Bullballs Ball Stretcher from Oxballs

I’m doing another Oxballs ball stretcher review this week. This time around: Oxballs Bullballs Ball Stretcher, a two-inch platinum silicone stretcher to hug, tug, and stretch your nuts. Peepshow Toys sent me four different Oxballs ball toys to try out, so if this one doesn’t grab you, another one surely will. Now let’s check out the Bullballs.

The Bullballs stretcher is actually the original Oxballs stretcher. If you’ve been an Oxballs fan for awhile, you may have even used one of the early Bullballs, which they tout as their most popular ball stretcher.These days, the Bullballs has been redesigned and molded from a 3D printed prototype to give users a sleeker-looking unit and a more refined shape. As I already noted, this piece is made from body-friendly platinum silicone, which allows for more stretch, a better experience for sensitive skin, and a more comfortable fit for those who want to stretch their balls for long/extended sessions.

If you read my review for the first (of the four) Oxballs stretchers I tried a couple of weeks ago — the Oxballs Grinder Ball Stretcher — you’ll note that the length of that one was 1.75″ and it had an inner diameter of 1 ⅜”. The Bullballs, by comparison, is even longer: two inches. The inner diameter is a bit less: one inch. This gives your balls more of a tug and a tighter fit, but the walls of the Bullballs stretcher aren’t quite as thick  as the Grinder piece (1 ⅞” vs 2 ⅝”), so it actually doesn’t feel quite so snug, at least on me. What it feels like is a stronger downward pull once you get the stretcher situated around the skin of your ballsac. In spite of the tighter inner ring, I found that the Bullballs was easier to get on than the Grinder. If you are struggling to pull this thing on, here are a couple of thing you can try to make it easier: wash the ring before use in hot water. This allows the silicone to warm up. Secondly, rub a little water-based lubricant inside the inner ring. This makes pulling the ring on a little easier, especially if your skin tends to grab the material. Adding a little lube will also make for more comfortable wear, especially if you’re going to leave the Bullballs on for awhile.

I actually prefer the design of this Oxballs stretcher too; there are two wider nut-shaped bands at the top and bottom of the piece, with a slightly more narrow band between the two. OXBALLS and BULL BALLS are stamped in raised letters around this section. The inner core is a smooth, uniform width from top to bottom, with a slightly curved inner edge for added comfort along the top aspect of the stretcher. The bottom of the unit is totally flat, but you could easily flip this thing before pulling it on if you’d rather have the curved part resting against the top of your balls instead of the root of your cock. You can even turn the entire stretcher inside-out if you’d like, for a smooth, almost-hourglass look with a more textured inner ring. The Bullballs make your balls look hot, too. Check out these two NSFW photos posted on Twitter, of Bullballs in their natural habitat:

The best part of this toy is the silicone, which gives the ring plenty of stretch. Even a pair of large nuts should fit through the stretched opening before allowing it to tighten around the ballsac. The ring is snug, but the silicone is quite soft and squishy, so it’s pretty damn comfortable. I don’t typically like to wear ball stretchers for long periods, but this one made an extended session a lot more comfortable. The best part of wearing a ball stretcher is feeling your nuts pulled as your orgasm starts. I love that sensation. Sure, you can do it with your hand, but it’s pretty wild to feel it happen when you’re wearing a snug silicone stretcher like this one. It definitely gives me a more intense, prolonged climax. It’s also safe to use with different types of lube and very easy to clean up once you’re finished; just scrub it with some soap and water and let it air dry before storing it. The premium silicone should give this piece a long life, too!

Not only does the Bullballs make jack off sessions more fun, but it can add an element of excitement to sex as well. If you enjoy your balls teased, they’ll be more sensitive to an exploring tongue and you’ll enjoy having them played with and tugged while wrapped in this Bullballs stretcher. I’m not sure how well this unit would work for tight and/or small nuts, but I think this gear would work for most if you’re able to stretch your balls downward away from the base of your cock with your hand.

Want to try this ball stretcher for yourself? Find it at Peepshow Toys, using this link:

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Product photo from Peepshow Toys


FTC Notice: The Oxballs Bullballs Ball Stretcher was provided free of charge by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.

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