and/or thrusting. You can power the plug without the remote, but with only one button on the plug itself, you’ll be dealing with both the vibrations and the thrusting motion running together. As with any toy that has strong vibrations or some kind of movement, I recommend playing around with the settings and controls before you stick it in your butt. It’s better to familiarize yourself with what the thing can do before you launch a rigorous anal masturbation trip and have no clue how to turn things off or at least dial them down if you need to in a hurry.

The Anos 3-button wireless remote control

You’ll note that in vibration mode, there are two separate motors and they’re both incredibly intense for a toy that gives the thrusting mode top billing. There are three levels of steady vibrations as well as seven patterns that offer the typical pulsing, rapid pulsing, rat-a-tat-tatting and (my favorite) a trick setting (at least for me) that seems like a low steady vibe which suddenly bursts to life with a wild intensity, before dropping back down to a low hum.

One vibrator is focused on the pointy tip and the other one hums deliciously in the rounded end of the curbed base. When fully inserted and firmly pressed into your taint, the vibes that blow out of this thing feel fucking great against one of my favorite erogenous zones. I confess I am tempted to push the already-inserted plug even deeper into me, just for some extra external prostate massage, though take care not to send the base-mounted control button awry when you do this. It’s a touchy little bugger and more than once I accidentally sent the thrusting tip into action when I wasn’t prepared for it. Yes, it’s that intense.

Though slightly rounded, the tip of the Anos plug is still pretty pointy, and even before I slid it all the way in, the end was poking against my prostate. Now, when I was playing around with the plug before I started playing around with the plug, the business end of the toy stretched out (as thrusting toys are wont to do). When I shut the thruster off, it never really retracted all the way, which left my non-thrusting plug a little bit longer than it was straight out of the box. Because of this, I ended up with some prostate poking before I wedged the entire plug inside me. I mean, that was fine, but it’s difficult (for me) to seat any plug that’s grinding against my P-spot before I can anchor it into place.

In fact, I didn’t even get it all the way in before I opted to try the thrusting action, because I was worried the hammering against my prostate when the tip was already pushing on it pretty good would be just too intense (read: not pleasurable). But without the plug really anchored properly, the plug—once thrusting—was all over the place…literally. The Anos shot out of my hole and when I tried to wedge it back in, my slippery fingers once again switched the controls and I was met with energetic thrusting as well as high powered vibrations. Yikes!

I needed to get used to just the plug before I switched on all the bells and whistles, and as a basic plug, the Anos isn’t too bad. I just wish I could get the thing to fully retract once it’s been kicked into thrust mode. It does narrow the plug slightly when it’s fully or partially stretched out, but the length is a little substantial (at least for a fairly slender butt plug).

The vibrations are great, just what I would ask for in a perfect butt plug, with concentrations right on my prostate and tickling the fuck out of my taint. No complaints there! I just wish the thrusting thing was more straightforward and had a setting or two that was a little gentler, at least when the toy’s already pushing my joy button. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good prostate grinding, but this thing was pretty damn intense on all fronts.

I actually enjoyed the thrusting action better when I only had “just the tip” of the plug inserted in my hole, and let the top part of the plug move in and out of my sensitive anal ring without any direct prostate pounding. Using the vibrations at the same time felt wonderful, that powerful tip vibe showing every pleasure nerve in my hole just how good things could feel. Of course, using it this way, you miss out on the taint teasing, but I really enjoyed the thrusting more using it this way.

My animation of the Anos plug in thrusting mode

If you like having your hole (and your prostate) hammered relentlessly, the Anos would probably be a great fit for you. Once you get it lodged into place and start it thrusting, it will poke that prostate like crazy. Add vibrations to the mix and your P-spot is going to get pounded. It’s an intense toy for sure. I think I might personally prefer a thrusting penis-type toy over a butt plug that thrusts from the tip, but thrusting feels more organic to me when it’s engineered that way, over a toy that’s already inside you that starts poking away madly. I much prefer a more subtle teasing (like the Tap-It prostate massager) than jackhammering, which is pretty much what you get once this particular plug is fitted in place.

After a few uses, I had this thought: with all the pounding power this thing delivers, I really wish there was an option to press a button on the remote to simply have the Anos stretch all the way open and retract back to its starting shape once. So whenever you need/want a single thrust, one button press does it. I think an option like that would allow the user to deliver an on-demand thrust directly into the prostate, without having to subject your prostate to an onslaught of rapid pokes. Of course, if you want/need a good pounding, it’s nice to have that option. It would just be nice to have more control over the pokey part of the toy. Even a speed control to dial down the thrusting to v-e-r-y-s-l-o-w would be a nice option to have.

Still, the Anos can be a lot of fun with its powerful dual vibes and more controlled thrusting in and out of your hole. I’d recommend it alone for the zany double vibrators, but it’s kind of expensive if you’re just going for that. Perhaps Orion should consider a lesser-priced model that doesn’t thrust that still has both of those intense vibes. So my final verdict is: great for those who want a butt plug that can pound their most sensitive spot while buzzing the fuck out of the prostate and the taint, or someone who would enjoy using “just the (thrusting) tip” for some hole stimulation with the plug not actually inserted all the way.

Want to give the Orion Anos a try? You can order yours from Peepshow Toys using the following link:

Think a more traditional thrusting fuck toy is more your speed? Compare the Anos with Orion’s Remote Control Fucking Machine and see if that might be more what you’re looking for. Of course, I have not tried that version; I’m just offering up the suggestion in case the plug doesn’t seem like it would be your first choice.

For cock stimulation, be sure to read my other Orion review for Your New Favorite Penis Vibrator. Since posting that review, I’ve been using mine almost every time I masturbate and have been enjoying some great orgasms. Maybe I should couple the penis vibe with the thrusting vibrating butt plug and see what happens….

Orion has a few other items that Peepshow Toys is currently stocking, so check them out. And while you’re at it, browse the complete body-safe sex toy collection. They’ve got some great stuff! Read more reviews of Peepshow Toys items using the links in the right sidebar.  Also: don’t forget to use (lots of) lube with this toy. Peepshow Toys has some good ones to pick from in their water-based lubes section.


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FTC Notice: this product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.



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