Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pump

I’ve wanted to try a Bathmate penis pump for awhile and now Peepshow Toys is finally giving me the chance! This week I’m looking at one of the Hydromax pumps, which are penis pumps that not only utilize water, but are designed to be used in the bath or shower. Let’s take a look at this thing. Available in three different sizes, Peepshow Toys sent me the mid-range version — the Hydromax7 — which is designed to accommodate a penis with an erect length between 5 and 7 inches. There are two other models: the Hydromax5 (for those erections measuring up to 5 inches) and the Hydromax9 (accommodates a cock from 7 to 9 inches when erect).

Right out of the package I could tell the Bathmate pump wasn’t like other penis pumps I’ve tried. It’s entirely manually operated, but there is no attached pump or hose. The actual pumping is done by a bellows that is affixed to the bottom of the pump cylinder. This part of the pump actually has two separate components: the black squeezable bellows and a lighter colored “comfort insert” that pops inside this piece and helps obtain a better airtight seal during use. While I have never used one of the original Bathmate models, I understand that the comfort insert is a new upgrade for the Hydromax pumps, which also have been outfitted with a redesigned valve cap at the top of the pump for improved performance. The pump cylinder is made of hard, clear plastic that is completely transparent, so you’ll get a good look at your dick while using your Bathmate. In addition to the clear version, Peepshow Toys is also stocking the Hydromax7 in a nice light blue version (also transparent), so take your pick. If all your other penis pumps are clear, the blue might be a nice way to find the Bathmate quickly. Regardless of color, the Bathmate pump feels good and sturdy, unlike many cheaper pumps that aren’t really designed for long-term use.

As the name would suggest, the Bathmate pumps are to be used with water while bathing or showering. I first tried mine in the tub (while standing up), but had a better experience using it while showering. Even though the method for pumping with this thing is quite different than any other pump I’ve tried, it still was a pretty straightforward process. Luckily, there’s a comprehensive user’s guide included, complete with easy-to-understand diagrams. Remove the comfort insert from the bellows and fill the cylinder completely with water. Be sure to click the little black pip at the top of the pump either to the left or right while filling. Once filled, ease the comfort insert back into the pump and slide your penis inside, pressing the padded ridge of the comfort insert firmly against the skin of your lower belly and ball sac (Bathmate cautions to make sure “your testicles are well clear”). The comfort insert is actually angled on one side, so you can either position the sloped portion against your balls, or spin the pump 180 degrees and angle this part against your lower belly. It’s all about comfort. (NOTE: the cylinder is labeled with a measurement gauge that runs in a vertical direction. If you choose to position the comfort insert the opposite way, you can easily twist the clear tube so the measurement reading is visible in this new position.) Once you have the pump pressed firmly against your body, use a finger to work the black pip back into the center position, which will allow water from inside the device to be expelled during pumping.

To pump, you’ll pull down on the Bathmate and compress the bellows. Water will be blown out of the top of the pump (make sure it’s not going to overshoot the tub and soak your floor!) and you will soon feel the vacuum working on your cock. Without a traditional squeeze bulb or handle to create the vacuum, those with weakness in their hands might have an issue working the Bathmate pumps.¹ If you’re having trouble getting an airtight seal, you might also have to trim some body hair around the root of your cock or around the place where the pump ridge presses against your body. You’ll definitely know if the pump is working because you can feel the vacuum create suction on your cock almost instantly. For comparison’s sake, it should be noted that the pumps in the Hydromax series deliver 35% more pumping power than the original Hydro pump.² Bathmate recommends no more than 15 minutes a day with your pump, and suggests three 5-minute sessions. I found that this plan worked quite well for me, because it gave me time to examine the effects the pumping was having on my dick before continuing.

