Get a Grip Prostate Massager

The Get a Grip vibrating anal toy from Evolved Novelties is sold as a prostate massager, but it can be so much more. For guys looking for prostate stimulation, there are a couple of great selling points. The Get a Grip’s design allows for the bulb-shaped tip to rest on or near your P-spot, and inside that bulb, a powerful vibrator offers some intense stimulation.

The drawback most vibrating prostate massagers have is the manufacturers put the vibe in the base or the shaft, so it doesn’t really hit the P-spot directly. Not so with Get a Grip. The vibrator sits inside the tip, so you get the sensations right where you want them.

The design of the Get a Grip is typical of many other prostate massagers. It’s L-shaped and made of hard, smooth plastic. The upper aspect of the L is shaped to be inserted into your hole (use plenty of lube!) and gently eased inside until the flat part of the L – hereby referenced as “the handle” – is pressed up against your crack/taint/balls. The insertable portion is a little over 3.5 inches long and features a rounded bulb at the tip, a narrow neck, and then widens into a thicker bulge where the shaft meets the handle. As far as lube goes, any type I’ve tried works great. Since it’s a solid toy, I’d recommend a lube that goes on thick and lasts a long time. The one I usually use with my Get a Grip is Spunk Lube, a water-based/silicone hybrid.

On the tip of the handle is a single raised button. Once you’ve inserted two AAA batteries into the chamber and snapped the cap on, you can use this button to control the vibrations. When I use my Get a Grip, I generally start without vibrations. The plastic material is very smooth and solid, so I like to use my anal muscles to grip and stroke the portion of the toy that’s buried in my hole. Honestly, it’s just like using a non-vibrating prostate massager in that regard. Once I’ve grown relaxed enough and am ready to take it to the next level, I click the button and the real fun begins.

The motor inside the Get a Grip is pretty intense. You’ll feel the strongest vibrations radiating from the bulbed tip, but the rest of the toy vibrates too! Not only will your prostate receive some direct stimulation, but you’ll feel a very pleasant buzzing all through your anal canal. The bulge at the bottom of the shaft usually rests just inside my hole, which is very sensitive to stimulation. I can’t tell you how enjoyable the vibrations are on this area. Coupled with all the internal pleasure, the handle of the toy also buzzes, which means your crack, your taint and even your balls are going to be vibrated. If you’re a guy who leaks precum when your hole/ass is stimulated, the Get a Grip might just have you leaking like crazy. I can’t think of any other toy that makes me drip the way this thing does. For an even more intense bout of pleasure on my balls, I sometimes put on a ball stretcher, which pulls my nuts down even farther and tightens them up. With the handle of the Get a Grip buzzing against my balls, the pleasure is nearly overwhelming. Add to this some slow sensual masturbation, and you’ve got the makings of an intense pleasure session.

Even on the lowest setting, the vibrator on this thing is pretty intense. For variation, there are three steady vibration settings (yes, YES and YES!!!), plus four settings that offer patterns of vibrations. Once I’ve revved the toy through the first three solid settings, I click through to the patterns and really bliss myself out. With the one-button control (right on the underside of the handle) it’s so easy to click your way through the different settings. Need a break from the vibes? Just press the button and hold it in for a few seconds until the motor is silenced. When you’re ready to fly again, simply click the button and it’s back on. It’s that easy! The handle on the bottom will not only buzz the hell out of your taint and balls, but be sure to grasp it when you’re using the toy, so you can maneuver that internal bulb exactly where you want it. Damn, it’s an intense feeling, and such a nice feature for a prostate massager.

A lot of men who use prostate massagers are hoping for the elusive “prostate orgasm.” For some men, when this spot is stimulated just right, they can feel a powerful internal climax, a feeling of losing control and a prolonged orgasmic feeling that can be even more intense than your standard orgasm. Personally, I haven’t reached that point with this toy, though on a couple of occasions I’ve had some pretty amazing P-spot stimulation. The Get a Grip offers such a nice mix of internal and external excitement that even without that extra explosion, it’s quickly become my favorite anal toy.

You might like this toy if:

  • You’re looking for something firm, smooth and slender for your hole.
  • You don’t want a really large toy for your hole.
  • You want a vibrating prostate massager, but you don’t want one with the main vibrator outside of your ass.
  • You love vibrations inside and outside.
  • You want a toy you can maneuver around slightly once it’s inside you.

This toy might not be for you if:

  • You’re looking for a larger/thicker toy to fill up your hole.
  • You need something deep inside you, or your prostate is a little deeper than most prostate toys you’ve tried can reach.
  • You’re looking for a softer, bendable toy.
  • You don’t really care about vibrations.

After many uses of my Get a Grip, this toy has quickly moved to the top of my Favorites list. It’s easy to insert, it feels good without vibrations and feels great with them. Once I’ve climaxed, it’s easy to remove without any discomfort (ever notice how your ass muscles like to clamp down on a toy when you cum?), and it’s a snap to clean up. I’ve taken to using rechargeable batteries with this toy, so I have a couple extras ready to roll in case the ones I put in the toy die on me. The only other thing I should note is that I have seen other reviews that mention the plastic can crack or break, but I’m guessing these guys were a little too rough with the toy. It does not bend…at all, so don’t try to flex the shaft or bend the toy in any way.

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Photo of Get a Grip from Evolved Novelties


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