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Fleshlight sometimes releases new masturbators that deviate from their more traditional flashlight-shaped strokers and earlier this year they released the FleshSkins Blue Ice, a hand-held sleeve-only jacker made of semi-transparent soft and stretchy material.

When I received my new FleshSkins, I was surprised at how large it was. It’s not as long as the hard case Fleshlights, but I was honestly expecting something pretty small, akin to a Tenga Egg stroker. The soft jelly-like sleeve of the FleshSkins stroker measures a little over 5 inches and is very stretchy. The material is fairly thick for a hand-held jacker and is a see-through blue color. I tried the clear Quickshot and the FleshSkins material is very similar to that. My initial impression of the material was, “boy, this is pretty sticky.” The idea is that you slide your fingers through the four holes along the back ridge of the toy and wrap your hand around the sleeve to apply pressure as you masturbate. I thought the tacky texture of the stroker was going to drive me nuts before I even put lube (or my dick) into the thing, but I quickly learned that a fine dusting of corn starch takes care of the stickiness. (Fleshlight also stocks their own can of Fleshlight Renewing Powder if it’s really inconvenient for you to keep corn starch on hand.)

Now on the inside, where you want it to be sticky (or at least slippery), there’s a lining of various raised bumps and nodules and a few ribs for added texture. Having tried the traditional Fleshlight strokers, which typically have a firmer material, the internal texture of this thing didn’t feel too intense, at least against my probing unlubed fingers. There’s a small hole in the top of the sleeve which comes in really handy if you have a longer penis and want to pop it out of the toy during use. This opening will also help prevent the toy from tearing.

Fleshlight provides a small sample of their own water-based Fleshlube, which works nicely with this masturbator. It’s a light silky texture and you really don’t need a lot to coat your cock and the insides of your new toy. If you don’t have any lube to use with the FleshSkins, the Fleshlube would make a great choice. Just make sure you use a water-based lube, since silicone, oil or hybrid lubes could damage the squishy material and shorten the life of your stroker.

The many faces of FleshSkins ? – ? – ?

Once it was lubed, I pushed inside. I was initially disappointed that there wasn’t a stronger sensation from the internal textures, but once I kicked back and started enjoying the toy, it was actually pretty damn nice. While I typically like firmer textures when I use masturbation sleeves or egg-type strokers, the gentle textures coupled with the softness and squishiness of the sleeve really made for a nice sensual feel, and the build to orgasm was long, slow and very pleasurable. I’m not sure I’d recommend the FleshSkins if you’re a guy who needs a tight slot with intense textures to get off (try the more traditional Fleshlight products, instead), but if you enjoy a slow build to climax, you just might love this thing. The finger holes and lack of a hard case allow the user to grip the sleeve in his hand, and apply just the right amount of pressure to…wherever! Like your knob teased? Concentrate your pressure on the head of your dick. Want to tease your frenulum? Find the closest finger and slowly stroke up and down and massage your sweet spot. While it’s fun to focus on one sensitive spot on your cock, the FleshSkins is stretchy enough to accommodate long balls-to-tip stroking too. Not only can you pop your glans through the hole in the top of the sleeve, it’s also stretchy enough to slide over your balls. It’s a nice tickling sensation. Because it’s “sleeve only” and equally stretchable and squeezable, guys of all sizes can enjoy this thing.When it’s time to finish off, you can either slide through the upper opening to ejaculate, or keep your cock encased inside the sleeve. The translucent material makes watching your stroke hot, and watching your internal ejaculation even hotter. After you’ve cum, simply wash the inside of the sleeve out with hot water only. Using soap could cause the material to deteriorate faster. Fleshlight does sell a FleshWash spray that can be applied after rinsing (air dry after spraying), but the trick to keeping your FleshSkins clean is letting it dry out well after using. And this is where Fleshlight has really created a standout feature.

The case that the FleshSkins comes in? You’re going to want to save that. Not only does it make a great storage case to keep your sleeve protected from dirt/dust/lint/whatever and will keep it from getting crushed while being stored, but it also allows you to air dry the toy more quickly and more efficiently. There’s a tall black prong that protrudes from the hard base. Slide your wet sleeve onto this rod and it will drip dry as air is allowed to circulate around it. Even with the clear lid twisted into place, your sleeve will still have access to decent circulation. This allows the toy to dry and should inhibit odors and keep anything nasty from growing inside the sleeve.

Overall, I really enjoyed this new product. It costs less than most of the other Fleshlight toys, so it’d be a great one to try if you’re looking for one with a lower price. I’d also recommend it to guys who enjoy softer textures and gentler masturbation sessions. I’d like to see Fleshlight release future models of the FleshSkins in different textures and think they should try at least one version in the firmer more traditional material, because I think that would offer more intense texture and greater stimulation. Still, this toy was a nice change to my normal masturbation routine. Highly enjoyable!

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