Svarkom IKER Pulsating Prostate Massager

Today I’m looking at another app-controlled anal toy: the Iker Pulsating Prostate Massager from Svakom. Having recently reviewed another app-controlled sex toy that was somewhat hit or miss, I was curious how the Iker would measure up. I am doing this review for Peepshow Toys. Let’s take a look at my experience.

The Iker is a curvy silicone-coated prostate massager that—right out of the package—brings to mind those classic prostate massagers from Rocks Off (Bad Boy/Rude Boy/et al). The Iker is a curvy/chunky device, so those who are looking for a prostate massager on the larger size, will probably be happy with this one. With a tip that has nearly an inch-and-a-half diameter and a sharp bend just beyond its nearly-two-inch length, anal/prostate play beginners might be somewhat intimidated by the size and shape of this toy.

With a bent tip and a curvy shaft, it’s difficult to determine an exact “insertable length,” but the insertable portion of this toy measures just about four inches. The tip and upper aspect of the shaft are not only thick, but extremely firm. The lower aspect of the shaft is more narrow (about 0.7″) and much more flexible.

The base is about 3.8″ long and curves sharply upward and thickens toward the end. This second knob is designed for perineum stimulation and—for many users—will probably also provide a nice external prostate massage. There’s a decent vibrator embedded inside the base of this toy, so not only will it deliver some intense stimulation to your taint (and hopefully beyond), but you’ll get some decent vibe surges bursting up the shaft.

Image showing Iker’s curved base with two control buttons

While this vibrator is pretty intense, you won’t experience much targeted vibration buzzing your prostate. But buried under the tip of this toy, is a second mechanical gizmo: a pulsator.

The pulsator is quite different from the vibrator. Instead of a buzzy or rumbly vibraton, the pulsator taps. Very rapidly. Before you insert the toy, familiarize yourself with how this works. There are five different settings for the pulsing tip, each one more intense than the one before it.

Eyeing the tip as you click on the pulsator, you’ll clearly note the rapid beating of something under the silicone. If you notice where it’s at, you’ll know this portion of the toy will likely press directly into your sensitive P-spot once properly inserted. For demonstrations of the pulsing and vibrating, check out Svakom’s (short) video demo on Youtube.

Since the Iker is a powered toy (and rechargeable), be sure to give it a full charge before you’re ready to use it. Svakom lists this toy as having a one hour operating time, which means the battery will likely need to be recharged before your next session. Luckily that is easy to do. A magnetic “click” cord easily attaches to the base and provides charging through any USB charger. A blue light on the base will flash during charging and this turns solid when the toy is ready for use. (Allow an hour to fully charge a drained battery.)

Once you’re ready to roll, grab your favorite water-based lube (I like Wicked Simply Aqua Jelle with this. It’s thick and grips the curves of the toy, well.) Due to the thicker upper portion of the toy, when lubricating your hole, I’d suggest using a little extra (or a lot extra), because the bulk of the toy is not only pretty girthy, but stiff as hell.

Designed to fit most anatomies, once it bends and twists and seats itself (go slowly and use more lube as needed!) it should feel quite comfortable—if filling—once it’s fully inserted up your butt. The base should rest along your taint and the exterior bulge should press right into a nicely-sensitive spot on your perineum.

Inside your hole, you should feel the bulbous tip applying pressure right on or near your prostate gland. Even when used manually (without vibrations or pulsations), the Svakom Iker is a pretty decent prostate massager, especially if larger/thicker ones tend to work better for you. Of course, you chose this toy because of the extra bells and whistles, so let’s see exactly how well those work.

Myself, I started with the vibrator only. This was mostly because I wasn’t sure how exactly to operate the pulsating tip at first. You can control the Iker in one of two ways: there’s a simple two-button control on the base of the toy. One turns the toy on and controls the vibrator; the other turns on the pulsating tip and carries it through the five intensity levels.

I’m not a big fan of “buttons on the base” sex toy controls, mostly because they are often difficult to operate once the toy is fully inserted. In the case of the Iker, these two buttons are flush with the base of the toy but raised enough in the silicone that you can feel them fairly easily. It’s not that hard to cycle through the settings using this pair of controls, but the Svakom app works SO much better!

I didn’t love the app for the last app-controlled sex toy I tried, but—oh joy!—the Svakom app was a world of difference. You can download the app in either the Android or Apple stores and I didn’t notice any difference between the two versions during my own experimentation.

When used as a solo toy, the app made it so much easier to operate both the vibrator and the pulsator, and gave many more options for stimulation than the base-mounted controls. The Iker connects to the app via Bluetooth and the many times I tested it, I never had any issue with it connecting; it was always quick to pair with my device.

