Tru Stroke Masturbator by Doc Johnson

Masturbators tend to fall into two categories: larger, more high end “insertables” that replicate your favorite fuckable orifice (mouth, pussy, ass), and more “disposable” jackers, that are normally a lot smaller, made of less expensive – stretchable, but easily torn – materials. What if you wanted something a little different? Small, affordably priced, but made of a material that’ll last longer and a design that works with a lot of different cock sizes and shapes? Check out Tru Stroke from Doc Johnson.

The 2 Tru Strokes in their updated colors

When I first saw a photo of the Tru Stroke, I assumed the cutaway down the side was just that: an illustrative removal of the toy’s side so you could see the internal texture. When I received my Tru Stroke, I was a little surprised to realize the vertical split down the middle of the toy was – in fact – and actual split down the middle. The Tru Stroke is also a lot smaller than I thought it would be. Typically, cylindrical masturbators are designed to replicate a certain body part. Even in cheaper toys, you usually have an orifice that is designed like a mouth, a butt hole, or some other fuckable opening, even if it’s just a small pinprick slot designed to stretch around your cock as you push yourself into the toy.

With the Tru Stroke, there isn’t actually a penetrable orifice. Yes, you have an opening on both ends, kind of like a taco shell has an opening on both ends. The material is silicone, and even though it’s firm enough to hold its rolled shape when you’re not bending it, it’s flexible enough to peel it back, flatten it out, or squeeze it to your own desire. Lengthwise, the toy is about four inches long. If you flatten it out, the width is just under five inches. The inner aspect of the Tru Stroke has a texture to provide stimulation on your cock. In the case of the one I tried, it’s a horizontal ribbed texture (called Ribbed), sort of like the surface of a wavy cut potato chip. Also available is a bumpier texture, kind of a diamond pattern, called Beaded. Let’s talk a little bit about the material.

Doc Johnson’s Truskyn line of products are all manufactured with silicone. Being made of silicone, you automatically have a few advantages. You don’t have that strong odor that’s usually associated with thermoplastic rubber toys or masturbators that are constructed out of a “jelly” like material. That sort of material is also a lot stretchier; silicone is normally a lot firmer, and the Tru Stroke has a pretty firm consistency. You’ll easily be able to wrap it around your cock and squeeze it to apply the desired pressure right where you want it, but the Tru Stroke isn’t going to stretch to accommodate the entire length of your dick (unless your dick is four inches or shorter). Being silicone, this toy is also non-porous, which means it’s going to be a lot easier to clean, and will last a lot longer than those cheaper stretchy masturbators.

When you’re ready to masturbate with your Tru Stroke, you’re going to need some lube. The toy was packaged with a small sample bottle of Truskyn Signature Glide, but any type of water-based lube will work with this toy. I haven’t tested it with silicone or silicone-hybrid lubes, and because it’s made out of silicone, I’d be careful before greasing it up with a lubricant that isn’t water-based until you’ve tested it for compatibility. Once you’ve coated the inside of the toy with your lube, simply slide your cock into the curled tube, or just wrap it around your shaft. Because this isn’t a traditional “closed” masturbator, you’ll simply rub your cock (or rub the toy against your cock) so the ribs stroke the sensitive areas of your penis. It’s kind of like stroking your cock with a small textured silicone wash cloth. Guys looking for a full-on penetrative experience probably aren’t going to appreciate how the Tru Stroke works, but if you enjoy a nice soft textured material giving your cock extra stimulation, this masturbator might be just what you’re looking for when you want something different than just your hand.

The sensations derived from the Tru Stroke kind of remind me of using a Tenga Egg…gentle stimulation that is easily pinpointed right where you want to feel it. But this toy – made of silicone – is firmer and more flexible than the Tenga masturbators. With the Eggs, I was always mindful of pushing the head of my cock through the thin material and permanently damaging the toy. Since the Tru Stroke is already split, you don’t have to worry. You can just rub your dick right where you need some stimulation. Grip it hard for more stimulation, or just allow the toy to wrap around your cock and gently use your fingertips to slide it back and forth. Because of the open-sided design, you can even slide the toy down beyond the root of your cock and give your nuts a nice sensual stroking, which feels a lot like a tongue licking your balls. I can’t think of any other masturbator that would allow you to this.  Because the toy is flexible, you can even flatten it out and run the texture vertically on your dick, which will give you an even different sensation. Need a little attention on the head of your cock? Slide the Tru Stroke onto your knob and spin or rub the textured surface there. It works great on the sweet spot too. If you’re a guy who likes extra attention on your frenulum, you can position the toy’s ribs just the way you want and deliver strokes as softly or as firmly as you want them. Ultimately, rubbing my sweet spot in a slow but steady motion was how I managed to orgasm using the Tru Stroke.

Once you’ve finished yourself off, clean up is easy. Just pull the toy open, run it under some hot water after scrubbing it with soap, and place it on a towel to dry. Because it’s not a closed tube, the toy will dry fairly quickly. The grooves of the ribbed texture tend to retain water, but a little extra attention with a towel should dry it off. Doc Johnson even includes a small sample pouch of Platinum Premium Silicone Powder (ingredients: corn starch) to sprinkle on your Tru Stroke to help keep the silicone material in great shape. Once it’s totally dry, you can slide it into the included cloth storage pouch which will help keep it clean and make sure none of your other toys/lubes come in contact with the material while it’s not in use.

Overall, I really enjoyed the experience of using the Tru Stroke masturbator. If you’re looking for something different to add to your masturbation sessions that will give you textured pleasure right where you need it and isn’t going to be a pain to clean up, give the Tru Stroke a try for yourself.

UPDATE October 2019: Tru Stroke has been renamed OptiMale and each stroker is only available in one color. Purchase links:

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