Aneros Vice 2 Vibrating Prostate Massager

For over 15 years, Aneros has made a name for itself with an extensive line of popular prostate massagers. While most of their products are sleek, simple, and designed for manual P-spot stimulation, the company has really outdone itself with the unveiling of its newest pleasure product: the Vice 2 Vibrating Prostate Massager. This silicone toy has a dual motor, is rechargeable, and has a remote control (also rechargeable!) for easy wireless operation.

I’ve reviewed a few of the Aneros products for Peepshow Toys¹ and they asked if I’d like to try out this new one. Given the name, you might assume that there was an original Vice, and you’d be right. The original vibrating Aneros was actually a bigger, thicker toy (compared to their classic massagers), on par with the Progasm, their largest plastic unit. The original is made of silicone and outfitted with a hollow core into which a vibrating bullet would fit. There was a deVice, a solid silicone (non-vibrating) version, and picnow Vice 2, where they’ve taken everything good about the original and made it amazing. Let’s take a look.

Inside the package you’ll find the two main components: the massager and the remote. There are also two separate charging cables. The Vice 2 has an insertable length of 4.25 inches. Like the Progasm, the tip is bulbous and slightly angled to better reach and stimulate your prostate. The head has a max width of 1.3 inches. The shaft thickens in the middle and has a mid-range width of 1.3 inches before narrowing again as it reaches the base. The base is not only anal safe, but designed with two separate solid nubs that will apply external pressure to your perineum (taint) and another pressure point between the buttocks (not far from the tailbone). The base is wide (3.75 inches) and very solid, even though it’s coated in the same soft silicone.

Embedded in the base are the two things that make this second generation Vice so nice. There’s a control switch for the vibrators (yes, there are two of them), and a magnetic charging port which makes everything easy to recharge over and over. The original Vice had an insertable steel bullet vibe that ran off batteries which need to be replaced. Not only can you recharge the Vice 2, but there isn’t even a port for a charging cord, so the toy is completely sealed up in silicone. While Aneros doesn’t bill this model as “waterproof,” they do label it as “splashproof” and say you can even enjoy it in the shower. Before you use this, you’ll need to give the toy and the controller a full charge. As I mentioned, the toy has a magnetic charging port, so insert the appropriate cable into a compatible USB port and simply click the other end to the base of the toy. It’ll gently blink as it charges; once the light turns solid, it’s ready to use. The controller does have a mini USB port, so insert the smaller end into the base of the controller and the larger end into the USB port. Like the toy, the controller has a flashing light; once it’s solid, your controller is ready to be paired with the toy. I think this is the first toy I’ve used with a remote that doesn’t require batteries (and they’re always those weird flat type), so this is a great feature.

I’d recommend familiarizing yourself with the controls before inserting the toy. Once you get the hang of things, it’s pretty easy to use, but if you haven’t figured out how things work, it’s a lot more difficult to learn when the toy is wedged up your butt.  You can cycle through the 18 vibrating settings using the button on the base of the toy, but using the remote control allows you to vary the intensity of each of the patterns (4 different levels). Plus the remote has an added feature: a joy button, which will send an added jolt of vibration into the toy as desired.

Now just because the Vice 2 has a killer vibe(s), doesn’t mean it won’t work wonderfully as a manual massager, too. This thing is the weightiest/most solid Aneros I’ve seen, so even without vibrations it still feels quite amazing. Like the coated Syn products, the silicone in this model is very smooth and supple. Its bulbous and slightly tilted head is designed to put pressure on the prostate and the chunkier neck will appeal to those who want something a little larger/thicker than most of the other Aneros models. The stationary Aneros I’d be most apt to compare the Vice 2 to is the larger Progasm, which was itself designed to appeal to those looking for a larger prostate massager. Aneros does have a solid silicone version of the original Vice — aptly called deVice — so the Vice 2 is pretty much a powered version of that. I personally prefer the softer, less pokey base on the Vice 2, compared with the trident-like ball points made of hard plastic that the similarly-sized Progasm has.

As a non-vibrating prostate massager, the Vice 2 works just as well as any of the others. The silicone — coupled with its nice curves — provides a smooth and comfortable insertion and the sleek material makes moving the toy (either by hand or by contracting your anal muscles for hands-free movement) a breeze. The larger size does make for a bit more filling sensation, but the Vice 2 still is pretty slender when compared with many butt plugs, dildos or other anal toys. I’m not sure if this would be the ideal Aneros model for an anal newbie looking for the most slender piece out there, but I think if you’re committed to using patience during your early uses, this toy is certainly doable for those who are considering other vibrating toys for prostate massage. As it’s the only vibrating Aneros in the collection, if you have your heart set on a powered Aneros, this is currently your only choice. If you’re still concerned about the thicker size, perhaps train your tight hole with something smaller, like the mini plugs that come with the Anal Training Plug Set I reviewed in May. Something like this can help ease you into a larger prostate massager like the Vice 2.

