Hot Summer Nights: Sex Toy Overload

When it comes to sex toys, is there such a thing as “too much of a good thing?” Not tonight! What to do when you’re trying to find a way to “enjoy” a July heatwave? Get naked, put on some porn, uncap some great lube, and haul out your favorite sex toys!

Initially I was just going to give myself a prostate massage while watching some online porn a friend sent me. I decided to select a set of anal balls to pop into my hole, because it doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to work them all the way inside, given that you can ease the whole string in one ball at a time. I decided to go with the Blush Novelties Performance Anal Beads. They are pretty good sized, made of soft silicone, and really grind against my P-spot when I get the entire strand up inside me.

The Anal Beads

I pulled out a big bottle of Sliquid Sassy lube, which is my preferred water-based lube for anal play. I also snatched my go-to oil-based jack off lube — Boy Butter — so I could stroke my dick while using the beads in my ass. But first I had to get them in there! I like to lube each bead individually with the Sliquid and pop in one at a time, allowing my hole and ass to suck each one in and grow accustomed to it before popping the next one in. Once I had all six beads in, I jumped up and went to my collection to see what other goodies I could find.

Two Different Lubes…

I really enjoy pumping my nipples and getting in to some gentle nip play and recently found a hot set of oversized nip suckers from Oxballs. Actually, the set is from a new toy line of theirs called hünkyjunk, which is a batch of cock rings and ball stretchers made from a mixture of silicone and TPR. These toys are all nice and stretchy, soft, and easy to grip. The Elong nipsuckers are oversized and have a curve to the cylinders so you can work your nips from whatever direction you choose while they’re attahed. During use, the Elong nipsuckers offer a nice gentle pump, and can be slowly tugged, giving you some great sensations. The suckers have thick ribs on the exterior, making them easy to grip, tug and twist.  They don’t make my nipples quite as swollen as my favorite Supple Nips suckers, but they feel damn great and I love the way my nips look when I’m done pumping them.

Nip Suckers & Cock Ring in Cobalt

Since it was handy, I also grabbed a matching Hunkyjunk HUJ C-ring, which is a super soft, very stretchy, oversized/chunky cock ring. I love this thing! It’s great for long sessions and rarely gets uncomfortable. (If it does, it’s so easy to pull it off.) So by now, I’ve got the anal beads in my ass, a cock ring wrapped around my dick and balls, but I’ve forgotten to cue up the porn. Even though I have something to watch online, I’ve been dying to re-watch the classic “paperboy” scene with Chad Douglas and Kevin Wiles from the 80’s porn flick BIG GUNS. With my beads, ring, and nip suckers driving my crazy, I am digging through my DVD collection trying to find BIG GUNS, but can’t. I find the Falcon Studios compilation THE BEST OF CHAD DOUGLAS instead. Even though it doesn’t feature the above mentioned scene, I still love this collection of some of mega-hung top Chad Douglas’ best scenes.

Picture that cock sliding in balls-deep in one slick stroke!

What ho! While putting the DVD case back, I spy another one of my recent favorite toys, a cockhead massager called Sir Richard’s Vibrating Cock Teaser. I think, wouldn’t it be fun to tease the head of my dick while massaging my prostate and tweaking my nips? Of course it would! I drizzled some more of the Sliquid Sassy into the tulip-shaped cup and wedged my (already swollen) cock head in there. When I wear a cock ring, the knob of my dick gets pretty pumped up. Happily, the cup on the Cock Teaser is silicone, so it has a little stretch to it. The lube really helped, in any case. I spun the head teaser slowly around my glans before turning the vibrator on. Then things really felt good!

Hey, why not add another toy?

Because you can never have too much fun, I reached for another one of my favorite vibrating toys: the Man Wand. I usually use this powerful cock vibe on its own, but with the Sir Richard’s gadget merrily teasing my head, I used the Man Wand to give my shaft, balls, and taint some intense stimulation. Holy fuck! With the bead strand up my ass, the vibrations really gave my prostate an extra workout! I loved the way things felt while pressing the rounded massage head on the Man Wand into my taint. You can really get some great external prostate massage by working on this spot, and clenching the beads in my ass at the same time really drove me wild. With the head teaser covering the tip of my cock, I couldn’t tell how much precum was leaking out, but given how much easier I could spin in on my knob, it felt like I was really putting out plenty of it.

By now I was going absolutely nuts, twin vibrators working on my dick (and other spots), the beads making my ass feel good, my nips feeling great. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it, but I wanted to slowly extract the beads just as my orgasm started, but I also wanted to work on my nipples too! I had to settle for alternating between the Hünkyjunk nipsuckers with one hand, while using the other to press on my taint and put some extra pressure on the anal balls still inside me. I pulled off the head teaser and set the Man Wand aside (good as they felt), and gave my cock a nice coating of Boy Butter. With it so hot, it turned to liquid oil even faster than usual and felt amazing. Just as Chad Douglas was long-dicking Kevin Williams’ hot young ass on the screen, I let everything go! What a mind-blowing ending! And what an incredible orgasm!! I had a second bout of pleasure a few minutes later when I slowly popped out the beads. My throbbing prostate really enjoyed the extra stimulation as all six of those balls knocked against my P-spot during withdrawal. Even though I’m sweaty and drained, I am already thinking about what combination of toys I can use the next time I do this. Hmmm….

Here’s a shopping list for the items featured in this post:

Image credits:

Blush Anal Beads/Sassy Lube/Man Wand/Sir Richard’s Head Teaser – Peepshow Toys
Boy Butter – Adult Shopping
Elong nipsuckers/HUJ C-ring – Hunkyjunk
Chad Douglas DVD – TLA Video


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