Jackits Masturbation Sleeve from Screaming O

Today I’ll be reviewing a masturbation sleeve called Jackits from Screaming O, a company that also puts out a lot of cock rings and vibrating toys. The Jackits sleeve is an open-ended masturbator with a textured interior that sells for less than ten bucks. But how well does it work?

I’m a big fan of Screaming O’s cock rings, especially the Ring O – which topped my list of 5 Great Cock Rings for Beginners – and its vibrating cousin, the Big O 2 Double Cock Ring.

I’m always eager to try different masturbation toys, because sometimes you want something more than just a lubed hand. But you also might not have the time (or money) for one of the big expensive masturbators that cost a lot and require a little more prep and cleanup. Sometimes you just want to blow your load and go. The Jackits masturbator – oh, excuse me, MANsturbation Sleeve – is a low-cost alternative that’s simple to use and easy to clean.

The Jackits is a cock-shaped sleeve open at the bottom and shaped like a cock head at the other end. It’s made of a fairly thick and very stretchy SEBS, a sort of synthetic rubber. While the interior of the head is completely smooth, the interior sides of the sleeve are textured with a series of raised bumps designed to stimulate your shaft, frenulum, and glans, depending on how you hold or maneuver the Jackits. The material is clear and opaque, which means you’ll be able to see your cock through the sleeve while masturbating. Each Jackit comes sealed in a pouch and when you’re ready to use, tear it open and prep it with your favorite water-based or silicone lubricant. It’s only about 3.5 inches deep with a 2-inch wide orifice in its unstretched state, so it’s not comparable to those long luxury masturbators or even a lot of basic hand-held stroke sleeves. It is bigger and roomier than egg-type masturbators, so if you find those a little too tight, you might find the Jackit a better fit. Below is a demo video from Screaming O that will help illustrate the toy’s size, texture, and how you hold it.

But how does it feel? It can’t compare to pricier masturbators made of stronger materials sporting hardier textures. In fact, the Jackits raised bumps – though impressive in size for a small masturbator – don’t offer a ton of stimulation. The material is too soft and flexible to allow for that. But some guys prefer a gentler touch and many don’t enjoy the harder textures that a lot of masturbators offer within their tight confines. The Jackits is soft and a fairly loose fit, so you’ll receive a milder stimulation, mostly driven by your own hand movements. Use the flexibility of the sleeve to stimulate just the spots you enjoy. My sensitive glans don’t typically respond well to textures, so the smooth enclosed end rubbing against my head wasn’t at all uncomfortable. If you want to try the bumps on your head, simply angle the textured part of the sleeve so you can run the ticklers over your glans. It’s a nice feeling without being too much sensation. The texture offers a soft pleasant stimulation to the frenulum, too, if that’s your thing. Holding the sleeve in your fist and moving it up and down will work the shaft, and it’s stretchy enough so even long dicks can get stroked to the root. In fact, you can even stretch the sleeve over your balls and give those a rub. Not many masturbation sleeves can accommodate a guy’s nuts, but the Jackits offers a light pleasant tickle if you choose to use it on your balls.

My favorite thing about closed-ended jack sleeves is watching as I unload inside them. Pull the sleeve tight during the squirt shot and the translucent material will offer a nice view as you cum against it. The walls are thick enough to contain lube and body fluids, so when you’re finished, just slide it off and rinse it clean with some hot water and soap. The Jackits easily turns inside-out and should be dried completely before turning it back to its original state for storage. While it’s not designed as a masturbator that will last for years, it is built well enough to last for many uses, if you aren’t too rough with it and clean (and dry!) it properly after you’ve finished.

The second time I tried my Jackits I used silicone lubricant instead of water-based and the experience was actually way better. I love a good silicone lube stroke, but the stuff is messier to clean up, so I don’t usually use it, at least with sex toys. But Screaming O said the Jackits works with water-based and silicone lubes, so I figured it was worth a try since most masturbators aren’t compatible with the stuff. Wow, everything was slick and sensual! I had a lot more sensation with the silicone lube (I used ID BackSlide) right out of the gate and the feeling of the rounded head coated with silicone lube against my glans was amazing. Try pulling the sleeve tight so the tip grips your knob and then gently polish the head of your cock through the Jackits sleeve. Loved it! Everything I tried with the Jackits was better when it was lubed with silicone, so definitely try that if you’re a silicone lover. Even the clean-up was easier; all the lube stays inside the sleeve, which is easily washed up after use.

I’d recommend the Jackits masturbation sleeve to any guy looking to add a little fun to his everyday lube-and-fist routine, as long as you don’t need intense textures or extreme tightness from your toys. Definitely give it a shot with your favorite silicone lube, and if you’ve never tried jacking off with silicone, this toy would be a good one to try if you’d like to see how good it feels. I’d like to see Screaming O expand this product with some other textures and even offer models with textured heads. But as it stands,  the Jackits is an inexpensive alternative in a world of high cost masturbators. And it’s packaged in a way that makes it easy to travel with. Stick one in your bag the next time you’re on the road and add a little excitement to your solo sex life.  However you use it, the Jackits is a fun little sex toy. You can find one at Screaming O or from one of these All Male Sex Toys affiliate online stores:


Product images from Screaming O

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