The wireless remote controls the intense vibes

The real reason most will consider the Vice 2 is the vibrator, and it’s an excellent one! Comprised of two separate vibes, the Vice 2 can be a powerhouse if you want it to be, but what I enjoyed were the lighter, more delicate settings. While I like strong, driving vibrations at times, too many anal toys I’ve tried don’t have much variation. A powerful vibrator often means the toys just has different levels of intense stimulation, and you can’t dial it back for something a little more subtle.  The lighter settings are a delicious tickle, offering sensual teasing that can easily be increased when needed. Like it harder? You can quickly bring the vibrations up through four different levels, each one more powerful than the last. The top motor buzzes the knob for some wonderful direct prostate stimulation, while the lower motor rumbles the shaft and (very effectively) the base. Suddenly your Aneros pressure point tabs are quivering with sensation, giving you some great external massage in addition to what it’s doing to your prostate and sensitive hole.

It’s a little tricky to get the hang of the vibrators and how they work. You can use the toy without the remote, utilizing the click button on the base of the massager. Click the button once to power it on. Each additional click moves the vibrator through each of its 18 settings. Aneros has really outdone themselves with the vibrators. Not only are the “basic” settings very pleasurable, but they’ve created settings where the user will be blown away by both vibes working in tandem. I’ve never seen a toy with quite a setup as the Vice 2 has. It can be a bit overwhelming at times, especially if you are prone to early/unexpected climaxes when things get too excitable. Thankfully, the wireless handheld remote makes controlling the toy a lot easier.

The remote is a couple inches long and has a comfortable teardrop shape, which makes it very easy to hold. Aneros has coated the remote in silicone, too, which will help make it easier to wipe clean if you get lube (or other fluids) on it during your play session. You’ll notice 3 round buttons on the panel and a red LED display to help you keep track of which settings you’re using (easier to remember which ones are your favorites!). You’ll have to manually activate the toy with the button on the base (wait for the burst of power) before using the remote. Once the toy is powered up, you can turn on the remote with the larger Power button. Be sure to consult your included instruction booklet for helpful tips on working the vibe with the remote. Again, I’d suggest holding the toy in your hand while you’re learning the ropes, because the combinations (“72 sensory experiences” is how Aneros touts the varied vibrating options) are a little intricate until you get comfortable with how everything works. Just for comparison, the original Vice only had 3 patterns and 3 intensities, and it had to be controlled by the button on the base of the bullet that was inside the toy. For a few bucks more, the Vice 2 just blows the earlier version away!

Once you’ve got the hang of how the Vice 2 can be controlled, kick back and blow your mind with what this thing can do. Not only can you enjoy the manual prostate stimulation that you can get from any of the Aneros models, but the vibrators will give this toy a whole new experience. When using an Aneros myself, I typically lie on my back and keep my legs spread, using my anal muscles for movement as much as possible. [Be sure to consult my Aneros Tutorials page for helpful links about getting the most out of one of these prostate massagers.] Since the base is narrow with a flat bottom and rests pretty comfortably between your crack, you can even venture some seated play with this one. Aneros even recommends this model for “wearing out.” Get it comfortably seated in your hole before getting dressed and then enjoy the sensations of walking around with a prostate massager lodged in your butt. I’d probably try this out at home before venturing into public, especially if you’re going to flip the vibrator on. If you can handle it, I’d imagine handing the remote control over to a partner would be a blast. Even if you don’t wear this thing out, the Vice 2 was certainly designed for couples play. Whether you utilize it for strict prostate massage, or add that to foreplay, oral sex, partner sex, or even a warm-up to other kinds of anal play, the Vice 2 makes for a great addition to your toy collection.

However you use it, the Vice 2 really delivers, whether it’s strong intense vibrations or a delicate stroking to make you squirm in delight. With so many combinations, every user is sure to find a handful of favorite settings. Another great feature I want to point out: the remote has a Joy Button. Unless you know it’s there, you might otherwise be totally unaware of it. Hidden away at the front tip of the controller, the Joy Button is a way to increase the current vibrations even more. Touch sensitive, this button can give the toy’s user a power boost or slightly increase the sensations depending on how hard it’s pressed. This actually works really well, especially if you are gently rubbing the Joy Button and feel the corresponding strokes pulsing through your hole. It’s a really great feature, so please be aware of it. Again, play around with all of the settings before inserting the massager, that way you’ll have a better handle on what this thing can do. Compared with the original Vice, Aneros has really raised the bar with the Vice 2. Absolutely amazing! And yes, I’ve already added this one to my Favorites.

Ready to give the Vice 2 a try? You can order one from Peepshow Toys using the following link:

Thanks to Peepshow Toys for sending me this great sex toy to try! Be sure to browse their entire collection for lots of other fun body-friendly sex toys: dildosbutt plugs, more prostate massagers (including other Aneros toys), cock ringspenis pumps, and lubes. You can read every review I’ve done for Peepshow Toys. Making a purchase from Peepshow Toys? Be sure to use the coupon code allmalesextoys when checking out and save 10% on your order.

¹Other Aneros Reviews: Helix Syn Trident – Maximus Trident – Helix Trident


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FTC Notice: this product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.

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