So how did it work? I’m surprised to say I was very impressed with the (short term) results! While I enjoy using more traditional penis pumps to help extend my cock length and thicken my head and shaft (while inside the pump, that is), the Bathmate had a different result for me. While my erect cock stands about 7 inches and has a nice thickness, my flaccid penis has never been that impressive in comparison. I found that after using the Bathmate, my flaccid penis looked much thicker, longer and fuller. After the first five minute session, my penis slid much more easily into the Bathmate for the subsequent two pump sessions. While I honestly didn’t notice any permanent gains during the five days that I used the Bathmate, I was completely happy with how my penis looked when it came out of the pump. Since it’s so easy to use while showering, I can’t wait to try it for a bit of pre-sex pumping, just to give my soft dick a little visual boost without having to strap on a cock ring like I usually do. It was definitely fun to pump before masturbating, though I have to say I’m probably not going to take an extra shower every time I want to jack off. The “water” element of the Bathmate might make pump sessions a bit of a hassle for some users, but if you’re looking for a solid pump to use on a regular basis, having one that you can leave on while cleaning up in the shower might be just what you’re looking for.

Another thing I noticed about the Hydromax7 is that the pumping action itself is fairly comfortable compared to some of the other “heavy duty” pumps I’ve used. You can definitely feel (and see) the vacuum doing what it does, but I didn’t feel the need to use the quick release function on the pump at any time during my sessions, as I often do while pumping with other devices. It was nice not to have a bruised dick or puffy rings around my cock when I was finished as well, but that probably has more to do with the short 5-minute sessions than anything else. My dick definitely looked thicker and more engorged, though, which is more than I could have hoped for. I’ll be sure to update the review to document any long-term changes I notice while using the Hydromax on a regular basis.

Helpful diagrams accompany detailed written instructions

If you like to monitor your progress during the pumping itself, the measurement guide that runs along the top of the Hydromax7 pump starts at 4 inches and runs to just above 7. Metric measurements run along the other side. The solid black bellows comprise the bottom inches of the pump and not being able to see the lower portion of your cock while you’re pumping might disappoint some users, especially if you’re used to pumps that are clear from base to tip. It was also a little strange not to have some kind of pressure monitor on the pump to make sure things are not getting too intense inside, but it really didn’t feel like I was overdoing it at any time, despite the sensation of constant pressure on my dick. If things do start to feel uncomfortable — either the pressure feels too great, you’re feeling discomfort, or your cock needs to be adjusted — a quick press of the quick release valve (the ring between the top of the cylinder and the black pip) will immediately decompress the inside of the pump chamber and bring things back to normal. Be sure to give yourself a trial run of this feature before pumping up with too much pressure, just to familiarize yourself with the process.

One of the differences I noted while using the Bathmate is that I haven’t had to lubricate my dick while pumping, which is something I’ve had to do with every other pump I’ve used. With the non-Bathmate pumps, lube helps keep my cock from getting rubbed raw and also helps give me a better vacuum seal. With the blanket of water surrounding my penis inside the Bathmate, I didn’t need any lube and my cock felt fine after my pump session. It was a lot easier to clean up after, too, without having to scrub lubricant residue from the inside of the cylinder. In fact, clean-up for the Bathmate was pretty simple. Just remove the comfort insert from the bottom, give the inside of the pump a quick rinse with some warm soapy water, and leave it someplace to dry completely. If you need a deeper clean, you can use a bottle brush with your soapy water to easily scrub it out.

Ready to have your own Bathmate penis pumping experience? Find the Bathmate Hydromax in three sizes at Peepshow Toys. Each size is currently being stocked in crystal clear or aqua blue models.  Check the sizing chart above to ensure you order the correct model based on the length of your penis when erect, as well as the girth (circumference) when hard. Use the following links:

¹If you prefer a Bathmate with a squeeze pump, check out the HydroXtreme models. You can pump using the bellows, or use the hand bulb. Peepshow Toys is stocking this deluxe penis pump in the same three sizes the Hydromax comes in: HydroXtreme5 | HydroXtreme7 | HydroXtreme9

²If you’re looking for a pump more suited to beginners, the original Hydro Bathmate is available in the Hydro7 model (fits cocks between 5-7 inches when erect), available at a lower cost than the Hydromax pumps.

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FTC Disclaimer: This product was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.

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