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In late 2017, sex toy retailer ToyDemon contacted me about trying and reviewing a new masturbation toy that they were bringing out in early 2018. The Infinity is a men’s masturbator — defined as a “modular pleasure system” — that changes the game for guys who like to add variety to their masturbation sessions by mixing up different orifices and/or internal textures. Tired of having to purchase yet another high priced masturbation toy or replacement sleeve just to get a new look or feel? With the Infinity, you can literally switch things up, even during your masturbation session.

Instead of solid sleeve featuring one internal texture, the Infinity is a modular sex toy comprised of various interchangeable and interlocking components. The basis of each Infinity toy is a large entry hole piece — called a Portal — and three separate circular cartridges that each hold a portion of textured — and fuckable — sleeve called a Loop. Stacked together, and paired with a Portal, you have four pieces that connect to form a continuous tunnel to provide guys with a deep and textured masturbator. The Loops and Portal are locked together in place with an outer hard plastic case that keeps everything from shifting during use.

The ingenuity of this design means you don’t have to settle for just one texture in your masturbator. With six different textured Loops to choose from, you can mix them whichever way you like, and even vary the order by moving the Loops into a different position in the overall sleeve. Once you’re finished with your Infinity session, you simply undo the outer case and remove the Portal and Loops for cleaning. You’re probably already realizing that by breaking down the sleeve into four distinct open-ended pieces that cleaning — and drying! — is so much easier than with most long enclosed masturbation sleeves. But how does the Infinity work and feel compared to other masturbators?

In a word, it’s great! My biggest concern when I heard about the design was that the Loops would be fully encased in hard plastic and would therefore create a vacuum that often makes penetration and thrusting nearly impossible. But the outer case is open on either side, allowing air from inside the sleeve pieces to circulate and make penetration and movement in and out of the Infinity pretty effortless.

The inner material is a phthalate- and PVC-free TPE. It’s soft to the touch, but retains its shape as you use it. One problem with many toys of this type is that the “flesh” material is so flimsy that it tears easily, rendering your toy damaged and possibly unusable. Or the material is so stiff that it’s either hard to penetrate or doesn’t offer any give during use. ToyDemon has created a nice happy medium for the Infinity, a TPE soft enough to slide into and conform to the size and the shape of your cock, but with enough firmness to keep everything wonderfully snug. The material also renders the internal textures perfectly. The bumps and ridges are easily felt and offer loads of stimulation, but there’s enough elasticity to the fleshy insides that you won’t feel like you’re fucking a hard washboard or a cheese grater.

Let’s talk a little about the Portals and Loops. Each piece is molded from soft TPE and has it’s own unique internal texture. Each soft piece is held inside a round ring of hard plastic. As of this review, the only Portal ToyDemon sells is the “Classic,” which resembles the female sexual anatomy. Doing the Infinity review is actually the first time I’ve tried a toy with a “pussy” orifice and I’m happy to report that it felt great. Like the internal pieces, the orifice has a nice fairly firm opening that opens easily to accommodate your swollen head and shaft. Beyond the opening, the back end of the Portal features a nice ribbed texture. Once you push past this top piece, you’ll slide into the first Loop, the piece you’ve selected to sit on top of the stack.

The Loops are a little more customized. In all, ToyDemon stocks six Loops, each with it’s own unique texture. I’m including images of each one so you can get a visual feel of what you have to pick from. Like the Portal pieces, each Loop is a soft layer of TPE with a hollowed-out section of fuckable sleeve, rimmed with a raised texture. The textures are either some type of ribbed lines or symmetrical raised bumps in various patterns. When you’re selecting your Loops to build your own Infinity, take note of the descriptions; three of them can actually be flipped over to offer a different texture when you come at it from the opposite end. You can see now why they’ve named this toy the Infinity. With so many choices and ways of lining up the layers, you’ll have countless ways to enjoy this masturbator. In addition to the Portal and Loops, there’s also an extra soft piece of TPE that’s designed to sit at the bottom of Infinity’s sleeve. If you’re lucky enough to bang the head of your cock against the back of this thing, you’ll have a nice soft layer to cushion the blow, instead of ramming it into the hard plastic of the end of the case. You can tell a lot of thought was put into the design of this thing!

