Gemstones Anal Beads from Vixen Creations

I’ve owned these Gemstones silicone anal beads from Vixen Creations for awhile, so I figured I’d better get around to writing a review. These anal beads are available in four different sizes and my review specifically references the Large set. Let’s check these beads out.

By definition, anal beads are round balls of varying sizes that are either strung together on a flexible cord, or stacked up end to end in a stiffer (yet usually bendable, to a degree) row. As the name would suggest, the balls are designed to be inserted into the anus. They provide pleasure to the sensitive and sensual nerve endings in and around the hole itself, and—depending on the size and design—can offer direct prostate stimulation.

The Gemstones anal beads each have six balls of the same size strung together on a flexible cord. Not only are each of the balls made of solid silicone, but the cord is completely coated in silicone as well, giving the user an anal toy that is totally body-safe, easy to clean, and seamless to use, whether you’re popping one bead into your hole, or all six at once.

The silicone used in this toy is smooth, but can be a bit “grabby,” so use plenty of lubrication. I typically use a thicker water-based lube (like Sliquid Sassy), but an oil-based lube like The Butters also works well and makes for easy insertion.

Inserting the beads is pretty fun, especially if you enjoy playing with your sensitive hole. I usually grease up the first two beads and coat the string between them with a little lube.

Large size Gemstones in Sapphire Blue

Since I have the Large set, the beads on mine all measure 1.25″ diameter. These certainly aren’t the biggest of anal toys, but they might be quite large for first timers or users who prefer smaller anal toys. Luckily, Vixen has crafted four different sizes, so there is something to appeal to users of every experience level. I’ll list the measurements later on in this review.

Once I have the first two beads lubed, I gently press the first bead to my hole. When using an oil-based lube, I typically don’t need a lot of extra lube on my ass, but go ahead and apply some if you like. Press firmly, but go easy. You should feel your hole start to spread and the surface of the bead start to disappear inside. Once it reaches the mid-point, I normally feel the entire bead sucked into my hole, giving me a delicious pop. I like to use my anal muscles to bear down, pulling the second bead toward my ass.

After inserting the first bead, the second one is ready to go. I use the same technique, perhaps rubbing a little extra lube on the cord between #2 and #3. If you’re planning to send bead #3 up your hole right away, go ahead and grease that up. I like to wait if I am taking it slow, so I don’t end up losing any of the lube before I’m ready to push the next bead in.

Use this method to slowly work each bead into your hole. There’s no rule that says you have to push all of them in, or even do more than one. One of the most pleasurable things to do with anal beads is to pop them in and out of a tight hole. If I’m using this technique, I typically will send the first bead up and “pop” with the second bead, using #1 as an anchor of sorts. I love the sensation of at least one bead being held in my ass by my clenched hole.

If you push a bunch of the beads inside you, you’ll probably start to feel some pressure against your prostate, especially if you’re using one of the larger-sized strands. The silicone has some give to it, but it’s a pretty solid feeling overall. After I’ve packed all six up there, I get some pretty intense sensations while bearing down on the beads. The Vixen set comes with a cleverly-designed anchor at the end of the strand. Unlike a ringed handle, this one wedges perfectly (and comfortably) in the crack of your ass, to keep the beads from slipping out of reach. You can also use the base as a handle of sort, for popping the beads back out, and pulling the whole strand out at once.

This procedure is sometimes more difficult than it seems, at least with the Large beads. My own insides really clamp down on anal toys when I start to orgasm, and things tend to stay super tight after I’ve finished. With a thicker toy, it usually prevents my hole from clamping too tightly, but the cord on these Gemstones is fairly slender, allowing my hole to really snap shut. This typically means I really have to give the beads a decent yank to get them back out, which provides the some of the most interesting and intense sensations I’ve gotten from any of my anal toys.

If you’re up for it, try to retract the beads at the moment of climax. This will deliver some really wild sensations as your prostate and hole are strummed by the moving beads. It’s certainly a favorite way to orgasm for me, but I usually don’t get the entire strand out of my hole before it defiantly clenches down and grabs whatever balls are still left inside me. Since the intense feelings last well after the orgasm has subsided, the Gemstones are one of the few toys I actually enjoy using after I cum.

If the beads are left up your ass for awhile, you might want to smear some new lube around your hole to help re-grease the beads as you’re popping them back out. This seems to make withdrawal a little easier, but lessens the impact of the hole clamp. Play around and see what works best for you. Half the time, I jump in the shower after using these beads and have some fun yanking them out. One at a time, or all at once, the sensation is strange and amazing. It’s like playing tug-of-war with the unseen forces up your butt.

Since I’m already in the shower, I can easily clean them up with hot water and some soap. Make sure to allow these to dry thoroughly before storing them. The round clear case with a snap-top lid is one of my favorite toy storage containers ever.

Not sure what size would work best for you? Here are all four Gemstones and their measurements:

  • SMALL (emerald green) — ¾” diameter, 2½” circumference. Strand length: 13½ inches
  • MEDIUM (smokey onyx) — 1″ diameter, 3½” circumference. Strand length: 15 inches
  • LARGE (sapphire blue) — 1¼” diameter, 4¼” circumference. Strand length: 17 inches
  • EXTRA LARGE (silver marble) — 1½” diameter, 5″ circumference. Strand length: 18 inches

You can order the Vixen Creations Gemstones from the following All Male Sex Toys affiliate stores using these links (immediate availability may vary by size):

Gemstones in “Jawbreaker” (left) and “High Voltage” (right) – (SheVibe only)


Product photos from SheVibe/Peepshow Toys

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