Once connected, you’ll have the option of five different ways to control the toy. “Set Modes” is probably the one to select if you prefer presets. The vibrator has 11 different modes, each of them somewhat different from one another. Depending on which mode you select, you’ll see a visualization that pretty much matches what’s happening inside the toy. The vibrator is pretty intense (especially for one that’s buried in the external portion of the toy) and you’ll get some great rumbling against your taint as well as some delicious buzzing shooting upwards into the shaft of the toy.

Svakom App Screenshots: Menu (left) and Set Modes (right)

Not only can you switch up the modes, but a slider bar allows you to smoothly adjust the intensity of the vibratons, from low and teasing, to high and pounding. A handy PAUSE button also appears on this page of the app, so you can stop the action quickly if need be.

Once you’ve enjoyed the presets, click on over to Free Touch, which is a simple screen that uses warm colors to tell you how intense things can get. To use this touch mode, you just slide your fingertip around on the screen: orange for lower intensities and slide down into red for stimulation that’s a lot more powerful. With this mode, you can actually raise and lower the vibrator intensity so wonderfully, watching a bright blue streak show where you’ve been.

Tapping your finger(s) on this screen produces an entirely different effect, and feels so unique. You can also make circles or back-and-forth lines when you find a vibration level that hits you just right.

You can also control the vibe in Music Mode (the toy will pound away to the beat of your favorite songs that exist on your device) and Sound Mode, which uses your device’s mic to turn ambient noise into jolts from the vibrator and pulsator.  A handy slider gives the user control over how sensitive the decibel level will be.

One of the big disappointments using the other app-controlled device was that it had no “remote control” option for long distance play. Luckily, the Iker’s control panel includes a Remote Mode, allowing another user (in the same location or a long distance away) to tap into the prostate massager’s control panel; at least the Remote User section.

The Remote Mode screen has all 11 vibrator presets, plus 5 buttons to switch up (and on/off) the pulsator in the tip. There is a separate screen with a handy up/down slider to control the vibrator’s intensity level.

An eager buddy who lives a couple thousand miles away agreed to test this out with me, and the results were mixed. Connecting was easy (a password key offers entrance to a custom “room” that only invitees can access), and for the most part he could switch up the controls, but a number of times during our session he would switch the toy’s setting (a status box indicates when the other user “takes control” of the app) and no changes were registered in the toy’s performance. He also paused the vibe on his end a few times, but nothing came to a halt when the toy was inside me.

Another thing to note was that he said “I can’t tell what’s happening” [with the toy], so unless you’re also linked up with live video of some sort, the operator of the controls really won’t be aware of what’s going on as it happens. Still, it’s effective for “same location” play sessions, because the app offers so much more versatility than the fairly simple onboard controls.

Svakom App Screenshots: Remote Mode (left) and Free Touch (right)

As I mentioned before, the vibe is quite intense, and using the app controls allows you some range (mild to wild) for very pleasurable external and internal stimulation. The Pulsation Mode buttons, though, offer the best direct stimulation to the prostate itself. The pulsator is a “quieter” and more focused tool, but hits just the right spot. At first I hadn’t even realized I had activated this part of the toy, but was reveling in the persistent tapping that seemed to be going on next to my P-spot.

Once I realized what had happened, I worked through all five pulse levels, each one more intense than the last. Coupled with some vibration, the two sensations at once really blew me away. And of course the enlarged knob on this toy is perfect for some manual gripping with your ass muscles, so be sure to bear down on the tip for even more delirious sensations while the pulsator is doing its thing!

Even though the Remote Mode was a little glitchy, I still am crowning the Svakom Iker one of my favorite prostate toys. The design of the massager coupled with the frantic pulsator in the tip was enough to work me just right. The easy-to-use app with all its options and the powerful external/internal vibe made it even better. If you can handle the size/shape of this thing and have been searching for a good prostate massager, you should definitely give this one a chance!

Grab one today from Peepshow Toys, using the following link:

Don’t forget to pick up some good water-based lube to use with this toy (I recommend Wicked Simply Aqua Jelle). And why not read some of my other reviews for the toys/gear Peepshow Toys stocks? They only add body-friendly products to their store, so there are lots of good sex toys to choose from. My other reviews for this online retailer are listed in the right-hand sidebar.

Want to drive your pleasure level up even more? Try adding penis stimulation at the same time you’re using the Svakom Iker. One of my favorite penis vibes is the Man Wand, and having my cock and prostate worked over simultaneously really blew me away. Give it a try!

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Product images from Svakom
Screenshots taken from the Svakom app


FTC Disclaimer: This product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.

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