Once you’ve selected which pieces you’d like to use for your session, stack them up and lock them together using the hard plastic outer case. Everything felt very solid once it was fastened together, and the inner pieces made for a long deep fuckable tunnel. All put together, the Infinity is 8+ inches deep, so even guys with long dicks will love this thing. If your cock is on the smaller side, not to worry. Since you can switch up the textures, just move the Loops so you can experience a new internal sensation whenever you want! Even if your penis isn’t long enough to reach the lower depths of your Infinity, by changing the order of the Loops, you’re still going to get to enjoy each piece and distinct texture. Use a water-based lube with your Infinity. I put a small amount on the orifice and a little more on my penis, and everything was coated nicely in no time. The designers also created internal textures that hold the lube more efficiently, so you won’t have to keep adding more. And when it’s time to clean your masturbator, you’ll realize another big benefit to having these four removable pieces.

Ever try to clean a masturbator that was all one deep piece? They can be hard to clean and even more difficult to dry. You put away a wet masturbator and the next time you go to use it you might find yourself with an unclean and unpleasant surprise. Or you try to turn a long sleeve inside out and things start to tear. With the Infinity’s modular design, you just separate all the pieces and clean them each individually. Because each section is open-ended, you can get them to dry much easier. I found that the little knobs that are used to lock each piece into the outer case also work nicely to keep the pieces from rolling off the counter when you stand them on end to dry out. Nice! ToyDemon recommends NOT using soap on the TPE as it may leech the oil out of the material and affect the elasticity of your Infinity and possibly make the TPE more brittle over time. Just rinse everything with running water and be sure to dry it completely before storing it.

Did I find any drawbacks to using a system like this, as opposed to a single-piece ready-to-fuck sleeve? My quibbles are really quite minor compared to the pleasurable experience I had with the assembled toy. It does take a few extra minutes to set everything up, but all the pieces lock together so seamlessly and easily that it doesn’t effect the experience too much. It feels just like fucking a long seamless sleeve; in fact, the spaces between each piece make penetration and thrusting much less irksome. The hard plastic ring that fastens the case together once everything locks into place was a little bit hard to secure, but with some fiddling I got it to pop into place. The Loop pieces locked into the case with hardly any effort, but when it went to unfasten everything to clean it out, the little hard plastic nubs that pop into the case really had a tight grip. This is a nice feature for when you’re going to town with the Infinity, but I was worried something might snap when I was trying to pop them back out. ToyDemon cautions: “Take care when disassembling and reassembling the individual Infinity Loops. Do not use force as it may cause the hard material to break/crack into sharp edges.” With a little patience (and no force), I didn’t have any issues with getting the pieces popped off, but it still made me a little leery. ToyDemon does sell the hard plastic Enclosures as individual pieces, so in the unfortunate event you had to replace one, you can do so without having to re-purchase the entire system. The only other thing I noticed was it took a little longer for water to dry out from the spaces between the soft material and the hard outer plastic rings. Each mold seems to be permanently hooked into its respective hard case, so I wouldn’t try to pull the soft part out for cleaning and drying. ToyDemon recommends using paper towels if you need a little extra help drying your Infinity modules out completely before storing. It wasn’t a big hassle, but if you’re a guy who likes to stash his toys away immediately after using them, you might find this tedious. That said, in my experience, the single-piece masturbators typically take much longer to dry out completely, so the Infinity actually has those beat in that regard.

Overall, I loved the Infinity and it’s great to be able to switch up the textures in different configurations. ToyDemon really put together a great product for guys who love different internal sensations and external orifices, but who don’t want to purchase a bunch of different full-sized toys to get that variety. Right now, ToyDemon only offers the Classic (pussy) orifice, but has a Mouth and Anal Opening coming soon. (2020 update: still no additional choices of orifices.) As I said earlier, there are six different textures to choose from, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they offer more of those down the line, too. I’ll be sure to keep this post updated when the new additions are available.

Right now, there are different ways of ordering your Infinity kit. You can order a ready-made kit with the Classic Portal (pussy orifice) and three different textured Loops, or you can create your own kit, since each of the available components is available individually. Because of this, it’s easy to order extra Loops (in different textures) for an Infinity masturbator you already have.

Thank you, ToyDemon, for letting me try out this new product! You can read more about the Infinity, see more illustrations, and order one for yourself at ToyDemon using the links below:

Or put together your own system by purchasing individual pieces:


Product photos from ToyDemon


FTC Disclaimer: This product was provided free of charge by in exchange for an unbiased review.

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